Best Strains for Eye Pressure

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Excessive pain and pressure in and around the eyes is a telltale symptom of many chronic conditions such as glaucoma. While it is always best to attack these kinds of ailments at the root, there are many natural and completely unintrusive methods out there for managing symptoms over the course of your treatment.

Particularly for the discomfort caused by eye pressure, one remedy beats them all – cannabis. The unique active ingredients found in the cannabis plant have long been linked to effects such as pain relief and muscle relaxation. So, it is no big surprise to learn that these same cannabinoids can also work wonders on intraocular pressure (IOP) problems.

If you are interested in treating your eye pressure in a completely natural, organic way, you’ve come to the right place! In this guide, we will take a look at the best strains for eye pressure. Read on below to discover new possibilities for your wellness.

Cannabinoids for Eye Pressure

First, it’s important to understand what precisely about cannabis makes it such a great choice for treating excess eye pressure. The answer lies in the plant’s unique ingredients – cannabinoids. These are found exclusively within cannabis and nowhere else, and their unique effects have puzzled, fascinated, and surprised scientists for many years.

As of today, we have discovered 113 different cannabinoids, and there is good evidence to indicate there may be dozens more. With that in mind, the question arises: which cannabinoids are most relevant to us if we want to use weed therapeutically for eye pressure? The short answer is that two classes of ingredients are anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving cannabinoids. Thankfully, the list of these is relatively short and easy to remember, especially because the two groups overlap to a large extent.

Anti-inflammatory Cannabinoids

This loose group of cannabinoids is renowned for providing highly potent relief from inflammation across the body. THC and CBD, arguably the most famous cannabinoids worldwide, fall chiefly within this category. Their physically soothing anti-inflammatory properties are a big part of what defines the effects of cannabis as a whole for most users.

Other cannabinoids that have this property are CBG, CBC, CBN, THCA, CBDA, and THCV. While all of us could benefit from a lower level of internal inflammation, this is particularly relevant to high eye pressure as it can greatly mitigate most of the major symptoms when caused by glaucoma or similar conditions that are rooted in the nerves or muscles surrounding the eye.

Pain Relieving Cannabinoids

Most of the cannabinoids mentioned above are also powerful analgesics. This is part of the reason why cannabis has been used as a natural pain relief medication for countless years in countries around the globe. All cannabinoids, but in particular THC, CBD, CBG, and CBN, stimulate our brain’s endocannabinoid system, or ECS.

The ECS is known for its interactions with the reward center of the nervous system but also for its influence on our hormonal household. Research has shown that the particular way in which cannabinoids interact with the ECS can moderate the release of multiple biochemicals responsible for our bodies’ pain response.

In other words, cannabinoids are powerful agents for pain relief that can be as or even more effective than traditional over-the-counter or prescription painkillers.

Terpenes for Eye Pressure

Both recreational and medical users of cannabis will likely have heard of the immense importance of terpenes in cannabis. Terpenes are unique chemical compounds found within not just cannabis, but the vast majority of plant-based foods around the world!

The most obvious effect of different terpene combinations among cannabis strains is in terms of taste and smell. Each known terpene found in the plant is associated with a particular flavor and aroma, and combinations of terpenes often give rise to very special olfactory and gustatory notes. But terpenes go far beyond just that.

In fact, these compounds are responsible for some of the most beneficial effects of cannabis. This is partly due to something called the entourage effect, where small changes in chemical composition that aren’t hugely significant can nonetheless lead to disproportionately large differences in effects.

In other words, cannabis is more than the sum of its ingredients, and of these, terpenes are some of the most important. When choosing the best strains for eye pressure, specific terpene combinations are a key factor to consider. Below, you’ll see our top picks for terpenes that have proven effectiveness in treating eye pressure and pain.

Pain Relieving and Anti-Inflammatory Terpenes

These terpenes are associated with analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects, and can amplify these in strains high in the kinds of cannabinoids we mentioned above. This list includes Pinene, Limonene, Myrcene, Linalool, Bisabolol, Caryophyllene, and Terpinolene.

In addition to that, each of these terpenes comes with its own vibrant flavors and aromatic differences. For example, pinene is associated with woody, earthy notes. Limonene is sour, fresh, and energizing, with very strong hints of real lemon. Caryophyllene and Terpinolene are known for their spicy taste and sometimes skunky, pungent aroma. The former is also the only terpene that has been found to contact the ECS directly, even in isolation, yielding unique analgesic and mood-regulating effects of its own.

