Bubba Cake Strain Review

Bubba Cake Strain bud

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Does your usual cake leave you feeling relaxed and talkative? We bet it doesn’t. That is why we highly recommend you switch to a more euphoric, green, and intense dessert with the Bubba Cake strain. Check out some of our Botany Farms Bubba strain products. Hubba Hubba ?

What is the Bubba Cake Strain

The Bubba Cake strain is a balanced hybrid that comes from the iconic 80’s scene and the Bubba family. Many have associated it with the hip hop group Cypress Hill, and we can see why: it is strong, hazy, and simply unforgettable.

Bubba Cake Strain Appearance

This strain has dense nugs covered in a beautiful frosty layer of trichomes. The Bubba Cake strain has an elongated shape, with amber pistils running through its shiny green leaves. It is a definite delight for the senses, and the mere appearance of the Bubba Cake strain invites you to enjoy a hazy smoke.

Bubba Cake Strain Genetics

This tasty dessert is a cross between two famous strains: Bubba Kush and Wedding Cake. With such lineage, this Indica-hybrid bud will give you the best of both worlds: a subtle coffee flavor, a staple of the Bubba Kush strain, accompanied by the dreamy euphoria that Wedding Cake provides.

THC/CBD Content

The Bubba Cake strain usually contains around 20% THC levels, although some batches could rise to 25%. This potent cannabinoid will give you a moderate sedation effect, allowing you to find some relief and forget about your worries.

Bubba Cake Strain Effects

If you’re looking for soft relaxation, the Bubba Cake strain effects are the best option. As soon as you inhale, your muscles will relax, and you will feel the stress leaving your body. Breath in, breath out, and enjoy the tingly sensation that runs all over your body. After some time, you will feel more focused and talkative.

If you want to take on small conversations or watch a movie, the Bubba Cake strain will help you with its amazing calming effects to give you a lovely evening. Moreover, this bud is great for treating insomnia and migraines.

As for side effects, you may feel thirst and dry mouth, dry eyes, and a rapid heartbeat while consuming Bubba Cake. We recommend you take things slowly, and if you are a new user, you may want to go for lower THC strains before trying this bud.

Bubba Cake Strain Reported Flavors

Those with a sweet tooth will enjoy the Bubba Cake strain flavors the most. These buds’ honey, coffee, and dank flavors are appealing, increasing your expectations when you grind the buds.

In addition, the Bubba Cake strain has an exquisite smell, with some earthy wood aromas coming out of its leaves. Limonene, Caryophyllene, and Myrcene are responsible for such a lovely mix of flavors and aromas.

Where to Buy Bubba Cake Strain

You can buy the Bubba Cake strain in several dispensaries, but you will have to run because shops tend to run out of stock pretty fast.

Bubba Cake Strain Grow Information

The best thing about the Bubba Cake strain is that it is tasty, potent, and easy to grow. This plant has a flowering time of 54 - 64 days and yields around 1 - 2 Oz/Ft² indoors and 1 - 2 Oz/plant outdoors. The Hawaiian Fire strain takes around 71-86 days to flower, and it will grow about 30-60 inches.

Regarding its yield, you will obtain 1 - 2 oz/ft² indoors and 2 - 3 oz/plant outdoors. In case your favorite dispensary has run out of Bubba Cake, there is no need to feel sad. If you want to taste a real Bubba strain, Botany Farm gives you Bubba Kush, the parent strain of the Bubba Cake itself. Enjoy the high CBD version of the famous flower and share it with your friends.

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