Bubble Gum Hemp Strain Review

Bubble Gum hemp flower

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Indica Sleep THCA
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From classic fruity flavors to sour stripes, we can all agree that bubble gum makes us chew on some nostalgia. Most of the time, it wasn’t about the taste but the surprises we could find inside the aluminum wrap, such as the temporary tattoos—what a time to be alive!

Nothing is stopping you from having a delicious pack of gum in your pocket. And we are not talking about your classic chewing gum!

The award-winning Bubble Gum hemp strain is famous for the aroma and flavor obtained from its unique terpene profile. Besides, these also provide this strain with anti-inflammatory effects and a soothing sensation that makes it ideal for relieving stress, anxiety, and chronic pain.


The Bubble Gum hemp strain’s flavor is exactly what the name suggests. The scent is delightfully sweet, like berry candy with floral hints. When smoked, you can slowly taste the earthy, herbal tart undertones. Its creamy smoke is mouth-wateringly sweet, which matches its enticing smell, leaving a fresh tropical aftertaste.

Taking a closer look at its magnificent appearance, you will notice it is covered with a crystal blanket of trichomes, giving it a frosted look. Moreover, the Bubble Gum strain buds are filled with orange pistils that stand out from their deep olive-green color.

This strain has terpenes that stimulate pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effects. Furthermore, they provide several mood-boosting properties. With an average of 7.05 mg of terpenes, caryophyllene, myrcene, and humulene provide the Bubble Gum hemp strain with a clove-like taste and anti-inflammatory relief. They also contribute to the effects of relaxation and calmness, along with unique properties such as appetite suppression.

Its secondary terpenes, guaiol and bisabolol, have therapeutic benefits that can reduce tumors and contain anti-parasitic and antioxidant properties, giving the Bubble Gum hemp strain a pleasant floral aroma and its characteristic tones of sweet bubble gum.


The Bubble Gum CBD flower is an excellent choice for anyone seeking relief from chronic pain. The pain begins to leave immediately upon use and has nice, long-lasting soothing effects that will allow your body to relax and cope with aches and pains with no psychological effects. It is excellent as an afternoon or nighttime smoke.

This strain offers flowers with a high percentage of CBD, up to 12% with less than 5% THC, meaning that users who try it can take advantage of all its medicinal values. Its phytocannabinoids can go up to 15%, and secondary phytocannabinoids like CBD-V and CBC can roughly reach 3%.

Bubble Gum Hemp Strain Genetics


This strain has a really mysterious lineage, as it is a cross between Indiana Bubble Gum and an unknown Indica strain. Amsterdam breeders created the Bubble Gum hemp strain in Indiana, but they stabilized it entirely in New England. Its relevance has been maintained over the years due to its high quality and potent relaxing effects. Furthermore, it has been winning awards for it ever since 1994.

Growth Information

The Bubble Gum strain is relatively easy to plant. For those who are experienced, you can grow it successfully indoors or outdoors. However, for novice growers, you must be careful if you grow it outside, as it is a strain sensitive to molds.

Flowering Time

  • 7-9 weeks


  • Indoors: 16 oz per plant
  • Outdoors: 14 oz per plant

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