Best Strains for Racing Thoughts

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Stress can hinder your quality of life over time. Anxiety disorders are among the most common mental health concerns in the US, with over 40 million adults having some kind of anxiety-related disorder.

That said, there are plenty of natural ways to lower stress. Hemp and cannabis users have reported that a few tokes can help them calm down and ease their thoughts and nerves. Some terpene and cannabinoid combinations can even help to lower your general stress level.

This article lists the best strains for racing thoughts, stress, and anxiety. We’ve based this on their general terpenes, effects, and cannabinoid content, so if you want to know which is the best for you, we have a vast array of strains you can choose from below.

Key Takeaways

  • There are three primary terpenes beneficial for anxiety and stress relief: caryophyllene, myrcene, and limonene.
  • The effects of CBD and Delta-8 THC on anxiety are pretty similar. CBD is non-psychoactive and provides relaxation through clear-headedness and muscle relief.
  • Delta-8 THC is psychoactive but induces a mild high that some users find helpful for clearing their minds when anxious.
  • Both cannabinoids have anxiolytic effects, but the choice between them depends on the intensity of anxiety symptoms and the desired experience.

Best Terpenes for Anxiety

Before we move on to the best hemp and cannabis strains for racing thoughts, we need to talk about terpenes. These compounds are also naturally found in the hemp plant and have plenty of potential benefits that work together with significant cannabinoids like CBD or THC.

The three primary terpenes we’d recommend if you are looking for a relaxing or, in general, stress-relieving strain are caryophyllene, myrcene, and limonene. Besides being responsible for bringing spiciness to different strains, caryophyllene has plenty of various potential therapeutic benefits. Specifically, this 2014 study noted how it could help treat certain anxiety and depression symptoms.

Myrcene, on the other hand, could be helpful as it has mild sedative effects, as this research reported. It is also responsible for fruity and tropical tastes and notes in some strains. As it is present in mangoes, it could also be the reason behind the myth that eating mangoes could potentiate cannabis’ effects.

Lastly, limonene is packed with the sweet citrus flavors that we love from sour strains. What we love about this terpene for anxiety, though, is its potential to increase the serotonin and dopamine levels in critical regions of our brain.

CBD vs Delta-8 for Anxiety

While both cannabinoids have great potential for treating similar ailments, it all comes down to the kind of experience you want. CBD does not have psychoactive properties, meaning the relaxation usually comes in the form of clear-headedness and muscle relief.

Delta-8 THC, on the other hand, is fully psychoactive. As it fully binds and interacts with our endocannabinoid system, you’ll feel more potent effects, including the mild high some users like to clear their minds when anxious. Both cannabinoids have anxiolytic effects.

Specifically, according to research, Delta-8 THC has been found to help with general anxiety and panic attacks, stress, and even depression. We always recommend checking with your healthcare provider first, but with these insights, we’d go for CBD if anxiety is low to mild. If the symptoms are pretty intense or need an extra push, we’d go for Delta-8 THC in a small dose or larger if the anxiety feelings worsen.

Best Strains for Racing Thoughts

We’ve listed these strains because of their potency, terpene profile, effects, or how hard they hit. And as you might notice down below, some of these strains lean toward the indica and indica-hybrid sides of the hemp family.

These strains are perfect for relaxing and unwinding, which might be one of the main reasons you’d go for them when pesky racing thoughts invade your mind. We’ve also found some exceptions, with pretty strong Sativa and balanced hybrids for daytime use. So without further ado, let’s meet our top choices for strains for racing thoughts.

1. Zombie Kush Strain

Overthinking and racing thoughts might make you think you need a zombie to eat your head to ease your thoughts. Luckily for you, we have something similar here with high potency called Zombie Kush.

This indica-based strain is one of the most potent CBD-based strains around, with over 32.6% of cannabinoid levels. The flavor profile is also unique with its piney and earthy notes, which might cause couch-locking and relaxing effects and let the hemp zombies eat your worries away.