Linalool and Myrcene, by comparison, carry herbal, flowery vibes that can be surprisingly strong and harsh on the throat. Because these two are some of the most common terpenes found in most popular weed strains, their taste profiles are often thought to be the stereotype for cannabis as a whole.

Best Strains for Eye Pressure

Now that you know what makes for a weed strain perfect for treating eye pressure, how about some examples? The following is only meant to be a quick overview, but it contains some of our all-time favorite strains, picked both for their medicinal effectiveness as well as their enjoyability in use.

High CBD Strains

These strains are particularly high in CBD, providing extreme physical relaxation to the point of sedation. Perfect for strong, chronic pains and discomfort due to eye pressure!

Bubba Kush

This variety is based on the original Bubba Kush, a very high-THC strain known for its punchy effects and earthy-sour, almost coffee-like taste. Here at Botany Farms, we have re-engineered Bubba Kush into a unique CBD strain that offers the same great Indica effects with a very high cannabinoid count, but without the potentially distracting side effects of THC.

Zombie Kush

For treating pain such as that caused by eye pressure, powerful Delta-8 THC strains are an amazing option. Unlike the more common Delta-9, Delta-8 THC is far less likely to cause debilitating side effects. Its highs are also generally less pronounced, easier to manage, and more calming and physically relaxing in nature.

Zombie Kush is one of our most potent Delta 8 flowers, with up to 4.5% Delta 8 and 25% CBD content, respectively. This makes it an easy frontrunner when it comes to the best strains for eye pressure.

Spyder Mon

Not all high-CBD strains that are powerful for pain relief and lessening inflammation have to be understated, calming “couch strains.” Spyder Mon is living proof of this, featuring some of the most euphoric and energizing effects of nearly any CBD flower we have tested.

An excellent pick-me-up with a decidedly fruity, summery taste, Spyder Mon is a perfect choice for those who don’t want their eye pressure treatment to compromise their daily rhythm and energy levels. The upbeat character of Spyder Mon also makes it a wonderful post-workout option.

Ringo’s Gift

Available in countless variations, Ringo’s Gift is one of the perennially popular high-CBD strains. Its minty taste is particularly loved, with an aroma that hints at nuts and fresh soil. It’s been a favorite amongst medical cannabis users for many years and can be found in medium, high, or extreme CBD-to-THC concentrations.

Sour Tsunami

One of the very first high-CBD strains, Sour Tsunami is, by today’s standards, a moderate-to-strong strain with mostly relaxing effects, washing away pains and physical discomfort. Its dark, nested buds are known for their sweet-sour taste and pungent diesel aroma.


With a friendly, citrusy taste and effects that are both euphoric and physically sedating, Cannatonic is a perfect high-CBD medicinal strain. Particularly for treating conditions such as spasms, anxiety, or chronic pains, Cannatonic has proven immensely popular, which also makes it a great candidate for eye pressure.

Royal Medic

With potent, easy-to-manage effects and an incredible track record in treating a long list of conditions, Royal Medic sure does live up to its name. This strain is unique in having relatively high levels of both CBD and THC.

In fact, the two are concentrated within Royal Medic at an almost 1-to-1 ratio – an unusual, but necessary growing decision if your goal is to truly maximize the medical benefits of your cannabis.

CBD Sweet and Sour Widow

Sweet and Sour Widow is another example of a one-to-one THC/CBD strain, a complex hybrid strain with a particular aroma that falls right in between fruity and earthy vibes. It makes for an excellent treatment companion with about 10% of each, along with therapeutically effective terpenes such as myrcene and loads of limonene.

Its unique taste has been compared to fresh onions or pears, and just like its more famous parent, White Widow, CBD Sweet and Sour Widow is fast-acting with a high that peaks in euphoria quickly before winding down.


A two-to-one CBD/THC strain, Harlequin boasts of hyper-focused highs with levels of clearheadedness and mental relaxation that are nearly unheard of in combination.

It’s an excellent pain-killing strain, since the balance between CBD and THC ensures potent effects without serious side effects. Do note, though, that the taste on the exhale can be quite spicy – sensitive palates beware!


A classic high-CBD, near-zero-THC strain with potent effects and no psychoactivity whatsoever, Remedy is best used as a general cool-me-down for hard days and chronic discomfort.

Its woody, somewhat harsh taste may be something worth getting used to if you’re looking for a solid treatment for eye pressure and the resulting pain, dizziness, and inflammation.

Sativa Dominant

Though a slightly unusual choice as a result of their usually lower THC levels, Sativa-dominant strains can nonetheless be an excellent option for eye pressure if you don’t take well to the physically stimulating and intense highs associated with Indicas.

