Best Weed Strains for Sex

Man and woman smoke a joint while sitting in bed.

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Table Of Contents
Weed is associated with many different activities. Some prefer the outdoors, while others are more inclined to chill on a couch and indulge in treats. Many are drawn to weed because of its effects on the body and mind and the incredible sexual boost it provides many users. However, you choose to consume cannabis or live your user experiences is up to you entirely! That’s one of my favorite parts about marijuana; everyone gets satisfaction one way or another. Cannabis produces uplifting, motivating, and sensorial-perception-changing effects that are great when you try to get your groove on. Sex is based on sensitivity and the body’s innate capabilities of feeling pleasure, pain, pressure, and humidity. All these characteristics and feelings are exponentiated with the help of some cannabis strains, and we’ll be checking in on what makes this sexual cannabis connection so special. Ready to welcome Botany Farms into the bedroom? Check out some of our offerings below.

Is Weed an Aphrodisiac?

With so many factors to consider when selecting the finest cannabis strains for sex, you might be asking how marijuana can help with sex in the first place. The answer is less complicated than you might think. The way weed improves sex has less to do with a particular chemical reaction and more to do with your mental state while performing the act. There can be many blockers and impediments that affect a person’s sexual drive. Many of us battle with stress, anxiety, and melancholy, all of which can interfere with having fun, especially for those who experience discomfort during intercourse. Cannabis is a well-known remedy for all of these ailments, which is why certain strains are so effective in the bedroom. At the end of the day, weed may have aphrodisiac properties, but these will vary according to the person. It’s not that weed will make you want to fuck like an animal. Instead, it may be great to assist you in losing some of those blockers and getting in the mood just right.

Smoking Weed And Having Sex

Although several strains are good for sex, not all of them are equally effective. There are a few factors to consider while selecting the best cannabis for your sex life. First, you must consider all of the strain's characteristics and buildup. This includes the chemotype, its terpene profile, and your particular wants and desires. Most commonly than not, strains that are great for sex fall under one of three categories in terms of the chemotype of the strain. You want a strain with high THC and low CBD levels for recreational effects and intense mood enhancement. But you might be better off with the second and third types of chemical buildup: 1:1 THC to CBD level, or high CBD and low THC. These last two types of strains are better because of the more pronounced CBD contents; these will be better for sexual arousal. Also, when we go for strains that are not so THC heavy, we open a better window for a more pleasant and controlled experience instead of simply psyching out. By tailoring your user experience with different strains to suit specific demands, the THC to CBD ratio and mix of certain terpenes add to the benefits. Some strains, for example, are excellent at bringing you into the present now, while others elevate your mood and provide you with the energy and desire to become sexy. Some of the most desirable terpenes to have in your weed are limonene, linalool, pinene, and beta-caryophyllene. This is super convenient because these are some of the most common terpenes found in cannabis, and their effects will set the ground rolling for some heated action.

Best Edibles for Sex

Edibles are the perfect sex toy! You can ingest one of these and start your foreplay while you expect a sudden and powerful effect that will climax with you. You can greatly expand your sexual horizons with some controlled dosages of CBD. The most effective and recommended way is to share some of our CBD Gummies with your partner. You will both enjoy a tasty treat and a sexy delight afterward. If you want to get a little high and enjoy more of those psychoactive properties without going overboard, you can take these Delta-9 THC Gummies out for a spin. These sweet and juicy tasting gummies have a powerful kick that will relax and soothe you.

Best Strains For Libido

Libido is a person’s overall sexual drive, excitement, or desire for sexual activity. As the definition portrays, it is a very personal thing and will change depending n many factors. Are there some strains that specifically increase excitement regarding sex and using flower? Is all weed created equal when it comes to sex? Is there a specific strain that will jumpstart your sex life? There are many strains claiming to boost female and male arousal with names like Atomic Northern Lights. These are generally marketed as "sure things" for the bedroom, but things can go south fast when they don't work as expected. The worst thing you can do when relating sex and cannabis is think there’s a trick that does it all for everyone. Some strains can work for your pal Joe but will do nothing to you. Or worse, they may cage you in your thoughts and leave you confused and downright mood-killed.

Best Weed Strains to Elevate Your Sex Drive

Strains like Do-Si-Dos and Wedding Cake have high levels of limonene, which is excellent to boost your sex drive. Both are high-THC indica hybrids that hit you hard with a body-warming pleasure before dissolving into a pleasant slumber. Let’s not forget that sex has a varying definition that depends on the subject’s interpretation, need, and desire. Not everyone has the same type of sex, and not all strains will be great for the same activities. There may also be some differences in how cannabis interacts with male and female users. The essential thing to consider is that no two substances are made the same, nor are two people the same. Men and women can have different effects that interact differently with their sexual desire and mood from different marijuana strains. This is because reproductive systems are not structured in the same way. In addition, they are activated in distinct ways. As a result, you'll need to find the greatest weed strain for sex that will appeal to you. We'll look at a handful that are best for male arousal in this scenario.

Best Strains For Male Arousal

The whole men are from mars and women are from venus situation can be experienced in many different scenarios and environments. This is also a generalization because, in reality, all humans are different, and our diversity is what makes us so unique. However, some strains can be better suited to help the male arousal boosting needs you are seeking. In that regard, it is wise to take a look at strains like Gelato and Trainwreck. Gelato, also known as ‘’Larry Bird’’ is a balanced hybrid that resulted in the combination of Sunset Sherbet and Girl Scout Cookies. This strain can produce a euphoric and strong high that is great for relaxing and stimulating the mind! Imagine a little creative boost from a sexy Gelato. On the other hand, Trainwreck is a popular strain that has a very suggestive name. It is, nevertheless, a light sex weed that will allow you to realize your bedroom fantasies in the shortest amount of time. Trainwreck is great for pot-head couples since it produces a giggling high with a hint of stimulation.

Best Strains For Female Arousal

As with men, cannabis can stimulate and arouse the female mind. Female stoners have reported an increase in sensory reception, taste, and relaxation that eases sexual connection. These effects can allow females users to enhance or elevate their sexual experiences, some even reporting having stronger and more profound orgasms. You will want to take a look at great strains for female arousal like Wedding Cake, Girl Scout Cookies, and Granddaddy Purple. When a quickie just won't do, try these indica-dominant hybrids. Granddaddy Purple (GDP), often known as Green Viagra, is recognized for providing a long-lasting dreamy effect. Some users claim that only a few puffs are enough to set the mood and that it amplifies every touch. Wedding Cake has a rich vanilla flavor that can be sexy and intoxicating. The exhilarating and mind-rushing effects of this indica-dominant strain can take you to heaven if you climax. If you’re looking to cool things down a little, Girl Scout Cookies can have full-body relaxation and elevation effects that will give you some time to enjoy yourself or others.

Best Strains for Masturbation

Masturbation is a sexually creative activity that requires complete focus and the correct mindset to satisfy whom we should love the most, ourselves. Strains with the terpene linalool, which has a beautiful soothing effect, are the way to improve your solo session. Indica strains like LA Confidential and sativa strains like Amnesia Haze are popular choices for making self-pleasure a whole afternoon activity. Users describe a delayed start followed by extreme exhilaration and a gradual descent. That sounds a lot like a good orgasm you’ll want to experience.

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