Blueberry Fritter Strain

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Sometimes there's just nothing sweeter than some good old Blueberry Fritter. Of course, here we're talking about a super tasty strain of cannabis, not the pastry. That said, both are absolutely delectable and after you smoke this strain, you might just want the pastry itself too.

Although there appears to be a lot of conflicting information about the Blueberry Fritter strain, we're here to tell you everything we know about it.

This high-potency Indica-dominant strain won't only give you the munchies, but will likely also put you down for the count. Let's take a closer look to see exactly what the Blueberry Fritter strain has in store for you.

What is the Blueberry Fritter Strain?

The Blueberry Fritter strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid that is made by crossing two very popular and sweet-smelling strains. It contains a super high, almost ungodly amount of THC.

It's not a strain that is ideal for beginners, because even a single puff is enough to have you seeing blueberries in your dreams.

If you are looking for a strong strain that is going to produce a cerebral and body high like none other, then this blueberry filter strain is absolutely worth checking out.

Blueberry Fritter Strain Appearance

The Blueberry Fritter strain features some of the most beautiful and colorful nugs out there. The buds from this strain are extremely tight and compact, almost like little pebbles. You could probably use them as slingshot ammunition.

Furthermore, they're irregularly shaped, kind of like little spades. As for the color, they are a combination of light and dark green, plenty of orange hairs, purple sugar leaves, and a good layer of those sticky white crystals that contain all of that THC. It's probably some of the best-looking cannabis we've ever seen.

Blueberry Fritter Strain Genetics

As mentioned above, this is an Indica-dominant hybrid. It's about 60% indica. As mentioned above, it's made with two extremely popular strains that have been around for quite some time.


One of the parent strains of the Blueberry Fritter strain is Apple Fritter. Apple fritter is a fairly well-balanced hybrid strain that is made by crossing Sour Apple with Animal Cookies. Apple fritter features a whopping 24% THC.

Sour Apple is made by crossing Sour Diesel with Cinderella 99, and Animal Cookies is a cross between Fire OG and Girl Scout Cookies.

We then have Blueberry Kush, also known as Blueberry OG Kush, which is an Indica strain made by crossing OG Kush with Blueberry. OG Kush is a cross between Hindu Kush, Lemon Thai, and Chemdawg. Blueberry is a cross between Purple Thai and Thai.

THC/CBD Content

Interesting to note is that although this strain does not usually contain much CBD, it does contain a very high amount of THC. Generally speaking, you can expect it to contain anywhere between 26% and 34% THC, with somewhere around 30% being pretty average.

As you can see, it is an extremely strong strain that you will feel from your first hit. Even seasoned cannabis consumers should be careful with it because it's going to hit you very hard. This is the kind of strain where a little bit goes a very long way.

Blueberry Fritter Strain Terpenes

The dominant terpenes contained in the Blueberry Fritter strain include myrcene, humulene, and pinene. Exactly what this means in terms of the flavor profile will be discussed further below. However, you can rest assured that this strain is quite sweet.

Blueberry Fritter Strain Effects

As for the effects, the Blueberry Fritter strain is, of course, one of the strongest-hitting strains out there, and this is thanks to its huge THC levels. This is an Indica-dominant strain, so you'll definitely feel the sedative side of things.

Even if the first hit is going to start making your eyes feel a bit heavy. Most people report feeling extremely heavy, sedated, tingly, and generally relaxed, almost in a zombie-like state. People also report feeling extremely hungry, tired, and mentally calm.

Of course, the Indicaside is not the only thing you'll feel here, because people also report a very strong sense of euphoria, especially in the first hour or so after consuming this strain.

It is a very mentally intoxicating strain that is going to make you feel happy, you're going to laugh, giggle, and feel super talkative too.

At first, you'll feel upbeat and relaxed, and then you're just going to melt into your couch and go to sleep. If you have conditions such as insomnia, anxiety, or general pain, it is a good strain to try.

Blueberry Fritter Strain Reported Flavors

As for the reported flavors, at first, you're definitely going to taste that blueberry. You're going to taste that sweetness, fruitiness, and berry-like flavor. However, when you exhale it, you're also going to taste some gassiness or fuel.

Blueberry Fritter Strain Growing Info

Although the information on growing the Blueberry Fritter strain is fairly limited, keep in mind that it is an indica, so it doesn't get very tall. If you get your hands on some Blueberry Fritter strain seeds, it should be an ideal strain to grow indoors.

From what we have gathered, as long as you can keep the conditions fairly stable, maybe humidity, watering, temperature, and lighting, you should do just fine growing the Blueberry Fritter strain. It is also reportedly a fairly big yielder.

Strains Like Blueberry Fritter Strain

Some of the most similar strains to Blueberry Fritter include both Blueberry Diesel and Blueberry Kush.

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