Since Sativas tend to engage the brain a lot more, they can also help by redirecting your thoughts and allowing you to focus and deeply concentrate on mental tasks more easily.

Sour Hawaiian Haze

Sour Hawaiian Haze is a relatively fresh face among Sativas that has quickly taken the market by storm, meant to engage the mind and get you through the day riding on a wave of easy, light euphoria.

On the inhale, you can taste tropical fruits, mostly mango and guava – on the exhale, the strain flips around to a deeply skunky sour flavor reminiscent of classic “diesel” strains.

At Botany Farms, we offer a unique high-CBD variation of Sour Hawaiian Haze, perfect for therapeutic use!

Sour Elektra

The original Elektra strain had a lot to offer. Based on the famous Gorilla Glue #4 crossed with AC/DC, it was a punchy, upbeat Sativa with a classic sweet-sour taste and energizing, yet relaxing effects.

Sour Elektra is all that – but with a stronger aroma, harder-hitting effects, and overall more oomph. This is a great example of a therapeutic strain that can be just as exciting as anything else!

Sour Diesel

We continue our lineup of the best Sativas for eye pressure with a real classic. Sour Diesel has served as the standard for skunky, sour high-THC strains for many decades.

Its extremely vibrant buds and equally upbeat euphoric effects have become a sort of benchmark by which other strains are measured. Expect an almost overwhelmingly strong, long-lasting head high with cerebral effects that are second to none.

Maui Wowie

Another longtime popular Sativa, Maui Wowie is meant to emulate the mental effects of the quintessential Hawaiian vacation: lots of tropical flavors, waves of euphoria melting stress and worries away, and strong therapeutic action that fights against pains, inflammation, and stress-related damage within the body.

Note that, especially compared to some other Sativas, this is an exceptionally potent strain that can be a bit overbearing for some. Maui Wowie has the ability to engage the mind and let things loose inside the head – but in some cases, this can lead to racing thoughts and restlessness, so be careful with your dosage!

Jack Herer

A Sativa-dominant hybrid with a dazzling, one-of-a-kind heritage, Jack Herer came about in the 90s as a tribute to the marijuana activist of the same name. First marketed strictly as a medicinal strain, it later also became extremely popular with recreational users the world over, owing to its attractive flavor and easily manageable, clear-headed effects.

Sour Dream

Based on Sour Diesel crossed with Blue Dream, Sour Dream aims to combine the potency of the former with the brainy, euphoric head highs of the latter. And boy, how it succeeds!

Sour Dream is characteristically diesel-like both on the inhale and even more so on the exhale. Once effects kick in, it’s pure joy and euphoric bliss all around – but the strain packs enough strong THC to be physically stimulating as well, offering excellent pain relief!

Lemon Drop

Bringing a shot of euphoria and mental focus not entirely unlike its namesake, Lemon Drop is a strain for fun lovers with a straightforward profile in terms of effects and taste. Excellent for taking your mind off things and positively engaging the mind.

Banana Diesel

A sweet high-THC daytime strain providing consistently day-long energy, Banana Diesel is excellent for warding off tiredness and pain. Its effects begin with a sharp euphoric bite that quickly eases off and morphs into a long, understated layer of mental freedom and creative stimulation. That’s why we chose it as one of the best strains for eye pressure.

Willie Nelson

With a namesake as legendary as this, you should expect Willie Nelson to be quite a unique strain among Sativas, and it is. To commemorate the artist’s life and work, Willie Nelson was bred as the ultimate creative’s strain, with a super-engrossing head high that really gets those gears moving and those artistic juices flowing. Its trademark flavor is extremely woody and spicy, not unlike that of a genuine tobacco cigar.

Tesla Tower

Few Sativas come buzzing with as much creative and cerebral energy as Tesla Tower – another instance of a flower that really lives up to its name! With 20-plus percentages in terms of THC content, this is a surprisingly heavy hitter. Its spicy taste can also take some getting used to, but rest assured that the sense of freedom and the head buzz afforded by Tesla Tower are more than worth it.

Indica Dominant

Indica-leaning hybrids and pure Indicas have long been the default choice for medicinal strains, especially for treating pain, anxiety, and inflammation. It’s easy to see why: with strong physical stimulation and higher THC counts than others, Indicas might be just right for treating your eye pressure symptoms.

Fruit Loops

The dark brown Fruit Loops buds with their contrasty orange tufts contain some of the most potent and beloved Indica hybrids on the market. As you would expect, the taste is mostly sweet, with shades of pure candy and sour lemon.

At Botany Farms, we offer a special Delta-8 derivative of Fruit Loops, just as potent as the original but now with the kind of extra-soothing physical stimulation that only Delta-8 can provide!

