Best Video Games to Play While High

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Some people might like to be active and outdoors when they are high, but many also enjoy being indoors just as much. Watching a movie is fun, but it's not overly stimulating, plus you've probably seen the same movies dozens of times over. One of the best and most stimulating things you can do when you are high is to play video games.

No, you don't have to be high to play video games, but that psychoactive high, that cerebral effect that you get from cannabis could help improve the experience.

Many people find that being high greatly enhances the video game playing experience and just makes it more fun in general. Some people may find it much easier to play video games when they are high, and some find it harder, something we will address below.

Whatever the case might be however, you still need to find the right video games to play when you are high, and this is what we are here to help you with today.

We'll first take a quick look at what playing video games when you are high is like followed by a list of the very best video games to play when you are high. We have some fantastic options for you to look at, and by the end of this article, you should find at least one video game that you'll enjoy when stoned.

Key Takeaways

  • Being stoned and playing video games is something worth trying.
  • Many people find that playing video games stoned makes them more creative and adventurous. Some people may also find that it makes them more energetic and better able to play for longer periods of time.
  • Other people might find that being stoned slows down their reaction times, makes them tired, and makes it hard to concentrate.
  • The only way to find out whether or not you enjoy playing video games while stoned is by giving it a try.

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Can I Be High and Play Video Games?

There is no reason why you cannot play video games when you are high. Exactly how well you do in your video games and how far you get might depend on how high you are, but there is no reason that you can't try. Many people enjoy playing video games when they are high.

First, playing video games doesn't involve you having to get up, move, or go outside, which is already a big bonus. Furthermore, many people might find that beating that level that they found impossible when sober all of a sudden becomes super easy when high, maybe because you just end up being more committed, or maybe because you end up being a bit more creative and thinking out-of-the-box.

Yes, if you get far too high, your reaction time might decrease to the point where you no longer are able to dodge the bullets or make those fast turns, and you might lose some focus too, but you'll never know until you try.

In the grand scheme of things, many people like playing video games when high, and plenty of stoners enjoy video games in general. The cerebral high caused by cannabis might just make you feel much more euphoric when playing, and some types of cannabis may even enhance your senses. Video games might look brighter, more colorful, and just more visually appealing in general. Click here to find out if terpenes make a difference.

Does Being High Make You Better at Video Games?

Whether or not being high makes you better at video games is questionable at best. Let's take a quick look at the positives of playing video games when high.

First, some people find that Sativa strains make them feel more focused and energetic, which could translate to you playing your video game for a longer period of time. The longer you play your video game, the better you will get, and the more likely you will be to beat those difficult sections you were previously unable to beat.

Furthermore, some people find that Sativa strains of cannabis make them feel very creative and allow them to think out of the box. This might help you find the solution you were looking for to that unbeatable level. Some people also find that cannabis in general makes them a lot more talkative and social, which can be nice when you are playing video games with your friends.

Although it is a bit of a long shot, if you happen to be suffering from a lot of pain, cannabis may be able to help relieve some of that pain, which could help make it easier to play your games. For instance, holding a video game controller when you are suffering from arthritis pain is no fun.

However, as you probably know, cannabis may also make you feel slower and groggy, which may result in you being worse at video games, as we're about to discuss below.

Does Being High Make You Bad at Video Games?

Some people may find that being high makes them worse at video games. This is especially the case if you are into smoking or consuming Indica strains of cannabis. Indica strains of these are known for making you feel groggy, tired, relaxed, and calmer.

Although this should help put you in a better state of mind, it may also decrease your overall energy levels, focus, attention span, and creativity. The whole point of Indica strains of cannabis is to mellow you out, relax you, and to even put you to sleep. In this case, being high probably won't make you better at video games.

At the very least, your reaction time will likely decrease drastically, and that's not good for any kind of game that involves speed. However, whether or not video games are easier or harder for you when you are high is yet to be seen, so you may as well give it a shot.

Best Video Games to Play When High

Let's now take a quick look at some of the very best video games to play when you are high.

Hohokum on Steam


Hohokum is a game that has absolutely no end goal, purpose, or objective. There are no levels to beat or anything else of the sort. This is a game designed purely for the vibes and for feeling good.

There are plenty of really cool environments with surreal characters for you to zoom in and out on, and to move through. It's just a really trippy way to pass some time, and it looks cool. If you're sober, you'll probably grow bored with this game really quickly, so you need to be pretty stoned to play it.

Why Play It

This is a fantastic game to play if you are just really stoned and want something visually appealing to look at. This game allows for endless hours of exploration and should keep you occupied for a heck of a long time, all without providing you with any stress or anxiety. There are no monsters that jump out at you and nobody that's going to shoot you. It's just simple fun.