You can try this strain with Delta-8 THC if you want something more robust. This cannabinoid is believed to relax even further, and users have paired it up with CBD strains to help you unwind and have euphoric feelings.

2. GG4 Strain

Meet the OG GG4. Gorilla Glue #4 is a heavy THC hybrid strain that can help with relaxation in no time. And with a few tokes of its aromatic notes, you’ll get why they call this “glue,” as it can leave you couch-locked and stress-free in no time. While potent, this strain can also make you sleepy and relaxed, so keep munchies nearby.

In hindsight, this could be a great way to ease your mind. And if "the munchies" and couch-locking won’t make you give in to the ape-inspired strain, its hefty 20% THC levels might. We’d recommend this strain for intermediate to advanced users, or try with tiny pulls if you want to take your mind off things.

3. Abacus 2.0 Strain

For a softer but more balanced Indica-based strain, meet the delicious Abacus 2.0 strain. Forget racing thoughts with its pretty balanced 17.7% levels of total cannabinoids. Its flavor profile is also pretty good for beginners and veterans alike, with delicious blackberry, citrus, and floral notes with each smoke.

Effect-wise, you’ll like this Indica strain, as users claim it can help you relax your body and mind without overpowering or giving a dizzy feeling. You can check this strain out at the Botany Farms store over here. Or try a more potent variety with our top-shelf Delta-8 THC distillate for enhanced relaxation at our store as well.

4. Lime Skunk Strain

Meet the skunkiest strain on our list, Lime Skunk. This Sativa-dominant strain is pretty strong, with over 21% of THC levels. You might ask yourself why a sativa-dominant strain is good for anxiety. Well, this strain has incredible, clear-headed reported effects, perfect for enjoying the day and keeping yourself social and productive while lowering the effects of anxiety.

With its delicious lime, savory, and citrus notes, this strain is far from simple or challenging to try. Now, for a skunky alternative with a high CBG and CBD content, you can try our Lemon Diesel CBG Vape Cartridge, which has a similar taste profile with no Delta-9 THC. It comes with a whole gram of CBD, CBG, Delta-8 THC, and even CBN.

5. Fruit Loops Strain

While this strain does come with a toucan, we can say it does provide relaxing and euphoric feelings. The Fruit Loops strain is a classic, full of floral, citrus, and sweet notes that give this bud its name. With over 24.9% of total cannabinoids, this strain is perfect if you want to unwind.

As an indica-dominant bud, users usually look for this strain to feel relaxed and let their body and mind rest. Thanks to its terpene profile, some people have even used it as a sleeping aid. If all of these sound great but you want that extra punch from THC, you can also try it in our Delta-8 THC bud variety.

This version has an additional 4% of our delicious and potent Delta-8 extract, which is frozen and then used to cover the flower for more potency and even burning.

6. Pink Kush Strain

On Wednesdays, we smoke pink. Or you can smoke the Pink Kush all week long without worry. This beautiful indica-dominant hybrid has pretty good THC levels with over 19%, and with our pal Myrcene as the primary terpene, you’ll get sweet tokes that help your mind stay away from stress.

Besides the beautiful pink looks, the taste and notes from this kush are just a treat. Expect flowery, rose-like, sweet notes that come together in a single pull.

7. Black Widow Strain

For a more balanced strain to help you relax but also keep social enough, try the Black Widow. Venom-free, this strain is a well-behaved hybrid bud with the best of both worlds to help you relax with a buzzy high.

With about 18% of total THC levels and a tiny 1% of CBG, this strain is reported to cause relaxing and even hungry feelings. Some users also said this made them a lot more talkative, which could be great if you feel like social anxiety is the leading cause of overthinking. If CBD is more of your jam, here are some stress-relieving strains that are fully hemp-derived and could be helpful.

