Blue Durban Strain Review

A blue beach in Durban

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Table Of Contents

The landscape of the warm city of Durban is no joke. Thousands of visitors enjoy riding their bikes in the long biking trails of this city’s beautiful mountains. If you seek thrill and new perspectives, join those who often find in the unexplored roads of Durban a place to recharge and feel free.

A unique cross between Durban Poison, Lavender, and Afghani ‘76, Blue Durban, also known as Blue Mountain Durban, is a powerful sativa strain. These energizing buds reach 20% THC levels and can yield up to 5% CBD. Bright neon with light orange hairs and a frosty layer of trichomes, the nugs of the Blue Durban strain are a dream for THC lovers.


Limonene is the strongest terpene of the Blue Durban strain. This gives it a citrusy and herbal profile, with some earthy and floral undertones. Alongside myrcene, Blue Durban is rich in linalool, giving it a twist to the usually pungent aromas of the Durban strain. Upon exhale, notes of sweet lavender and citrus are accented.


The Blue Durban strain is the to-go bud for a wake-and-bake. If you have trouble kicking off your day, a few hits on this strain will have you moving. Users love to consume Blue Durban to promote creativity and euphoria, with these effects hitting almost immediately.

Some people become more sociable and focused after smoking Blue Durban, and its long-lasting effects have made it a perfect strain for managing fatigue, depression, and stress. Additionally, we can find plenty of powerful properties in the terpenes of Blue Durban.

To begin with, limonene gives these bright nugs their mouth-watering citrus smell. This terpene is responsible for stress relief, depression and it even has antifungal properties. Then, myrcene acts as a muscle relaxant and anti-inflammatory agent. Finally, the linalool contained in the Blue Durban strain contributes to a heightened sense of calm. This terpene is great to treat anxiety and has sedative effects.

Blue Durban Strain Genetics

What else can you expect from such a complete lineage? The Blue Durban strain owes its rich terpene profile, soaring THC level, and beneficial effects to its parents. Specially bred to serve as a medical strain, Blue Durban combines the best of each phenotype to deliver great results to consumers.


Durban Poison is probably one of the most popular sativa strains of all times. Hitting 24% THC levels, it has citrus, piney, and pungent flavors that make users go head over heels for it. Moreover, it has worked wonders as a remedy for ADHD, anxiety, and migraines. With such effects, it comes as no surprise that breeders love to use Durban Poison to create new strains.

Lavender is a heavy indica that has beautiful purple hues on its leaves. The spicy aroma and herbal tones of its buds have made it extremely popular for breeders since it creates a complex terpene profile when matched correctly. Users love using Lavender Kush to treat migraines, anxiety, and arthritis, soothing their minds with the strong 27% THC level of this floral strain.

Finally, Afghani is another indica strain that contains up to 20% THC. Cannabis lovers adore Afghani for its strong sedative properties and the uplifting cerebral high it provides. Breeders have used this strain for decades to create new crops, making strong buds that are perfect for insomnia, pain and anxiety.

Grow Information

If you are interested in growing a Blue Durban strain, you must take into account that it is not an easy feat. This strain requires time and effort, but if you grow it indoors, you will get the beautiful dark green buds of this crop and a rich resin.

Flowering Time

  • 60 -70 days.


  • 450-550 gr/m2 indoor


Get the best seeds of Blue Durban at Oaseeds and grow your very own crop. Whether it is for flower or extraction, the Blue Durban strain will not disappoint you with its amazing effects. If you need a little something to get your spirits lifted and a clear mind, a good sativa strain is your best bet.

In case you can’t get your hands on a Blue Durban strain, there are plenty of other buds that will get you ready for the day. For instance, Botany Farms’ Sour Lifter is a citrusy strain with diesel notes packed with uplifting effects. With a CBD content of 17.3%, Sour Lifter will make you feel happy and motivated.


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