Candied Lemons Strain

Candied Lemons Strain Bud

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There are gardens where lemons grow sweet and sour alike. When you cut them, their juice wraps your senses in a graceful dance that combines the most wonderful flavors you could ever get from a lemon plant. In this case, we're talking about the Candied Lemon strain. Those who appreciate cannabis not only for its THC concentrations but also for its flavors will find this bud to be like lemonade on a hot day: cool, delicious, and relaxing. Thanks for stopping by! Why not give something from our sours a try?

What is the Candied Lemons Strain?

Candied Lemons is an Indica-dominant strain that comes from the cross between Wedding Pie and Larry OG. Skunk House Genetics bred this zesty strain to provide consumers with a pleasant smoke that blends perfectly with its striking 20% THC content.

Candied Lemons Strain Appearance

The Candied Lemons strain is an evergreen plant with vibrant hues. These dense nugs have gleaming amber hairs and a tasty trichome coating that makes them sticky. Handling them will leave your fingers coated in its shimmery goodness, announcing the zesty high that’s about to come.

Candied Lemons Strain Genetics

Wedding Pie and Larry OG came together to create this incredibly fragrant bud. Both are hybrid, Indica strains that contain high THC levels and citrusy aromas. Testing 20% THC, Wedding Pie is an unconventional name for a rather gassy and sour strain. While its Indica effects are strong, a slight cerebral high gives users peace of mind accompanied by a lulling buzz in their limbs. As for Larry OG, it is an iconic bud that sports about 26% THC at its best, giving smokers a pungent and tangy smoke. This strain is an amazing way to let go of stress and anxiety, and increase your appetite.

Candied Lemons Strain Terpenes

Just like actual candied lemons, this bud doesn’t need too many ingredients to work well. The Candied Lemons strain explodes with myrcene and limonene, two well-known terpenes that give cannabis a fruity and zesty flavor profile. Besides providing Candied Lemons with this iconic aroma, myrcene and limonene also contribute to the bud’s sedative properties. Both terpenes contain relaxing and anti-anxiety properties, which is why so many people like to use Candied Lemons to reduce anxious thoughts.

Candied Lemons Strain Effects

The Indica effects of Candied Lemons wrap you in a faux fur blanket. It feels soft, homey, and exciting, allowing you to explore the inner corners of your mind while your mind relaxes. Still, Candied Lemons’ effects aren’t heavy on the body. You can remain functional when smoking this bud, unleashing your creativity. As such, you won’t be glued to your couch or unable to move at all, which aligns with Candied Lemons’ upbeat name. Those who struggle with anxiety, stress, and insomnia will feel the effects of this bud are especially beneficial to their conditions. Alertness and stimulation follow after some minutes of smoking Candied Lemons, making it ideal for focusing and tackling that to-do list. All of these effects make it one of the best lemon strains out there.

Candied Lemons Strain Reported Flavors

This bud transports you to a mythical land where lemon orchards and pine needles coexist. The flavor of the Candied Lemons strain is just like the real thing, with a subtle piney undertone creating a more complex profile for your palate. Even from a mile away, you can sense this tangy strain's sweet and sour aroma, making it a top-notch option for those who like their joints complex and fruity.

Strains like Candied Lemons Strain

Growing this strain at home is incredibly simple. However, getting your hands on some seeds might take a while. For that reason, you should indulge in the sweet flavors of the Sour Hawaiian Haze strain, a guava and mango biche flower with delicious Sativa effects. If you fancy something different than the head-spinning THC high, its 15% CBD levels are just what you need to stay present while enjoying life.

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