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Indica Sleep THCA
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Hybrid Relax THCA
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Indica Sleep THCA
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Out here in the great hemp wilds, there are tons of different strains to dabble in. And as CBD and Delta-8 have grown in popularity since 2018, there are varieties of flower to choose from. You might even find yourself overwhelmed with so many new crossbreeds.

With growers innovating their breeds, some buds might be better for beginner smokers due to their potency or cannabinoid content. In this article, we’ve gathered a list of the best strains for experienced smokers. These strains were chosen based on their flavor and aroma profile, looks, and overall smoking experience.

A word of advice, some of these strains are really strong. So while we encourage anyone to try them, we’ve made this list with heavy smokers in mind. So without further ado, let’s jump into the list.

Key Takeaways

  • Strains for heavy smokers are noted for their high potency and delightful flavor and aroma. Top strains include Zombie Kush, Gorilla Glue (GG#4), White Fire OG, and Sour Lifter.
  • Users should exercise caution due to the strength of these strains, hence their suitability for experienced or heavy smokers.
  • Distinguishing between Delta-8 THC, which is milder and federally legal under the 2018 Farm Bill, and Delta-9 THC, which is more potent and subject to stricter regulations, is crucial for those seeking therapeutic effects without a strong high or those navigating the legal landscape of cannabis use.

1. Zombie Kush

Let’s start with an iconic strain that gives Halloween vibes all year. Zombie Kush is a powerful indica flower great for unwinding, relaxing, and letting all problems melt away. Botany Farms' version of this strain has a whopping 36.6% of total cannabinoids, with 24.8% of CBD content and 4.4% of delta-8 THC.

Besides the iconic gray, purple, and green of its nugs, this strain is potent. As one of our strongest indicas, Zombie Kush is sometimes consumed by users to help with pain relief or stress. However, it can also induce relaxation and even get you a little bit sleepy.

The flavor profile of this spooky treat is quite complex. It starts with delicious pine notes that slowly turn into berry undertones that complement the overall flavor pretty well. So if you’ve been looking for something straight out of a berry bush in a forest, this could be your new go-to.

2. Gorilla Glue

Also called Gorilla Glue #4, this strain is as strong as it is iconic. With THC levels between 24% and 30%, this bud is really bananas. Well, not literally, but it is crazy strong while keeping a balanced profile in general. Capturing the best of both worlds, this flower has a calm but euphoric high.

Some users have also used GG to get creative inputs more easily, as the mental buzz and euphoria turn into contemplative Zen moments. Flavor-wise, this strain has delicious pine and lemon notes that mix perfectly with the delicious kush taste. This ape is a must-try for all advanced users, and we really recommend it if you like balanced-yet-potent high.

3. White Fire OG

While we recommend being careful with fire in general, this White Fire is a whole other level of dangerously good. Being a colorful bud, the White Fire OG is a strong competitor on this list thanks to its high THC levels, reaching up to 27%.

Each toke of this live-action version of a Mario power-up has delicious spice, earthy, sweet notes. As an indica-dominant hybrid, expect a balanced high that starts with waves of body relaxation, followed by euphoric and contemplative feelings. So this White Fire is ideal for playing video games, binge-watching some movies, or just exploring nature.

4. Sour Lifter

If you’ve ever had an Extreme Sour Head, we know a potent strain you’ll love. The Sour Lifter is a sativa-heavy herb that can help you start the day off right. With strong notes of fruit, juicy grapes, citrus rinds, and some gassy undertones, this strain is very tasty and different from other Sativas on this list.

Looks-wise, this nug is undoubtedly pretty. With a pine-like structure, orange and yellow hairs, and open buds, it is like holding a tiny tree with beautiful trichome crystals covering it. Though not as strong, with a total of 23.5% of cannabinoids, you can still expect to feel relief with an energy boost.

You can also try our Delta-8 version of this strain, with frozen distillate that adds an extra punch to this lifter. The Delta-8 Sour Lifter is a great alternative if you want to try a Sativa that is not delta-9 heavy.

5. Tutankhamon

There is no need to unleash a mummy curse to try this fantastic strain. The Sativa-dominant strain is small, but sometimes a little goes a long way.

What makes this strain so strong are its THC levels, which are as low as 16% and as high (no pun intended) as 29%. So yes, fear the mummy. All jokes aside, this strain is pretty good for killer smoke. While ranging on the premium side, the pharaoh-inspired herb has delicious fruity and savory flavors that give a unique experience.

Besides its incredible looks and tokes, this strain has some strong cerebral effects. Some people even call it the “smiler” strain because of the heavy mental buzz and euphoria. After a few royal tokes from this, you’ll be laughing in no time, so prepare your favorite mummy movie to get some laughs.

