Blueberry Scone Strain

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If you like eating tasty blueberry scones, you might like the flavor of the Blueberry Scone cannabis strain too. As the name implies, this is a fairly sweet, fruity, and berry-like strain.

This is a very potent Indica strain that you will feel from the very first puff. That said, this is an extremely new and rare strain, so the information about it is very limited.

Through extensive research, we have been able to find some important facts about it. This is our Blueberry Scone strain review. Let's find out everything there is to know about this fruity and super tasty strain.

What Is the Blueberry Scone Strain?

From what we have gathered, this is an Indica-dominant strain that can contain very high levels of THC, one that smells and tastes like blueberries, other berries, and sweet fruits. It is a fairly heavy hitter, a strain that will leave you feeling blissful and locked into your couch.

Blueberry Scone Strain Appearance

The Blueberry Scone buds feature a fairly elongated shape, kind of like very long shovels or spades. They are not rounded like many other buds. This strain features a variety of green shades, mainly fairly light to moderate.

The bright shades of green are accentuated by some orange hairs or pistils, and a whole lot of white crystals or trichomes along the outside. It's not the most unique-looking strain, but it certainly is very green!

Blueberry Scone Strain Genetics

The Blueberry Scone strain does appear to be an extremely Indica-dominant hybrid. It also seems to have a very high THC level, although it is hard to confirm exactly where this strain comes from.


It is assumed that Blueberry scone is a descendant of two strains known as Commerce City and The One. As far as we can tell, Commerce City is a cross between Chem Dawg and Rare Dankness #1.

The One is a cross between Afghani and 76 Thai Stick. These are all fairly strong Indica or Indica-dominant strains, with the result being Blueberry Scone, a potent Indica.

THC/CBD Content

As of now, there are no confirmed reports of exact THC levels in Blueberry Scone. Although based on anecdotal evidence, and based on what we know about the parent strains, it is safe to assume that Blueberry Scone features well over 20% THC.

Blueberry Scone Strain Terpenes

Unfortunately, this strain is quite new and rare, so at this time we do not have any information about the terpenes contained in Blueberry Scone.

Blueberry Scone Strain Effects

Blueberry scone is a very strong Indica. At first, you are going to feel a bit of a head-high characterized by extreme euphoria, happiness, relaxation, and cognitive impairment.

This is a strong and high THC strain that is going to hit you hard. You are definitely going to feel it in your head, with many people reportedly feeling extremely giggly and euphoric.

However, not long after the first puff, you'll be on the Indica train! You'll feel extremely heavy, lethargic, relaxed, hungry, and tired. This is a great strain if you have trouble sleeping or have chronic pains that you need to take care of.

Blueberry Scone Strain Reported Flavors

The Blueberry Scones strain tastes like sweet fruits, berries, and blueberries, and features a slight hint of pastries. It actually tastes like a sweet Blueberry Scone.

Strains Like Blueberry Scone Strain

If you are looking for strains that are similar to Blueberry Scone, you should check out either Blueberry Diesel or Blueberry Kush, especially if you like that sweet berry flavor.

Your best options include our own Botany Farms Delta-8 Blueberry Diesel and this Delta-8 Blueberry Kush, plus we also have Blueberry Kush Pre-Rolls. If you’d like to try our selection of CBD products, check out this CBD Blueberry Diesel, this CBD Blueberry Kush, or this Blueberry Kush Pre-Roll. You might even want to try a different cannabinoid, HHC, in which case this HHC Blueberry Diesel, this HHC Blueberry Kush, or these HHC Blueberry Kush Pre-Rolls might be right for you. 

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