Best Terpenes for Sex

A bare leg stick out from under the covers. What are the Best terpenes for sex?

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Our sex ed classes went about it all wrong. Every intimate encounter is unique, and not getting to know our partners can lead to less enjoyable moments of intimacy. That’s why its important to explore each others' interests and try new things to keep the flame burning.

If there’s one spice that can amp up your sex game, it’s cannabis. Especially when it comes to terpenes; the tiny molecules that exist on the surface of your favorite bud, that can greatly influence each strain's effects. Read on to learn about the best terpenes for sex.

​Best Terpenes for Sex

It's true; cannabis and sex have a very positive relationship. But does cannabis enhance sex? Answering this question without delving into the influence of each of the natural compounds in cannabis would be a huge mistake. There is much more to the typical Sativa or Indica classification for cannabis strains.

In fact, this classification is becoming obsolete as it doesn‘t describe the nature of a strain's effects very well. Many cannabis connoisseurs are beginning to use the classification “chemovar” instead.

This is because, besides being Indica or Sativa, cannabis strains contain other natural compounds such as CBD or THC, cannabinoids that occur naturally in cannabis and can cause the effects of a cultivar to vary significantly.

In addition to cannabinoids, we have terpenes: natural aromatic compounds that occur in all plants. In addition to their aromas, terpenes can provide different nuances to the effects of each strain depending on their concentrations. Added to this, each person and each metabolism reacts to substances differently.

Thus, what works perfectly for one person may not be the best choice for another. For example, the effects of smoking weed and edibles for sex aren’t the same, even with the same strain. There are also some edibles and strains that are best for male arousal and some other strains and edibles that work best for female arousal.

All of these factors can make the relationship between sex and cannabis feel like a complex mathematical equation that is difficult to solve. The solution to this equation would be to explore different strains, different terpene profiles, and consumption methods to test which works best for you and your partner.

There is a long list of different terpenes and effects derived from them, so it would be a complete challenge to classify a single strain of cannabis or a single terpene as "the best for sex." Nonetheless, we can point out the sexual benefits of some of these natural aromatic compounds. Some of the best terpenes to enhance sex are:


Science has found evidence demonstrating the potential stress-relieving qualities of some natural compounds in cannabis, including cannabinoids and some terpenes. If you wonder what these findings have to do with sex, then the answer is much more logical and straightforward than we might initially believe.

When we have a life full of responsibilities or constantly go through very high-stress loads, cortisol levels rise, muscles tense, and heart rate rises; This makes enjoying intimacy as a couple a real challenge. Therefore, receiving a little help from natural compounds that relieve stress without causing drowsiness can go a long way.

This is where linalool works its magic. Evidence and user reports suggest that linalool and cannabis strains high in this terpene may be effective in reducing stress and relieving symptoms of depression. The effects generated by linalool could sweep away turbulent thoughts and induce relaxation, which as a consequence, could promote a greater connection between partners and promote more pleasurable sexual encounters.


Limonene is the terpene responsible for the bright citrus flavor of some cannabis strains. Sometimes the tiredness and stress of everyday life can affect our sex drive, but there is evidence to show that some cannabis varieties high in limonene may have a sex drive-boosting effect.

A 2017 study showed evidence suggesting that high-limonene cannabis could increase libido in women. We still need more research to corroborate these conclusions, but the results seem promising. Some strains high in limonene content can generate a slight mental euphoria and a warm full-body feeling that can make some people more open to affection, love, and intimacy.


Some terpenes have the ability to generate calming body effects that soothe the joints and can make sexual encounters more pleasurable, especially in people with chronic color conditions or physical discomfort.

Research is still ongoing, but preliminary results suggest that Indica-dominant strains high in caryophyllene and humulene may help soothe some types of bodily pains. Caryophyllene is responsible for the spicy, musky, and hoppy aroma present in some strains of cannabis. This terpene can activate CB2 receptors and exhibits anti-inflammatory properties.

Caryophyllene can be present in hybrid Sativa and Indica-dominant strains and in some extracts, such as our Delta-8 live resin tincture made from a small batch of Sour Space Candy. But, for intimacy, balanced hybrid strains with high caryophyllene content are the most recommended as they can leave you feeling warm and comforting without leaving you to sleep or couch-locked.


Humulene is the terpene responsible for generating some strains' woody, earthy smell. Same as caryophyllene, humulene can reduce inflammation and pain. The topical and systemic anti-inflammatory properties it exerts can calm any discomfort that arises and put you at ease. 

​Best Terpenes for Sex Drive

Although terpenes may have several things in common, each terpene is unique and generally carries a load of effects that differentiate them from the others.

Some terpenes are perfect for treating certain interrupting pains or discomforts, but some terpenes exert effects that are perfect for increasing sex drive. In particular, one of these terpenes stands out above the rest - terpinolene.

Terpinolene is more common than initially thought. It exists in many different strains but almost always occurs in small quantities. However, its effects, benefits, and contribution to the final experience of each cultivar are undeniable.

In addition to the soothing benefits that most terpenes bring, terpinolene could provide positive contributions to the sexual life of some users. Sometimes a headache or any other type of discomfort can truncate intimacy as a couple.

Terpinolene is especially effective in relieving migraines, and its incidence in nervous relaxation could be especially effective in reducing anxiety or unnecessary tension. These effects could give a positive and burning turn to our sexual desire since, by removing the pressure generated by anxiety, we will feel more comfortable, at ease, and with an increased desire to intimate with your couple.

Terpinolene only occurs in low amounts in some strains, and one of the advantages of terpinolene is that it can reduce anxiety while increasing energy levels. Some Sativa-dominant strains with high terpinolene content can invigorate the mind and body and sharpen focus.

​Terpenes to Avoid for Intimacy

Although terpenes usually have some effects in common, some terpenes can generate tremendously different effects than others. This is why, just as some terpenes can be excellent for enhancing our sexual life, other terpenes can have a completely opposite effect. In order not to truncate our life and sexual potency, it is better to avoid terpenes such as:


Myrcene is excellently effective at calming pain and inflammation, but too much of this terpene can have tremendous sedative effects both physically and mentally. High concentrations of myrcene come with deep relaxation and euphoria that quickly turns into drowsiness and a feeling of couch lock, which slows down movement.

Myrcene is a prevalent terpene found in many cannabis strains like our Delta-8 Sour Elektra or our Delta-8 Sour Hawaiian Haze. In fact, you can find this terpene in around 40% of the cannabis strains available on the market. Therefore it can be a bit difficult to avoid this terpene altogether. Nevertheless, when it comes to intimacy, it's ideal to avoid strains where myrcene is the primary terpene. 

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