Bubba Kush

For years one of the most popular Indicas, Bubba Kush is famous for its physically sedating, almost immobilizing body highs. There’s a distinctly coffee-like taste on the inhale, whereas, on the exhale, BK behaves much like a classic diesel strain.

The easiest way to tell Bubba Kush apart from other popular Indicas on the market today is through its bulbous, feathered buds that spread out far more than the average. Growers must take care to allow the plant enough space; this is definitely one of those strains that grows wide and low!

Because of its high THC content and manageable highs, Bubba Kush makes for an excellent therapeutic strain. This is only more true with our new Delta-8 Bubba Kush, recently reformulated for even higher potency, without any of Delta-9’s side effects!

Sour Special Sauce

This is one strain made for connoisseurs and those with fine taste. Sour Special Sauce’s aromatic notes are second to none in their sheer intensity: overtones of berries and fruits give way to fuel and gassy notes in a very dramatic fashion that makes smoking this flower a therapeutic experience in itself. This is not to say that the effects of this strain are nothing to write home about. Far from it!

Sour Special Sauce’s highs feature a pronounced shot of euphoria that immediately washes away stress, anxieties, and pain. This is followed by a mellow wave of physical stimulation that relaxes, clears the head, and further rids you of discomfort. If you want to try Sour Special Sauce for yourself, why not take a hit from one of our neat pre-rolls?

Orange Velvet

For a straightforward pure Indica that combines a strong mood lift with mental focus and physical healing effects without being too much, try out Orange Velvet. Instead of trying to be the strongest Indica there is, OV does just fine being one of the easiest to get along with.

Its sweet flavors of berries, fruits, and cream are nothing if not enjoyable, and thanks to moderate cannabinoid levels, you can expect effects that are neither too strong nor excessively long-lasting.

El Jefe

Long touted as one of the best strains for treating insomnia, El Jefe follows a tradition of complex hybrid strains bred through cross-pollination, resulting in a highly medicinal weed that features very distinct and pronounced effects.

In El Jefe’s case, what we see is extremely potent energy boosts along with de-stressing and anti-inflammatory powers that make it perfect for combating eye pressure. Compared to classic pure Indicas, El Jefe’s highs hit harder, last longer, and are decidedly more “couchey”, with whole-body relaxation that lasts and lasts.

Chemdawg 4

If cerebral effects are your jam and you can’t get enough of high-THC powerhouse strains, take a look at Chemdawg 4. The Chemdog line of potent Indicas is one of the most well-respected in the game, and number four is one of our favorites among them all.

As the name implies, these strains have a very strong “chemical” aroma that has been likened to methylated spirits or gasoline with strong woody undertones. Likewise, not for the faint of heart are the strain’s effects, which come in fast, hit hard, and stay that way for quite some time.  This is not a pure lean-back-and-relax strain; it’s something you’d choose if you were looking for a total physical and mental makeover for the day.

Black Widow

Indica marijuana strains are known for their telltale head buzz followed by full-body relaxation and pain relief. Nearly no one does that better than Black Widow, a high-THC Indica-dominant hybrid with a recognizable sweet-sour flavor and an equally classic skunky aroma.

Though users with lower THC tolerances may find it too intense, and others might have trouble keeping the munchies in check with Black Widow, it remains one of the quintessential medical Indicas around.

Slimer OG

Want a sweet-tasting, gently calming Indica hybrid that eradicates stress quickly, eliminating pains, anxieties, and physical discomfort without too many side effects for sensitive folks? Based on Ghost and White Fire Alien OG, Slimer OG might be just what you need. It’s a friendly, approachable, and easy-to-manage Indica that will send you into a couch mood without leaving you bedridden for the rest of the day.

Lemon Diesel

Lemon Diesel is your best bet with a high that comes on slow and gentle but fires you up while affording the mind razor-sharp focus. It might be an Indica-dominant variety, but it smoothly blends together effects from across the spectrum.

Flavors are sweet and enjoyable, with fruits, sour lemon, and spicy pepper elements. As Lemon Diesel has become somewhat of a standard among Indica hybrids, you’ll find many variations and derivatives based on it offered by contemporary seed banks. For example, high-CBD and high-CBG variants are becoming increasingly common and popular.

Abacus 2.0

Based on the legendary OG Kush, Abacus 2.0 is a spicy Indica that features cerebral and sedating effects perfect for winding down during the late evenings. Its high THC concentration and gentle buzz make it perfect for therapeutic use to fight pain and insomnia; likewise, it’s one of the best strains for eye pressure symptoms.

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