8. Bubba Kush Strain

Bubba Kush might be the perfect alternative for all the dark chocolate lovers out there who want to unwind after overthinking. Besides its balanced 18.3% cannabinoid levels, this indica-dominant strain is perfect for relaxing with one of our favorite flavor profiles.

With dark chocolate, coffee, and earth notes, you can let this strain melt away all the external and internal stressors with just a few puffs. Besides that and its iconic purple hairs on its buds, its rich and earthy taste can give you a small treat from your worries.

And if you want to add some psychoactive effects to the equation, we recommend our HHC Vape Cartridge Bubba Kush. With this cart, you can try the full power of hexahydrocannabinol, which is fully hemp-derived and has about 80% of THC’s psychoactive potency. So enjoy these strain’s terpenes in a potent formula with high-quality smoke.

9. Acapulco Gold Strain

Meet one of the rarest strains on our list, Acapulco Gold. Strangely, this strain has no salty, mineral-like taste or tropical notes. Instead, this Sativa-dominant bud has impressive coffee, honey, and even a little woody flavor that is easily noticeable when taking it out of the bag.

Don’t let its sweet taste fool you; this strain has 18% THC and induces uplifting and mood-changing effects. So for something sweet and easy to smoke, it’s still reasonably strong, but perfect for stopping overthinking at its spot. This strain is ideal for beginners and advanced users alike.

10. Mule Fuel Strain

Now, if you’ve heard of horsepower, meet Mule Fuel. This potent Indica hybrid strain has 28% THC levels. As with all good things in life, a little goes a long way with this bud. This strain is a little eccentric, as it keeps most of its hybrid qualities while also having strong relaxing effects.

Some people have even used it as a sleeping aid, as it packs a punch with a few tokes. The Mule Fuel strain has pretty dark and spicy notes with smoke, tobacco, and fuel-like notes. Not very beginner-friendly, but pretty practical for some anxiety symptoms and stress.

11. D Bubba Strain

Now, the Bubba family is known for its strong Indica heritage. One of the most balanced ones with delicious spice and dairy notes is D Bubba, also known as Death Bubba. The bud has mouthwatering, creamy coffee aromas and notes, perfect for the new user or coffee lover.

This strain has relaxing effects and a complex profile thanks to its Death Star and Bubba Kush lineages. Death Bubba has a strong 17–23% THC level, with almost no CBD available. This hybrid is perfect if you want something relaxing without falling asleep.

12. Sugar Black Rose Strain

Floral, sweet, and strong are some of the things we love about Sugar Black Rose. With a hefty 29% of THC in this bud and Caryophyllene as one of the primary terpenes, this Indica hybrid is perfect for delicious and relaxing tokes.

With floral, fruity, earthy, and spicy notes, this profile is pretty complex and fantastic if you want something different on the list. And well, its extreme THC levels are not something you can try every day. Users look for this beautiful strain thanks to its strong body buzz that keeps nausea, stress, and anxiety away with a few pulls.

13. Shaolin Gleaux

Meet the real master of relaxation and stress-fighting, the Shaolin Gleaux. As one of the strongest, if not the strongest, strains on this list, this Sativa-dominant bud might be perfect for daytime use.

Coming from a long lineage and with 31.6% total cannabinoid content, this bud is perfect for relaxing without falling asleep. So if you want to get your game going without feeling groggy or couch-locked, you have an alternative to get your wax-on and wax-off match going.

Its delicious tangerine, candy grapes, and bubblegum notes are perfect for enjoying with their redwood and earthy undertones. This master Shaolin bud is ideal for keeping yourself productive and centered, even if thoughts have invaded your inner mind temple.

14. Harlequin Strain

Meet the jester of the list, the Sativa-dominant, CBD-heavy Harlequin strain. While not as badass as other antiheroes from certain comics, this strain is good if you are looking for a CBD-dominant bud.