Where to Find It

Hohokum can be found on a variety of gaming consoles including your PC (Steam) and PlayStation 3 as well as PlayStation 4.

Perfect Product to Pair With

A great product to pair with Hohokum is our own Botany Farms Delta-9 THC Gummies, which come in many flavors including watermelon, blue raspberry, strawberry, pineapple, and more.

Starfield | Official Website | Bethesda.net

Starfield (2023)

Starfield is an action role-playing game that is set to be released in September of 2023. The game takes place in outer space and is therefore a science fiction action game. This game takes place 20 years after a war that saw various colonies pitted against each other.

You play the role of a customizable character who is a member of a constellation, which is an organization of space-bound explorers. It is up to you to explore outer space, various planets, and colonies, to stay alive, to build resources, and to make it to the end. This happens to be one of the most anticipated games of 2023, especially due to the anticipated amazing gameplay it is set to feature.

Why Play It

One of the main reasons to play this game is because it should provide you with plenty of action and entertainment. It's going to have a fairly long storyline, so it should keep you busy for quite a few days, even if you play for hours on end.

Furthermore, it's a fantastic game for anybody who likes a lot of action, shooting, and exploration. This game brings the best of many worlds to the table, including role-playing, action, shooting, and more.

Where to Find It

This game will be available for Xbox Series X/S, as well as for Windows.

Perfect Product to Pair With

These Nano Delta-9 Microdose Gummies which come in watermelon, peach, pink lemonade, and other flavors, might be a perfect pairing with Starfield. They'll get you high enough to enjoy the game, but not so high that you forget what you're doing.

Plasma Pong

Going back to the old school, we have Plasma Pong. Pong was of course the very first video game released on an official console, and it took the world by storm.

Now, pong is back in the form of plasma pong, a super trippy and psychedelic version of the original game that has plenty of colors, actions, upgrades, and so much more.

It's a rather perfect game to play when you are stoned, mainly thanks to the awesome environment and visuals. The computational fluid dynamics make everything look absolutely spectacular.

Why Play It

This is an amazing game to play if you just want something really simple and fun. It's a game where you just bat a ball back and forth, making it perfect for single players and two players alike. It's so simple because all you do is hit a ball back and forth.

There are no monsters to kill you, no sharp turns to make, and nothing else. Although it can be quite exhilarating and fun, it's also somewhat relaxing.

Where to Find It

Plasma pong is available for download on Microsoft Windows, and may also be available for other video game systems.

Perfect Product to Pair With

Our mixed variety Delta-9 Microdose Gummies are made with five milligrams of Delta-9 THC and five milligrams of CBD per unit to provide you with the perfect balance you need to play this relaxing yet exhilarating game.


Journey is an independent adventure game where you, the player, control a figure adorned in a robe, traveling through a vast desert, and always heading towards a large mountain in the distance. There are also other players who are on the same journey, and you can discover each other. Two players can meet and help each other, but can't communicate via text or speech, and cannot see each other 's names either.

There is a musical chime, which serves as the only form of communication, and which also transforms dull pieces of cloth found in the levels into vibrant and red pieces of cloth, which then affect the gameplay and the world, and allow players to progress through levels. The game's main goal is quite similar: to get to the end, the mountain. The player has a magical scarf that allows you to fly and perform other neat tricks.

Why Play It

The reason to play this game is simply that it is extremely unique. It allows you to engage in an adventure, all without any real violence or stress. It also allows you to work with other people but in very interesting ways. It's definitely a game that you will need to be stoned for, especially because you need to be quite creative.

Where to Find It

This game can be played on the PlayStation 3, the PlayStation 4, on Microsoft Windows, and on iOS.

Perfect Product to Pair With

If you're looking for a good pairing, and you want something very mild, these Delta-10 THC Gummies from our catalog make for a great choice. They come in both mango and pineapple.


Of course, we can’t forget Minecraft. This is a so-called sandbox game, which means that you build everything yourself. Here, you use a variety of tools to explore, build, craft, and more. The main point of the game is to explore various areas of the map, and then use your tools to build various structures, you can build small huts, massive castles, and everything in between.

This is an amazing game to play for young and old people alike, and for stoners and sober people too. It's a really cool game visually, and there are almost endless things you can do. There are even creeps and monsters that you can fight, and you can always show your creations off to all of your friends.

Why Play It

If you are somebody who likes being creative, building your own houses, castles, and everything in between. Then this is the game for you. This is a game where you can effectively act as God because you can change the landscape, the people, the buildings, and everything else. If creativity is your thing, this might just be your game.

Where to Find It

What's also cool about Minecraft as a game is that it can be found on virtually every platform, including PC, I OS, Xbox, Nintendo, PlayStation, Android, and more.

Perfect Product to Pair With

Our Botany Farms Pineapple Haze Delta-10 THC Vape Cart produces a rather enjoyable and mellow hype that is perfect for playing a game like this.

