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Cannabis caviar and weed joints

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Table Of Contents
While some of us have one strain or particular cannabis recipe that we prefer and stick to no matter what, others are always on the lookout for something better, stronger, and more potent. These cannabis adventurers are sure to sooner or later stumble on something called cannabis caviar. Fitting the name, prices for this elusive product are completely in the stratosphere. But is it worth it? What exactly is cannabis caviar, anyway? And does it have anything to do with the similarly mysterious moon rocks that have been aggressively advertised over the past few years? Read on to find out! Thanks for stopping by! Why not give something from our farm a try?

What are Moon Rocks?

Let’s dive right in by clarifying a little bit first and foremost. In most cases, what is known as “moon rocks” and cannabis caviar, or caviar marijuana (which is also known by a few other names, to make things more confusing), are in reality the exact same product. Moon rocks are made from fresh cannabis buds immersed in hash oil for added potency. For an extra finish (and even higher THC content), the rocks are additionally rolled in a fine layer of kief. Depending on the origin of the buds, hash oil, and kief used, moon rocks can boast a THC content ranging anywhere from 50% to over 90%, making for some of the most potent cannabis you can get. This makes moon rocks especially interesting for those who take THC for medical reasons, as it greatly amplifies marijuana’s existing medical benefits.

What is Caviar Marijuana?

Cannabis caviar, also called caviar marijuana, is a variation of the same product. As we mentioned above, there is no real difference between moon rocks and cannabis caviar in many cases. Like moon rocks, caviar marijuana is made by soaking cannabis buds in hash oil. The final step of rolling the product in kief, often from the same buds, is optional on cannabis caviar. There is some cannabis caviar that does feature the added outer kief layer, but there are also a lot of caviar marijuana products that don’t. Therefore, you could say that caviar marijuana is a variant of moon rocks, which is often slightly less potent due to lacking the added kief. In every other respect, however, the two are nearly identical.

Cannabis Caviar Origin

Since cannabis caviar and moon rocks have only been popping up quite recently, you’d be correct in assuming that they’re a new concoction discovered not too long ago. In fact, the origin of cannabis caviar is quite an amusing historical footnote: it all began in 2013, with a mixtape by rappers-cum-marijuana-tycoons Kurupt and Dr. Zodiak. Fans of the two were not surprised to discover that after collaborating together musically, the duo would also go on to dabble in a series of marijuana products together. The result of this was the first batch of high-THC cannabis products marketed specifically as “Moon Rocks,” which started a trend that would inspire many variations and new spins on the recipe. Ultimately though, it’s probably Kurupt and Dr. Zodiak whom we have most to thank for the cannabis caviar we know today.

Caviar vs. Moon Rocks

Knowing everything we just went over, what difference does it make whether you go for cannabis caviar or moon rocks? With per-pound prices in the five figures, both are sure to punch quite a hole in your wallet, so there’s no big difference there. The main deciding factor between caviar and moon rocks will instead be potency. While the brand and the quality of its ingredients can make up for a much larger differential than the recipe alone, it’s still generally true that moon rocks are the much more potent option, with THC counts of up to 90% and beyond. Meanwhile, cannabis caviar is still a lot stronger than most kinds of cannabis you can buy, but due to the lack of kief in many caviar products, you can expect a slightly less pronounced hit. Most will have no idea what to expect with THC ratings in this range, so choosing can be quite tricky. Rest assured that neither caviar nor moon rocks are the kind of weed that you can expect to smoke day in, day out – they’re a one-time experience that is cherished for its knock-out experience. Particularly moon rocks are extremely slow-burning, so the effects can last for a long time – another important consideration to make when choosing for yourself.

How Do You Smoke Moon Rocks or Caviar?

Smoking both moon rocks and cannabis caviar is relatively simple, despite their generally imposing and intimidating reputation. Sure, you definitely do not want to go overboard, whether this is your first time with cannabis caviar or not. A tiny dose is more than enough for a potent, slow burn! Simply use a small knife or a metal file to shave off a thin strip of the material – if you are trying cannabis caviar without the extra kief layer, this can be quite sticky on the outside, so be careful. On the other hand, when handling moon rocks be sure not to strip off any of the kief, or you’ll be losing out on some of that precious THC! Small pieces of moon rock can be smoked out of a bowl, or be further refined (either carefully by hand, or using a high-quality herb grinder) and rolled into a spliff or a blunt! If using a pipe, be sure to angle the bowl well relative to the pipe’s end, as the hash oil in caviar and moon rocks can get runny with high temperatures – you don’t want to clog your pipe or create a mess elsewhere accidentally. In case you want a step-by-step tutorial, check out our article on how to smoke moon rocks.

Caviar Gold Cone

A very particular variant of cannabis caviar for particular tastes, a Caviar Gold Cone looks like a blunt literally made of moon rock – which it basically is. Also called cannabis cigars, moon sticks, or weed torpedoes, they are made the same way and from the same ingredients as regular cannabis caviar. In this case, however, the hash oil-infused and kiefed-up marijuana is actually rolled into the shape of a joint, making for a ready-to-smoke solution. It’s definitely a matter of personal preference – many find Caviar Gold Cone too hard to smoke due to its harshness on the throat and unique taste.

How to Make Cannabis Caviar

Cannabis caviar, compared to other marijuana products, requires quite an involving recipe to make and make well by yourself. You shouldn’t expect to be able to create a cannabis caviar at home with the same crazy record-shattering THC counts that are found in some of the name-brand products out there today. With that in mind, if you would still like to try just for fun making some caviar or moon rocks yourself, here’s how. First, you need some hash oil, on which the whole recipe depends. Of course, you can buy hash oil anywhere cannabis products are sold – in fact, we encourage it, as it is much less time-consuming and dangerous than making it yourself. However, you will find a basic hash oil recipe below for the purists. In simple terms, the process of making hash oil involves grinding your weed down into a fine powder and soaking it (usually inside a jar) in very high-proof alcohol, such as isopropyl alcohol. You could also use different solvents, such as butane or acetone. You can leave your marijuana leaves to soak in this alcohol for quite a while – 24 hours is a good estimate. When the alcohol starts turning weed green, then you know it’s ready. Transfer your cannabis along with the alcohol from your choice of container to a second bowl, jar, or pitcher, but this time use a coffee filter or something similar to strain out small pieces of plant fiber that might be present. Now, you simply wait for your alcohol to evaporate completely (another day or two should do it), and there you have a healthy dose of hash oil. Now, take some fresh buds, and dip them in the hash oil. Obviously, leaving them in for longer makes for a more potent, if time-consuming, cannabis caviar recipe. However, a few hours up to a day should be more than enough. Now, all that’s left is the kief. If you ground your cannabis yourself for any of the earlier steps, you probably had some kief leftover anyway that collected in the little nooks at the bottom of your grinder. Just take your moon rock while it is still very sticky, spread the kief out on a flat, smooth surface, and roll the moon rock around on top until it collects all or most of the kief. If you followed these steps correctly, you should have the next best thing to a prize-winning, record-breaking piece of cannabis caviar: one that’s truly your own! Since you won’t be able to measure the THC content of your finished product though accurately, always err on the side of smaller doses, and remember: any cannabis caviar, even homemade varieties not as potent as the heavy hitters, can cause a seriously strong kick!

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