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There's nothing in life that peanut butter can't fix, especially when you're high and the munchies start to hit. If you consider yourself part of the peanut butter team, here is a potent, Indica-dominant cannabis strain that will quickly win a place in your heart.

Butterstuff Strain Lineage

Butterstuff is a relatively new strain that is here to stay. This highly therapeutic strain results from a cross between the Indica-dominant strains Peanut Butter Breath and Velvet Glove.

The Butterstuff strain seems to inherit distinctive characteristics from its parents and synthesize them into buds with unique looks, flavors, and effects that make this strain worth trying. On one side of the family, Peanut Butter Breath comes from crossing the Do-Si-Dos and Mendo Breath strains, resulting in a hybrid cannabis strain that is very popular for its sedating effects.

One of the primary and most distinctive characteristics of Butterstuff is precisely that peculiar nutty profile both in smell and flavor that it inherits from its predecessor, Peanut Butter Breath. By smoking Butterstuff, you can literally taste hints of Peanut Butter Breath in the aftertaste of each puff.

On the other hand, Velvet Glove is another Indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing GMO and Nookies and could be responsible for passing their genetic code off to Butterstuff making it radiate bright lime green from her buds.

Butterstuff's high THC content and medicinal qualities may also have a lot to do with the effects of its predecessor, Velvet Glove. Both strains carry sedative, calming, and relaxing qualities, perfect for combating chronic anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

Similarly, both the Velvet Glove high and the Butterstuff high can be more suitable types of high for users with some experience since they could quickly leave more than one glued to the sofa without wanting to do anything but relax.

Butterstuff Strain THC/CBD Content.

One of the most remarkable characteristics of the Butterstuff cultivar is in fact the high THC content that it can carry, reaching peaks of between 24% to 29% THC content. A curious fact about this variety of cannabis is that it can also generate small percentages of CBG of up to 2%.

Butterstuff Strain Terpenes

Butterstuff's terpene profile is closely tied to its lineage, as many of this strain's taste and smell characteristics come directly from its predecessors. Butterstuff literally exudes odors similar to those of its relative Peanut Butter Breath strain.

In both Peanut Butter Breath and Velvet Glove, the dominant terpenes are limonene, caryophyllene, and myrcene in different concentrations in each strain.

This is why, although more information is needed regarding its terpene profile, we can assume that its dominant terpenes could be myrcene, limonene, and caryophyllene due to the generic link between Butterstuff and Peanut Butter Breath and Velvet Glove.

Other evidence to suggest this is that the aromas that Butterstuff emanates are quite similar to those of its predecessor strains.

Butterstuff Strain Effects

The relaxing and powerful effects of this strain may even be one of the reasons why Butterstuff continues to increase in popularity exponentially. Butterstuff embraces you with soothing effects of balanced potency and comfortable handling that takes over very quickly.

Butterstuff is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain with an Indica-dominant genetic ancestry. Thanks to the high percentage of THC that this variety can contain, which can climb up to an impressive 29%, Butterstuff is a perfect candidate to enter the list of the strongest Indica-dominant strains currently available on the cannabis market.

Despite this, her effects can feel quite uplifting before she hits with her body relaxation and smooth body buzz. Butterstuff users report that the high from this strain leaves you with a "very nice" feeling that takes up your mood and whole body. We could say that Butterstuff is a perfect fit for evenings when you want to relax with friends after a long and productive day.

Butterstuff Strain Flavors

Everything about the flavor and aromas is exquisite and pleasant to experience. You will feel some earthy notes that highlight the nutty flavor that Butterstuff carries.

This variety burns very well and is one of those cannabis strains that has a flavor that invites you to continue puffing on the joint or bowl of your pipe to continue tasting the taste nuances that Butterstuff contains. This crop also gives a sweet aftertaste that rounds off the final flavor that you perceive when smoking this strain.

If you are an Indica-dominant lover who truly enjoys that characteristic robust and caramel-like flavor on Indica strains, similar to the one on Bubba Kush. In that case, Butterstuff can definitely become your next favorite strain for this season.

The nutty tones in Butterstuff complement nicely with a softly sweet and Fruit Loop-like undertone that gives a slightly tropical twist to the Butterstuff profile before that distinct earthy and nutty aftertaste stands out. These sweet tones probably come from Velvet Glove, so we can say that Butterstuff tastes like both her parents.

Butterstuff Strain Aroma

Butterstuff's scent profile carries some of the best olfactory characteristics of the strains that precede it. Both the smell and taste of this strain live up to its name, with its distinctive nutty tones and fruity undertones completing the profile.

Although in Butterstuff, the aroma of nuts is the one that stands out, the percentage of myrcene present in this cultivar may have to do with the fruity, sweet nuances that complete the aroma profile of this variety. Butterstuff buds are pretty fragrant.

They will flood the room with their aromatic scent as soon as you take them out of the jar or bag that contains them. It is one of those cannabis strains that fills the environment with a hoppy aroma of nature that invites you to find the source of such a smell. So we can say that Butterstuff surprises with its aromas as much as it does with its peculiar appearance.

Butterstuff Strain Growing Info

Specific information about the growth of this cannabis strain is still somewhat scarce since the Butterstuff strain is relatively new to the market. Nonetheless, the information available on this variety lists Butterstuff as an indica-dominant strain. Therefore, we presume that its growth dynamics are the regular dynamics of an indica-dominant cultivar.

Indica-dominant strains have short growth cycles and do not develop as much height. This can be very convenient for home growers, as it is a strain that gives a good yield of buds in a relatively short time and offers comfortable conditions for growing at home.

Butterstuff will most likely grow into a Christmas tree-shaped plant. Nevertheless, with the necessary techniques and care, you can further mold the shape of Butterstuff plants and thus achieve a somewhat more robust texture and perhaps even a better harvest yield.

Butterstuff Strain Benefits

Butterstuff's effects are not only comfortable and enjoyable but can end up bringing some significant health benefits. This makes this cultivar a perfect strain to use therapeutically, especially to treat or better deal with certain medical conditions.

For therapeutic uses, just like Peanut Butter Breath, Butterstuff can be ideal for helping deal with anxiety or chronic stress. Its combination of terpenes could also be beneficial for pain and inflammation.

There is evidence to suggest that Butterstuff could effectively treat some aches and pains and make the list of the best strains for muscle relaxation and post-workout soreness. Especially for muscle pain.

Where to Buy Butterstuff Strain

Because Butterstuff is still a novelty in the cannabis world, finding it can be a bit of a challenge at times. However, in some dispensaries, like Ascend dispensaries and online stores, you may find batches of this strain grown by Ozone.

If you want to taste a strain that offers you scents and even effects similar to those brought about by Butterstuff and you don't want to keep going around, then you are on your lucky day. We have prepared for you a batch of Delta-8 Zombie Kush that offers that robust earthy taste characteristic of Indica strains complemented with some notes of berry and pine.

Suppose you prefer more fruity tones in your smokes. In that case, we also have a delicious batch of Delta-8 Abacus 2.0, another marvelous Indica-dominant variety that will ruin you with its relaxing effects generated by the dense clouds of smoke with the aroma and flavor of blackberry and floral nuances that carry this crop.

Both strains are a fine selection of the best, and their calming effects could easily place them among the best Delta-8 strains for anxiety and chronic stress. To get some buds from these high-quality strains, you only have to go to our online store, click order, and our team of experts will do whatever it takes to get your order quickly, discreetly, and conveniently delivered straight to your door.

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