Top Psychedelic Video Games to Play While High

If you want some video games that are super visually appealing and might just make you feel like you are tripping out hardcore when stoned, then the following games might be right for you.

The Artful Escape on Steam

The Artful Escape

The Artful Escape involves the player controlling the main character, Francis, and moving him across a landscape that is infused with music. Francis runs and jumps over the landscape, and has a guitar that can create a variety of effects.

It can act as a weapon to face the boss characters, and it can interact with the scenery too. It's an extremely simple game, a platform game where you just have to get to the end of the levels.

Why Play It

One great reason to play this game is just because it is very simple, almost like old-school Mario platform games. You simply run in one direction, dodge the obstacles, kill the bosses, and move on to the next levels. It's just simple fun at its best, and it's something that might remind older people of those classic video games from 20 or 30 years ago.

Where to Find It

This game is available on the Nintendo Switch and has been released for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

Perfect Product to Pair With

Our Botany Farms Live Resin Tincture with Delta-8 THC might just provide you with the perfectly balanced high to play this awesome game.


This game involves you playing in the first person, where you take a voyage where you sail towards the sunset through magical waters in a boat with special powers.

You don't have to worry about pirates, capsizing, crew members, logistics, or steering. All you are meant to do is sit back and be calm. The water and the skyscape are full of various colors, patterns, animals, and more. There are different journeys you can take.

Why Play It

This is just a super psychedelic, relaxing, and calming game. There is no chance of taking a wrong turn, losing a crew member, or dying. All you have to do is look to see all of the different colors and patterns. It should help put your mind at ease.

Where to Find It

This game can be found on Windows operating systems and Mac operating systems.

Perfect Product to Pair With

These particular Delta-8 Gummies that come in many different flavors have just enough THC to get you high, but not so high that you can't enjoy this game anymore.

Psychonauts 2

Psychonauts 2 involves you playing as a trained acrobat and a powerful psychic. His dream is to join the international psychic espionage association. You as the main character must use your special powers to find the mole hiding in the headquarters and to find the leader that has been kidnapped. This is a game that younger children can play but is also ideal for stoned adults. It's a lighthearted action and adventure game that should be fine for people of all ages.

Why Play It

If you like action and adventure, but you don't want to be dodging bullets and feeling stressed out, then this is a fantastic game to play. It's mellow, it's relaxing, and there are some really cool visuals too. This is the second game in the installment, so you know that people liked the first one.

Where to Find It

Psychonauts 2 is currently available on Xbox.

Perfect Product to Pair With

Here we have a Delta-8 Vape Cart that comes in many varieties, including a Cherry Pie Hybrid, a Tangerine Dream Sativa, and a Berry Blossom Indica.

Top Experimental Video Games to Play While High

Here we have some super new, modern, and downright experimental games that might be fun to play when you are stoned. Keep in mind that some of these games are very out there, so to speak.


Ayahuasca is kind of like a combination of a virtual reality film and a game where you, the participant, are immersed in a variety of visions that are triggered by a dose of ayahuasca, a psychedelic.

There are many different virtual trips with many views and perspectives, many things to see, and tons of psychedelic visions. The main point of the game is to see the heart of the Amazon through the eyes of somebody who is experiencing a psychedelic trip.

Why Play It

If you want to experience what it is like to trip on ayahuasca, without actually taking the drug, then this is a fantastic game to play. It's just a cool immersive experience that takes you into a whole different world, all without requiring you to actually take any hallucinogenic drugs.

Where to Find It

If you want to play this game, you can play it on the PlayStation VR, the HTC Vive, or the Oculus.

Perfect Product to Pair With

If you’re looking for a good mix of CBD and Delta-8 THC, one that works well to play VR games with, then this Botany Farms Delta-8 Godfather OG Pre-Roll might be right for you.

Hidden Treasures in the Forest of Dreams on Steam

Hidden Treasures in the Forest of Dreams

Hidden Treasures Is a super relaxing first-person game where you explore the world around you. There are procedurally generated dreams that will take you around 45 minutes to complete, with a variety of treasures that are randomly generated.

You can simply walk around, take in the world around you, and find the treasures. There are actually over 4 billion different dreams that you can experience.

There is a tutorial that will provide you with all of the basics. All you have to do is look around and explore the landscape, and yes, it is super psychedelic. The main point of the game is to stay calm and enjoy the scenery.

Why Play It

If you want to play something that is just super relaxing and visual, and doesn't require you to shoot anybody, drive fast, or accomplish any goals in general, then this is a rather perfect game to play.

Where to Find It

This game is currently available for the PlayStation 4.

Perfect Product to Pair With

If you like finding hidden traders, then this Delta-8 Blueberry Kush Pre-Roll could be the ideal match for you.

