Blue Genius Hemp Strain Review

Blue Genius hemp strain

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Do you need instant relief from pain? Experience comforting feelings without the head high of marijuana by trying the Blue Genius hemp strain. With a set of floral aromas, this 13 to 17% CBD bud will help you find relaxation after a difficult day.


The diverse agents found in the Blue Genius hemp strain have unique attributes, which allow the customers to experience great tranquility. The effects of these terpenes can ease these discomfort sensations, acting as an anti-inflammatory, pain reliever, and anti-anxiety agent. We can find high Pinene levels in the Blue Genius hemp strain. In addition to their most distinguishable features, in the scents found within this hemp strain, you can identify pine’s unmistakable aroma, tropical fruits such as mango from Myrcene, slightly sweet spice-like nutmeg from β-Caryophyllene, and lastly, floral notes from Phytol.

Blue Genius Hemp Strain Effects

Many people who use the Blue Genius Hemp Strains express that it helps them calms the pain of chronic illnesses such as migraines, arthritis, and more inflammatory conditions. It also helps when you feel anxious, stressed, or depressed. Moreover, it can uplift your spirit to achieve mental clarity, improve your daily life, and stay focused and relaxed for a long and lasting period.

Blue Genius Hemp Strain Genetics

Coming from Oregon, the Blue Genius hemp strain has bright green leaves with purple-colored buds. As it is a Sativa-dominant strain, it grows in robust bushes and produces trichome-covered buds.


Since there is not enough information about the Blue Genius hemp strain’s lineage, we can only refer to rumors and assumptions about its origin. Some breeders say this bud comes from Ringo’s Last Seed Run, ACDC, and an Israeli cultivar.

Growth Information

Growers keep a close eye on the harvest to take efficient care of the crops and be aware of their harvesting readiness. The growing process itself is noteworthy, as the flowers can be dense with a bleak of a silvery hue.

Flowering Time

80-90 days Finding the genius in the Blue Genius hemp strain may be difficult. However, Botany Farms can offer you a similar product. Lifter has tried, true, and tested genetics that make it truly special. You need some help getting out of bed? Make sure to prepare a bowl of this bud to get ready for an energizing journey.

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