Best Way to Clean a Metal Weed Pipe

Used metal weed pipe sits on top of a wooden table.

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It is easy to overlook cleaning your metal weed pipe, especially if you do not use it often. However, like any other tool, your weed pipe occasionally needs some cleaning up to remove all the accumulated residue.

At the very least, regularly cleaning your weed pipe enhances the quality of your sessions, makes you enjoy your smoke more, and keeps your pipe operating optimally for longer. Here’s the best way to clean a metal weed pipe. Now that you've got your pipe sorted, why not give some of our flower a try?

Materials Needed

You will require the following:

  • Brushes and pipe cleaners: you cannot get that weed pipe in tip-top condition without giving it a serious scrub. Although alcohol will help loosen the stuck ash and grime from the inner parts of the pipe, a good pipe cleaner will finish the job and ensure none of those unwanted residues remains after cleaning.
  • Rubbing alcohol: now, this is probably the first thing we should have put on the list but no worries. If you are going to use alcohol as your soaking agent, then ensure it has a high alcohol content. Isopropyl alcohol 70% is great, but you can also use strong whiskey or vodka (not less than 140 proof). You can also use water + Epsom salt mixture or white vinegar. Remember, the stronger the alcohol, the less time you need to soak.
  • A clean piece of cloth or rag: metal can withstand just about any cloth fabric. Still, if your weed pipe is made of sensitive metal, you may consider using softer material. A microfiber would be ideal.
  • Rubber gloves: isopropyl alcohol is a good cleaning agent but rather harsh on the hands, so you will need a pair of gloves to protect your hands.
  • A plastic resealable bag: we are going the agitation way!
  • Epsom salt or Sea salt.

Before soaking the weed pipe, turn it upside down and tap gently to remove any loose resin and ash from the tube. Physically remove any large, dislodged debris (like unburnt seeds, stems) you can see using a pipe cleaner, toothpick, needle, or mechanical pencil.

Disassemble your weed pipe as much as possible for an easier cleaning process. It is much more manageable to clean the pipe in bits and pieces than when it is whole. Moreover, remove the screen since it will most likely fall off during the scrubbing stage. You will need a new screen if that happens!

Soaking Your Pipe

This marks the beginning of the cleaning process. Fill the resealable bag with the alcohol (or the soaking liquid you are using) and drop in the parts of your weed pipe. Ensure that the parts are fully submerged in the liquid for best results.

Put the resealable bag somewhere it will not be disturbed, and let the parts soak for 24 hours. During this time, the alcohol will help loosen the resin and other residues on the pipe parts, making it easier to scrub off dirt and clean.

Add a tablespoon of salt to the pipe. Because there are some parts in the shaft you cannot reach with the brush or pipe cleaner, and the salt will act like an abrasive sponge scrubbing away the residue in the hidden parts. Shake the bag vigorously to ensure that the salt gets into the crevices and hard-to-reach areas of the pipe.

Close the shaft’s openings with your fingers, then continue shaking vigorously to get rid of any resin. Do this until the shaft is visibly clean. By this time, the solution should be darker in color, indicating that the resin and residue have come off. You could repeat this process if some loose bits and residue are still present, or leave the parts soaked for another 24 hours if the weed pipe was extremely dirty.

Removing Grime

Thereafter, insert the pipe cleaner into the shaft and scrub back and forth until all the grime comes off. If you cannot get all the grime off at this stage, you may need to re-soak the weed pipe.

Scrub the other parts as well until they look clean. After scrubbing and removing the grime, rinse the pipe’s parts in warm water, shake the shaft vigorously to get rid of any cleaning agents and leftover grime.

Drying and Buffing

Dry the parts of your weed pipe with a clean piece of cloth/rag to get rid of remaining moisture. This is necessary because even though the alcohol evaporates, it may still leave an unpleasant alcohol taste behind.

Naturally, you do not want to take a deep inhale only to be hit with an alcohol aftertaste! This will negate the objective of cleaning your weed pipe.

Finally, buff it with a clean cloth for that shine that says you have taken your time to clean your weed pipe; buff in slow circular motions for best results. Reassemble your weed pipe, and you are done!


Whether you are a social smoker or a regular stoner, you always want a better smoke and enjoy your sessions regardless. A dirty weed pipe will likely rob you of the pleasure of enjoying your herb and having a good time with friends. We know you do not want that.

These tips can help you take good care of your weed pipe. As you can see, cleaning your pipe should not be a tedious chore. If you live for the ‘high,’ you’ve got to clean that pipe often.

If you use weed to get relief from many of life’s ailments, then you have no choice but to keep your weed pipe clean. Remember, a bad workman quarrels with his tools, so keep your weed pipe in good working condition to make it serve you longer.

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