With 9% of total CBD and merely 5% of THC levels, this strain is perfect for light smoking with clear-headed effects and relaxation. This bud is ideal if you want to relax and treat anxiety without having to go overboard or feel intoxicated.

Flavor-wise, expect delicious mango, tropical fruit, and earthy notes that pair perfectly. So if you want a break from cannabinoid-heavy strains for something sweet and light, this strain is just what you were looking for.

15. Garlic Cookies Strain

Meet one of the most robust hybrids, the indica-leaning 28% THC Garlic Cookies. This iconic-looking bud is perfect for intermediate to advanced users that want to feel relaxed and euphoric without having to lose potency in the process. It is on the high side (no pun intended), so we don’t recommend this for new users.

And surprisingly, this strain does taste like a light cookie note with some garlic undertones when exhaled. This aroma is earthy and fuel-like and lingers even after smoking. Think of this strain as the grownup version of your typical girl scout cookies, with added long-lasting effects that users have reported can relax mind and body alike.

16. Purple Urkle Strain

As one of the most iconic strains, Purple Urkle is a classic Indica-type flower with a fantastic blend of skunky, grapes, and berry flavors. Besides this excellent flavor profile, the effects of this one can help you ease down.

Users have said that Purple Urkle has strong, profoundly relaxing effects, perfect for significant anxiety symptoms. As a balanced Indica strain with 18% THC and Myrcene as its main terpene, it is ideal for helping with sleeping-related anxiety.

17. Larry OG Strain

Also called Lemon Larry, this indica-dominant flower is perfect for getting a body buzz while staying productive. Larry OG is known for its heavy THC content while keeping things relaxed and happy.

Along with the tasty lemon, pine, and citrus undertones, the smoke from this strain is pretty sour and delicious. Most people using this strain report it could help with stress and even depression, as it can give strong euphoric feelings, which is rare for an Indica bud.

18. OG 18 Strain

Meet number 18, known as Reserve OG as well, one of the list's sourest and most potent hybrid strains. This offspring of OG Kush has robust and long-lasting sedative effects that are perfect for helping your mind relax. Some people even use this strain for yoga or meditation, which can give pretty relaxing results.

With lemony and kushy flavors, users who have tried this strain say it helps them cope with stress and anxiety. Some people contend it could be beneficial for specific pain symptoms.

19. UK Cheese Strain

Long live... the Cheese? The UK Cheese is a hybrid strain from the long lineage of Skunk#1 varieties. It has strong, spicy cheese notes and berry notes. While not everyone’s cup of tea, this strain is potent with its 20% THC levels.

Effect-wise, consumers have reported feeling euphoric and having solid, energetic effects that allow mental relaxation. And as an added extra, it can stimulate appetite, making room for some actual cheese and berries to unwind after a long day at work or to keep stress at bay.

20. Death Star Strain

Death Star is an iconic Indica strain with noticeable diesel, skunky, and pungent notes. While it cannot destroy planets, it may help alleviate some of your anxiety symptoms. The THC levels are strong on this one, with 19% in most varieties.

This strain has been reported to help with anxiety and stress, so it could help with racing thoughts that might take over toward nightfall. This Death Star can probably knock you down in a flash, not because it needs the nighttime.

21. ACDC Strain

Surprisingly, sometimes rock and roll can help you calm down. Sadly, we are not talking about the band but a CBD-rich strain. ACDC has about 14% cannabinoid levels, with very low THC and high cannabidiol levels for non-groggy relaxation.

This strain has many woody, spicy, and earthy strains, perfect for keeping yourself relaxed yet focused on any task. This hybrid-Indica bud can be helpful if you want something balanced and CBD-oriented without compromising on a simple flavor profile.

22. Jack Herer Strain

In our experience, most Jacks we’ve met are pretty cheerful and easy-going, like Jackie Chan or Jack Black. Meet Jack Herer, a one-of-a-kind Sativa strain that can help uplift with warm, positive vibes.