Top VR Video Games to Play While High

If you want to take things to the next level and immerse yourself in a world of virtual reality, then here are some great games for you to play. Just don't get too stoned, or else you might forget where the real world is.


DeepStates is a VR Game that immerses you in a psychedelic landscape featuring natural sceneries and dense atmospheres. There is no goal to this game, there are no levels to beat and nothing that can kill you. It is nothing more than an exploration of psychedelic landscapes, bright colors, and cool objects that you can see.

Why Play It

If you need a game that will help you relax, doesn't require any quick thinking, and will help calm you down, then it is a fantastic game to play. It immerses you into a totally different world.

Where to Find It

DeepStates is currently available on Windows and other platforms.

Perfect Product to Pair With

If you want some Delta-8 THC, and you like rolling your own joints, then this Delta-8 Godfather OG strain will make for a great video game day strain.

A Lullaby of Colors VR

Here we have another very similar game to the one above, where you fly through a variety of breathtakingly beautiful worlds. There are endless sweet-tasting colors, gentle scenes, and so much more. Once again, here there is no death, no levels to beat, and no goals to achieve. You simply explore a variety of worlds with many colors and textures.

Why Play It

This is another great game that is designed to help you relax and put your mind at ease. It allows you to block out the real world around you while exploring a super colorful world with your virtual reality headset. It should help calm you down after a long day.

Where to Find It

This game is currently available for the Oculus Rift, the HTC Vive, and possibly other virtual reality systems.

Perfect Product to Pair With

If you need something that will spur your imagination to help you make the most of the VR experience, our own Botany Farms Delta-8 Strawberry Banana Kush could be exactly what you need.

0°N 0°W VR

If you like games that are all about visual stimulation and auditory stimulation, then this should be a fantastic one for you. Just like with many of the other games we just looked at, this one is all about exploring A variety of landscapes.

However, whereas the other landscapes were more natural, there are many landscapes here that look like cities and small towns. The bottom line is that if you like colors and sounds, as well as endless exploration and relaxation, then this is a good game for you.

Why Play It

If you just want to be curious, explore, and be stimulated by various visual and auditory stimuli, then it's a good game to check out.

Where to Find It

This game is currently available on Steam for PC.

Perfect Product to Pair With

Our Delta-8 Sugar Queen could certainly put you in the mood for some exploration.


If you like artistic games, then this is probably a good one for you. Actionapaint VR immerses you into a world where you can use 16 different painting tools to create your own pieces of art. Being immersed in the landscape while you create the art allows for an experience like none other.

Why Play It

If you liked using Microsoft Paint as a kid, then this is like the upgraded version that has you immersed in a full virtual reality world. It's just a whole lot of fun, especially if you are an artistic person.

Where to Find It

This game is currently available on Steam for PC.

Perfect Product to Pair With

If you need something creative to help you paint, our very own Delta-8 Lemon Diesel CBG strain could be right for you.

Games to Play While High: Reddit Weighs in

Here are some great games to play when stoned according to users on Reddit.

Tetris Effect

What we have here is effectively the newest, most modern, and most innovative version of Tetris ever. There are plenty of different single-player modes as well as different multiplayer modes. There are 30 stages, many effects, special modes to play, an awesome graphic style, and much more. This is like a space-age Tetris.

Why Play It

If you like fast-paced good puzzle games, and you liked Tetris 20 or 30 years ago, then you'll probably love this version. It's new, it's updated, and it's a whole lot of fun.

Where to Find It

This game can be played on the PlayStation 4, on PC, and possibly other consoles.

Outer Wilds

Outer Wilds is an open world mystery game. Here, you are a part of a fledgling space program that is searching for answers in a very strange solar system, where time seems to continuously repeat itself. The main point here is for you to find clues to help you solve a bunch of mysteries, such as “Who are the aliens that built the ruins on the moon?”.

Why Play It

If you like mystery and exploration games that don't involve too much stress, then this is a game for you. It's something that forces you to use your brain.

Where to Find It

This game is available for Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and the Nintendo Switch.

Tips Before You Begin

To round things off, here are just a few tips to follow before you choose any kind of cannabis to get stoned off of before you play video games.

  • Remember that the type of product matters. Smoking and vaping usually hits you relatively quickly but doesn't last all that long and doesn't end up being that potent. Edibles and tinctures on the other hand usually take longer to hit but also end up being more potent.
  • If you are playing a super relaxing game that doesn't require much effort, go for an Indica that will help calm down your mind and body. However, if you are playing a game that requires energy and creativity, go for a Sativa.
  • Always experiment with just a very low dosage when playing a video game to see how you react. Many people might realize that too much weed renders them unable to play any kind of game.
Although not too closely related, having sex when stoned can be a whole lot of fun too!

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