6. Kosher Kush

Let’s go with a winner strain, Kosher Kush. This stress-relieving strain has won several awards thanks to its flavor and potency. While still an indica-based bud, the THC levels on this bud are off the charts, at 22-25%.

Effects-wise, this bud can give a strong, relaxing feeling. It is also pretty popular with users who want therapeutic benefits such as stress relief, pain relief, and even help with depression symptoms.

The Kosher Kush has an iconic smell. With delicious citrus and pine notes, this flower is probably one of the tastiest smokes on earth. So if you want to try a strong Indica with lots of flavors (and the Rabbi’s blessing), this might be your new go-to.

7. Fruit Loops

While this strain does not include a colorful toucan, it can still brighten up your morning. The legendary cross between Cherry Abacus and Abacus Diesel, Fruit Loops, is one of our top choices if you wish to try a strong-yet-well-balanced Indica hybrid.

With a total of 24.9% of cannabinoid levels, expect to feel relaxed and calm with its complex flavor profile. While it might not seem sweet, you’ll be surprised by the different notes and undertones it has. Starting with its iconic sweet berry undertone, it slowly turns into gas, citrus, and even some spice notes.

One of the biggest things that made us choose this strain is how it looks. With beautiful dark purple buds, contrasted with orange hairs, you can admire this intricate yet colorful bud all over. You can also try this strain with our delta-8 formula with Fruit Loops, with added frozen premium extract for more potency and flavor.

8. Durban Poison

This is the kind of flower where THC levels aren’t everything. The full-on Sativa strain is a South African native and one of the purest Sativas. And thanks to this, users have reported feeling strong cerebral highs and head rushes.

While special on its own, this sativa packs a full punch. With 23% THC, this flower can still give smokers lots of creativity and energy. Small and compact, the buds on this flower are also eye candy all around.

As expected from pure Sativa strains, this one can get you high-energy highs, perfect for partying all night or rocketing through your to-do lists in a flash. Some people even call it the “espresso of cannabis.”. So if you’ve never tried a Sativa, we recommend this one.

9. Bruce Banner

If you are looking for a hard punch, we know a strain to call when you are in trouble. The Bruce Banner strain is a green juggernaut, with its strong 29% THC levels. With strong euphoric feelings, this strain is perfect if you want to prepare for action-movie watching.

As a Sativa-dominant hybrid, this flower hits just the right spots. It can make you feel clear-headed and energetic while relaxing your body and mind. Some people even feel more creative and inspired with this herb, so feel free to use it to get some art inspiration.

With a strong sweet flavor, delicious citrus, and spicy notes, Bruce Banner is not a flower for newbies, but connoisseurs will love this big green giant.

10. Strawberry Cough

Meet one of the strongest and most popular sativas in the cannabis space. This bud is not only small and pretty but also super fragrant, with delicious fruity aromatics. This strain is one of the most potent, with THC levels of around 24 to 26%.

You might want a popsicle or water to get with this bud, as it gives the back of your throat some itching. However, the overall clear-headed feeling and relaxation are worth it, with some users saying they are great for getting a cerebral uplift and focus.

This strain could also be great if you want a little more passion in the bedroom, as it can help you relax but also fill you with energy for that added boost. So besides being delicious and strong, it can add that little extra to make your bedtime extraordinary.

11. Pineapple Haze

Want to try your small tropical paradise with a few tokes? Delta-8 Pineapple Haze is a delicious Sativa strain that can transport you to your next vacation without leaving home. While not as strong due to its cannabinoid level, this strain can still pack a punch thanks to its terpenes and effects.

With the perfect mix of fresh pineapples, cream, and mangos, this strain has an incredibly complex and yummy flavor profile. And its tokes are so delicious and balanced, that they can be used at any time of the day for a little treat.

With over 19.4% of the total cannabinoid content, this strain is one of the lowest on the list. But fear not, its deliciousness, looks, and terpene combination are perfect if you want to try a stronger-than-average strain that can still pack a punch.

You can try this strain in a preroll as well for an easier smoking experience. Our prerolls are perfect for a few tokes without an issue, shipped discreetly, and come with a full 2g of our premium harvested and cured flower.

It is one of our favorite ways to try new strains, as you don’t have to feel committed to buying large quantities before trying them, and with stronger strains, that can be useful.

12. Super Silver Haze

Here’s one of the classic strains on the list. Super Silver Haze is one of the OG Sativa hybrids with a special place in the hearts of cannaseurs. While it is not strong on its own, the potency of this strain comes from its strong trichome crystals.

