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Bubba '59 strain

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Winter is coming, and it can be dark and cold, but a fire and a good cannabis strain can brighten things up. Bubba ‘59 is the CBD strain to lighten up your days and spirit. The Bubba ‘59 strain will refresh you as you begin your day.

Remember, often, we do not see the world as it is, but as we feel it, so you need a good pair of cannabis glasses that uplift the spirit and recharge your energy so you can make the most from your day. Thank breeders Bubba ‘59 exists.

What is the Bubba '59 Strain

Bubba ‘59 is a Sativa-dominant strain that comes from the legendary lineage of Bubba strains. With its rich CBD levels, this strain promises to boost your energy and good mood, making it the perfect strain to use in the morning and giving you the optimism to do your best during your day.

Of course, it comes with the recognized earthy and funky aroma of Kush strains. Bubba 59’ is an experience any user, skilled or new, should try. This Kush is capable of filling the room, telling you that stress and pains are going away to give space to awesomeness.

Bubba '59 Strain Appearance

The flowers of the Bubba ‘59 strain are dense and large. The sticky resin on the green hued trichomes gives this plant a high-quality feel.

The buds are decked by tiny orange hairs that cover the flower, inviting you to get closer and grab some of them and make amazing edible recipes, tinctures or just burn them well.

Bubba '59 Strain Genetics

Bubba ‘59 is an improved version of the already fantastic Bubba Kush strain, a variety that took over users’ preferences in the US and abroad. The powerful tranquilizing effects of Bubba Kush come with exhales flavored by a sour taste of chocolate and coffee. An earthy and hashish whiff lingers in the air for you to smell.

We know these are big words, but yes, it is possible to improve what already seems like the perfect Kush strain. Bubba Kush has a rich terpene profile packed in the form of CBD-rich Sativa buds, so you can use it any time of the day while keeping mental clarity.

THC/CBD content

The Bubba ‘59 strain has a decent CBD content of around 17%, while the total THC content is below 0.5% and undetectable in some batches. This strain is for anyone seeking to get rid of muscular stress and mental anxiety.

Its Sativa effects bring a sensation of mild euphoria followed by a charge of energy. Thanks to the Bubba ‘59 strain, you can keep your head clear and experience less anxiety.

Bubba '59 Strain Effects

Let the Bubba ‘59 strain effects enter your body and fill it with the best vibes while taking away from your body and mind all those oppressing sensations that come with stressful situations, bad thoughts, or negative dilutions.

Bubba ‘59 Sativa effects elevate your spirit, inducing blissful optimism. The mental effects come with body relaxation, but not as strong as to cause a couch lock or provoke sleepness, just enough to alleviate mild pain and reduce the symptoms of morning anxiety. Get ready for the best day possible when using the Bubba ‘59 strain.

The medical properties of Bubba ‘59 are primarily cerebral. When using this Sativa, anxiety and depression don't seem so overwhelming as they usually do.

Bubba '59 Strain Reported Flavors

The Bubba ‘59 strain has a fuel smell from the moment you open the jar, taking over your senses and the room. The fuel burst is followed by the earthy and piney undernotes that enrich the sensitive experience of Bubba ‘59.

The stickiness of the released resin after grinding up the dense buds invites you to try the smooth smoke that looks as good as it feels. Your tongue thanks every touch of the tingly smoke. The inhale is spicy and sour, as you can expect from any Kush strain, while the exhale is reminiscent of chocolate and coffee, leaving a bitter aftertaste because of the funky fuel notes.

This experience might be harsh for new users, so do not rush if you are not used to spicy and sour strains; take it easy and enjoy slowly. The Bubba ‘59 strain is a fantastic aroma to appreciate in the comfy of your house or at the clean-aired outside on the weekends. Whether you are hiking in the adventurous exteriors or at home chatting with your friends, Bubba ‘59 will not let you down on setting a good mood with its powerful aroma.

Where to Buy Bubba '59 Strain

Bubba ‘59 is usually a tricky strain to find. However, its feminized seeds are available to buy online. Purchase a package of 100 seeds for 150.00 USD, a package of 500 seeds for 625.00 USD, and more on the vendor’s website. If you are not an expert grower, do not worry; here, we give you the Bubba ‘59 strain growing information.

Bubba '59 Strain Growing Information

The easiest way to grow the Bubba ‘59 strain is outdoors, as you do not need the expensive equipment usually required for growing indoors. However, it also depends on where you live.

If you are going to grow it outdoors, the optimal conditions are similar to those of Bubba Kush. Grow your flower in a dry location, like in springtime. Bubba ‘59 is ready to harvest in late October after 8 to 9 weeks of flowering with yields of roughly 20 ounces per plant. The waiting always pays off with this strain.

Bubba ‘59’ buds can be hard to find and even harder to get from a trustworthy vendor, but we have the alternative for you. Although it is an improvement from Bubba Kush, Botany Farm’s Bubba Kush is comparable (or better!). This Bubba Kush variety is rich in CBD and waiting for you to create new experiences in the comfort of your room or with friends.

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