Thanks to its reported uplifting effects and spicy undertones, this strain could be helpful to unwind while staying productive. Because of this, ol’ Jack is perfect for daytime use, especially if anxiety symptoms creep in while you have to keep yourself up for work.

Strains for Paranoia/Racing Thoughts: Reddit's Choices

We also researched what the Reddit community had to say about strains. While there are strains that are better for pain or even specific chronic pain conditions like eye pressure, in general, indica-dominant strains and some hybrids were the winners of our investigation. Let’s check out our five runner-up strains that the Reddit threads chose as their favorites for paranoia, racing thoughts, and overthinking.

1. Lemon G strain

Remember Limonene? Well, the sour terpene is also a fan favorite. According to Reddit, Lemon G is one of the favorite Midwest sour strains. It is a sativa-leaning hybrid with a balanced 17% THC content.

Users say it's uplifting, energetic, and even gigglish. Most use this strain to cope with stress, pain, and intense anxiety symptoms. And with its delicious and newbie-friendly lemon, citrus, and mint profile, you’ll want to take plenty of hits of this bud. 

2. Plum Crazy Strain

This fan favorite, plum-flavored strain is an eye candy with incredible purple and pine-like buds. Reddit users chose this thanks to the herbal, piney, and plum-like notes and balanced Indica-dominant properties.

With Granddaddy Purple and GSC as part of its lineage, this strain is relatively balanced, with THC levels ranging between 17 and 22%. It also has strong caryophyllene, limonene, and myrcene levels, perfect for unwinding your mind and body in a flash.

And if you want to try another pine-flavored and balanced strain, you can try it in our Pine Walker-based CBN Live Resin + Delta-8 THC cart. This strain has a more creamy profile and stronger CBN and CBD added, while still being an excellent option to relax from overwhelming thoughts.

3. Blue Dream Strain

Ready for some sweet, clear-headed highs? The Blue Dream strain is not only a fan favorite but also a delicious blueberry-flavored Sativa hybrid treat that can get you up in no time. Perfect for daytime use and inspiration, this strain has a pretty balanced high with its 18% THC level.

Users have sought this strain to help them cope with depression and anxiety, making it a good choice if they want to stay active during the day. Some people have also reported feeling energetic, uplifted, and creative, making it great to treat day-to-day overthinking and stress. For a similar strain in the Delta-8 realm, you can also try our Berry Blossom strain in our Delta-8 THC carts at our store over here.

4. Kush Mints Strain

For all the mint lovers, Reddit has chosen a strain for you. This offspring from Animal Mints and Bubba Kush has a high THC content of over 27%. Kush Mints is a potent hybrid strain with a unique mint flavor. Users report that this strain can be pretty helpful to help relax and get uplifting and happy feelings.

Other users have also used this strain for appetite stimulation, so get a few snacks while enjoying it. This strain is perfect if you like minty notes, menthol, and pine undertones. And with its cool green colors, you’ll want to show off this beautiful bud.

5. Golden Goat Strain

Last but not least, Reddit chose a balanced Sativa-dominant hybrid to help them keep anxiety at bay. Users report feeling energetic yet pretty relaxed, with 19% THC levels and delicious tropical fruit flavors. Think of it as your personal, daytime tropical drink, but in smoke form.

Some people use this strain in the bedroom, as it can relax the body and mind while keeping you uplifted. There have also been reports of feeling giggly and talkative, which could also help your mind wander off from stress or anxiety before sex. 

Final Thoughts

Keep in mind that chronic anxiety is best addressed by qualified medical professionals. Thus, while certain cannabis strains may possess calming and soothing effects, it's best to first consult healthcare professionals if you have suffer serious bouts of anxiety.

However, for recreational purposes, these weed strains might help relieve some symptoms of anxiety. Still, it's wise to use cannabis responsibly considering that strains with high THC levels can make anxiety worse.


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