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Everybody needs a moment to recharge physically and emotionally, a sort of escape from the heaviness of the daily routine that weighs on your body and mind.

An effective way to do so is by taking a top-quality Indica capable of erasing the accumulated stress during the day and alleviating the anxiety that brings thinking of tomorrow. Let yourself go to the peaceful and pleasant aroma that the Bubba Diagonal strain brings. While we don't currently have this strain, why not give some of our flower a try?

What Is the Bubba Diagonal Strain

Bubba Diagonal is an Indica hybrid created by Grassroots Cannabis, who crossed Triangle Kush and Bubba. This strain has a moderate potency, able to set your mind and body at ease in a state of deep relaxation at the end of the day or during lazy weekends.

The effects and terpene profile of the Bubba Diagonal strain make it an excellent treat; its sweet and gassy scent invites your senses to live the memorable experience this Indica offers.

Bubba Diagonal Strain Appearance

The flowers of the Bubba Diagonal strain are full of beautiful purple shades, which glow when put under bright light, turning the usual herbal deep green into the shine of a jewel.

The lovely shades are decked by dispersed tiny orange hairs, making an appealing contrast with the dark purple hues. All of this feast to the eye has a thick layer of frosty trichomes, sticky to the touch.

The buds of Bubba Diagonal are dense and have the colorful features of the flower. These buds stand out from the other strains on the shelf of cannabis shops that sell them.

Bubba Diagonal Strain Genetics

This strain is the offspring of the two most wanted strains: Triangle Kush and Bubba. Both parents are potent Indica strains. Take Bubba Kush, which is a pure Indica that originated in the Hindu Kush mountains. Even low doses of this strain are powerful enough to put you in bed in a matter of minutes by causing a couch lock.

Medical patients love it to fight pain, insomnia, and depression. On the other hand, Triangle Kush is an 85% Indica from Florida. Users love it because of its classic kush effects that cause an initial energy rush followed by a sedative incidence.

This is a strain for skilled users that seek alleviation from muscular tension, insomnia, and chronic pain. In addition, Triangle Kush carries the fuel notes of the Kush lineage, accented by slight citrus notes.

THC Content

The Bubba Diagonal strain’s THC goes from 18% to 20%, making it an easy to manage strain for any user skilled or new. The Indica effects and the THC content give Bubba Diagonal the gift to reward your hard work when finishing your day in the evenings. Stay warm by the heat of home and the warming hug of this cerebral and muscle relaxing Indica strain with its spicy and earthy flavor.

Bubba Diagonal Strain effects

The Bubba Diagonal experience starts with mind easiness and an initial blissful burst. These effects will make you feel you are riding a dreamy cloud up in the sky where nothing can bother you. There is no anxiety or troubles up there, just a rewarding mental peace. The uplifting sensation is intense; it can make you giggle a bit and bodily relaxing effects will follow.

As a good Indica strain, the Bubba Diagonal strain’s physical effects are dominant and kick quickly. The embracing mild sedation starts with a tingle in the base of your neck that runs through your spine and spreads to your limbs, making them feel pleasantly heavier and loose. It is easy to get a couch lock from Bubba Diagonal if you haven’t developed a certain tolerance to cannabinoids, so beware if you have things to do when using this strain.

Finally, the medical properties of the Bubba Diagonal strain make it earn a spot in the top-list of users that have difficulties sleeping; it also washes any bodily pain for hours. Not to mention the increasing appetite, which makes any food taste like heaven on earth.

Bubba Diagonal Strain Reported Flavors

The aroma of the Bubba Diagonal strain is a welcoming sweet and gassy scent that makes you wonder what flavor awaits within those beautiful buds. Grind them up well to discover the noticeable presence of pine and citrus notes that float in the air aromatizing the room.

The smell gets more robust when burning the buds; it gives a reminiscence of a herbal perfume. Bubba Diagonal’s taste is not as strong as the aroma, and without a sensitive tongue, it is hard to find any other flavor than those of earth with a scent of fruity sweetness, almost like apple or apricot.

Bubba Diagonal converges both sweetness of fruits and sourness of herb to offer an experience of flavors and aromas that any user would love to try and repeat.

Where to Buy Bubba Diagonal Strain

Unfortunately, Bubba Diagonal is not an easy strain to find in the market. Plus, it is not always easy to find a reliable vendor that sells what you want; that is why Botany Farms has the Delta-8 Bubba Kush strain always on stock.

Enjoy the taste and potent effects of Bubba Kush in its delta-8 THC version to avoid the possible undesired after-effects of regular delta-9 THC. If you are looking for a way to hang lucid while experiencing the overbearing effects of Bubba Kush, Botany Farms offers you the CBD version of Bubba Kush.

With this, you can benefit from the bodily incidence of the legendary Indica strain legally in all of the US. Plus, using CBD removes any risk of anxiety or paranoid episodes that come with an overdose of THC.

Bubba Diagonal Strain Growing Information

The Bubba Diagonal strain has a flowering time from 54 to 64 days, and it is ready to be harvested from day 59. This strain reaches an average height between 30 and 60 inches and yields 1 to 2 oz per plant.

Farmers state it is an easy plant to grow even though you need some knowledge on the matter to give proper love to the crop. For that reason, you have to make sure you are ready to grow the Bubba Diagonal strain within the right conditions if you want to have a thriving plant.

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