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Candy Jack strain

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Go back to your childhood memories with a Halloween-ish strain. Candy Jack is an ultra-potent Sativa-dominant strain that will help you feel motivated and euphoric. Learn more about the Candy Jack strain with this article. We don't currently have this strain, but give one our fragrant Sativa strains a try.

What is the Candy Jack Strain

This Cannabis Cup winner is the child of the famed Jack Herer and Skunk #1. Unfortunately, Candy Jack is a rare strain to find; if you don’t reside on the West Coast and Nevada, the only way to find it might be on the black market in some places.

Candy Jack Strain Appearance

The Candy Jack strain has a lovely appearance. Its nugs are fluffy, with forest green leaves and amber hairs showing up here and there. It may not be as resinous as other strains, but its trichome-encrusted buds still carry plenty of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids to please you.

Candy Jack Strain Genetics

One of the reasons why the Candy Jack strain is so famous is because of its parents. The legendary Jack Herer and Skunk #1. Thus, it has an excellent Haze lineage, with strains like Northern Lights #5, Afghani, and Thai related to it. Skunk #1 passes on its fragrant smell and robust terpene profile, while Jack Herer bestows creative and focused effects upon Candy Jack.

THC/CBD Content

Picture this: a Sativa strain with 27% THC and 1% CBD. What does it sound like? That is exactly what the amazing Candy Jack strain contains.

Candy Jack Strain Effects

Because of its powerful THC content and Sativa lineage, the effects of the Candy Jack strain are energetic and strong. Users report a heightened sense of creativity and boost their moods, making it perfect for social activities.

Moreover, the Candy Jack strain is best for exploring nature, watching movies, and committing to artistic activities because your focus increases, making any task easier to accomplish.

What's best is that the Candy Jack strain also reduces headaches, pain, and anxiety symptoms. Adverse effects include dry eyes and cottonmouth. An overdose of the Candy Jack strain can lead to paranoia, dizziness, or headache.

Candy Jack Strain Reported Flavors

This powerhouse packs a significant number of delicious flavors and aromas thanks to its terpene profile. Terpinolene is its primary terpene, with Caryophyllene and Ocimene giving these buds an excellent peppery and minty profile. The Candy Jack strain has mostly citrus, fruity, and piney flavors.

You may also taste some skunky and sweet notes that come from its Skunk #1 parent. All in all, this strain’s flavors manage to work together to give you a delicious experience.

Where to Buy Candy Jack Strain

As we previously mentioned, you can’t easily buy the Candy Jack strain if you don’t reside on the West Coast or Nevada. Still, many online cannabis stores will provide you with this powerful strain.

Candy Jack Strain Grow Information

Many farmers and users report that the Candy Jack strain is easy to grow. Even for beginners, this plant grows short and flowers quickly as long as you give it proper lighting and feeding.

We know that the Candy Jack strain is a tempting bud to try, but you may want to get something easier to find given its scarcity. Fortunately, our Super Sour Space Candy strain is the perfect alternative to this bud. Packed with diesel, lemon twist and, sour apple notes, this hybrid contains 22.2% cannabinoids, giving you a grounding experience.

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