In the THC level department, this strain can get up to 25% THC, which is relatively low but extremely high for a Sativa-dominant strain. So expect great munchies and increased appetite, while getting lots of energy with tokes from this bud.

The looks on this bud are also incredible. Expect bright greens with compacted nugs and yellow and orange hairs all around. Flavor-wise, this herb has powerful citrus notes with a deep and pungent aftertaste.

13. Elektra

Need a little electric boost? Elektra is another of our top choices for heavy smokers to add to their sativa rotation. This iconic strain comes from the lineage of the rocking AC/DC and the CBD version of GG#4 and has a pretty good 22.6% of total cannabinoid levels.

We chose this because of how easy it is to smoke, and some users have also said to have felt more focused and energetic with a few tokes. Perfect to get a much-needed energy kick during the day, this strain has delicious citrus and berry notes that are just perfect.

Best of all, Elektra has some variations you can try. First, you can get it to hit stronger with the Delta-8 Elektra, which gets the cannabinoid levels up to 26.6% for some heavier tones. For all the sour lovers out there, the 2021 version of this bud is the Sour Elektra. With stronger diesel notes and sour undertones, Elektra has some extra business to deal with.

Besides that, the cannabinoids and looks are pretty similar, but the flavor profile is a lot more complex than your everyday toke. And thanks to its energetic properties, we’d also recommend this flower to boost your sexy time.

As they can provide both focus and energy, the Elektra and Sour Elektra are incredible strains to give your arousal a small kick to get things going a lot more relaxed and ready to enjoy. You can learn more about the strongest strains in this video.

What Happens If You Smoke Too Much THC?

Sometimes users can get too excited and feel like they’ve smoked too much THC. This is pretty common, so we recommend these strains for advanced smokers in general. However, don’t be afraid, as even with the strongest strains, the toxic dose of THC is about 30mg per kilogram, according to scientific research.

This means that a healthy adult weighing 180 pounds would need about 2.4 grams of pure THC in a single dose to be in danger, which is crazy high considering how much you can smoke from a bud.

With that said, we recommend smoking responsibly and taking breaks before consuming high-THC products. If you think you’ve taken too much THC, here are some of the most common effects of excessive THC consumption:.

  • Cottonmouth

This symptom is self-explanatory: your mouth feels so dry that you can swear you have a cotton ball inside. Usually, this feeling happens due to how our endocannabinoid system works. The CB1 and CB2 receptors get saturated in the submandibular glands and block saliva production. Our recommendation is to stay hydrated and stop consuming THC to let your body rest.

  • White Out

White Out is a common side effect of Delta-9 THC. It's characterized by a pale face, stomach discomfort, nausea, and vomiting. Some people might even become unconscious due to the sedative properties of THC. Something sweet or sugary is recommended, while also staying hydrated and with company, as paranoia can follow from the overall discomfort.

  • Tremors

These are the famous "shakes.”. Tremors might occur due to how THC stimulates the endocannabinoid system. However, these usually pass in about half an hour, so meanwhile, try to breathe, relax, and cover yourself to stay warm.

Delta-8 THC vs THC

While pretty similar, these cannabinoids are different.

The first difference is their chemical structure. Delta-8 THC has a particular double bond at the eighth position, while Delta 9 has it at the ninth. Now, this might seem obvious, but it is important as this changes their affinity to bind to our endocannabinoid system.

In simpler terms, this means that Delta 8 is not as strong as its isomer, minimizing the side effects. This means regular THC or Delta 9 can be ideal for certain purposes, like pain relief. But potency comes with a cost, like being more susceptible to side effects.

Delta 8, on the other hand, is milder and may help with therapeutic effects without an overwhelming high. It all depends on the kind of experience you are looking for. It is also important to say that Delta-8 THC is federally legal thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill. Delta-9 THC is still a regulated drug and needs to comply with certain guidelines to be produced. Some states classify it as medicinal marijuana, so availability can be an issue.

High-CBD vs High-THC Weed

Choosing between a high-CBD or a high-THC flower can be difficult. In general, both types pack a strong punch, but choosing one over the other depends on the experience you want.

A flower with a high CBD content might be ideal for people seeking relaxation. Users report getting better rest and overall relaxation when using these buds, while not having that much of a psychoactive effect. On the other hand, high-THC flower can give stronger pain relief, increase appetite, and induce a regenerative high.

Just remember that THC is not federally legal, unlike Delta 8 and CBD. Ultimately, it depends on the experience you seek. One is more widely available thanks to federal law and can be used for more therapeutic effects in general, while high THC buds are better for potency, appetite, and general pain relief. Both are great options, really!

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