CBD Flower Mississippi: Hemp Flower Buyer’s Guide

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Mississippi has been one of the few states to have trouble adopting the legalization of the 2018 Farm Bill- After years of misconceptions about the plant, the federal law allowed all 50 states to produce, sell and buy hemp and its parts, following certain regulations established by the FDA. However, just until June 29, 2020, the state decided to legalize the cultivation of hemp under a state plan that is yet to be created. Although it may be hard to come across quality hemp flower for sale in Mississippi, it is not an impossible task. For this reason, Botany Farms has created his guide to help you find the best hemp flower in Mississippi and enjoy the benefits of this plant while staying safe.

Is CBD Flower Legal in Mississippi?

Fortunately, it is. The state legalized the cultivation of hemp after a yearlong discussion about its similarity with marijuana. According to the FDA, it is legal to sell hemp flower in Mississippi, as well as other hemp-derived products, manufactured either in or out of state. All products must be below the 0.3% THC limit. This also includes seeds, extracts, cannabinoids, acids and salts. Although hemp products are legal in all 50 states, it remains unregulated in Mississippi. The Department of Agriculture does not regulate the production or sale of hemp in food, health supplements, or cosmetics. In addition, carrying smokable hemp flower in Mississippi will definitely get you in trouble. Because it resembles marijuana, hemp flower can’t be told apart from it unless a test is done. For this reason, it is recommended to use hemp flower in the privacy of your home. As of now, the state of hemp in Mississippi still needs to be discussed. The only way farmers can start to grow hemp is by issuing a petition to the U.S Department of Agriculture, since the state hasn’t created a Hemp Program yet. This is the reason why you won’t get locally grown hemp flower in Mississippi.

Where to CBD Flower in Mississippi

Finding quality hemp flower in Mississippi may be hard due to the lack of regulations executed by the Mississippi Department of Agriculture. For this reason, most dispensaries won’t easily sell you hemp flower. However, you can always buy hemp flower online, since it comes from reliable CBD companies that have lab reports on their websites for all their products. For this reason, buying hemp flower from online-based retailers like Botany Farms may be your best option at the moment. Our cannabis has been cultivated and harvested in the U.S with maximum care and efforts, using organic methods to ensure you are only smoking the best craft cannabis on the market. If you want to shop from local stores, there are great places selling hemp flower at great prices. These have been selected according to the reviews many consumers have shared. Keep reading to find out which is the best store to buy hemp flower in Mississippi according to the city you live in.

CBD Flower Jackson

Hemp World Mississippi is a great dispensary located in Jackson. Their variety of hemp flower strains has offered consumers the amazing benefits of CBD, with their strains delivering the exact effects stated in their descriptions. For this reason, customers like to visit Hemp World Mississippi to find all they need. Besides hemp flower, you can also find topicals, pre-rolls, tinctures, vapes, and edibles. On the other hand, the staff of Hemp World Mississippi is known for providing clients with great information about their products. You will always leave the store knowing something new and with an open mind. Visit Hemp World Mississippi at 100 Business Center Pkwy Suite A, Pearl, MS 39208. Go to their website to find more products that may not be available in-site.

CBD Flower Gulfport

When it comes to natural alternatives to traditional pharmaceuticals, The Kratom Shack is one of the best places to visit in Mississippi. Although their main focus is Kratom, the selection of hemp flower and many other CBD products is outstanding, which has made many consumers visit the store even when they live 6-7 hours away. The knowledgeable staff of The Kratom Shack is always willing to help you find the best hemp flower strains for you to address your specific needs, which has made consumers feel comfortable asking questions. Their main goal is to deliver the community with safe and natural alternatives to create a great state of well-being, so that many more people start using CBD and Kratom. If you find The Kratom Shack an interesting place to buy hemp flower, you can find it at 12100 US 49 North #736, Gulfport, MS 39503. Find their online menu on their website.

CBD Flower Southaven

The main focus of Hemp Ville CBD is to offer customers the highest quality CBD products. This dispensary has a wide product line that goes from hemp flower to CBD for pets and merchandise. Hemp Ville CBD strives to educate customers on the many benefits that hemp offers to their bodies, which is why their staff has been trained to answer any of your questions. This vibrant store offers quality hemp flower in Mississippi that comes from legal CBD companies. Even thoughHemp Ville CBD started small and still has a long way to go, they already count with a great amount of loyal clients who find in their store all the information and quality they need in Southaven and Oxford, Mississippi. On their website, you can find several information about the different uses of CBD in order to learn more about the products you need and shop online. Find Hemp Ville CBD at 562 Goodman Rd E, Southaven, MS 38671.

CBD Flower Biloxi

The first Mississippi compliant CBD wholesaler is Full Spectrum CBD 4 U. This company has created a great line of CBD oils that have given customers a great alternative to traditional medical treatments. However, CBD oil is not the only product you will find here; FSCBD4U also sells quality hemp flower strains, making it a reliable dispensary for hemp lovers. All their products are made in the U.S, and organically grown. For this reason, many hemp flower lovers visit this dispensary to taste a delicious and effective CBD bud, 100% organically grown. FSCBD4U is certainly a top-notch CBD dispensary in Mississippi, with all their lab paperwork available in-site and online. In addition, their customer service has left many happy customers with the desire of visiting again.The staff at the store will give you an amazing experience with their friendly personality and knowledge. You can find Full Spectrum CBD 4 U at 280 Eisenhower Dr, Biloxi, MS 39531. If you want to shop online, click here to get your favorite products without leaving your house.

CBD Flower Hattiesburg

Finding quality hemp flower in Hattiesburg may be a hassle. As hemp is only starting to be acknowledged in Mississippi, not many dispensaries are reliable. For this reason, we recommend just ordering online. If you live in Hattiesburg and want to get the amazing benefits of hemp flower to your door, Botany Farms can ship its craft cannabis in no time, ensuring you receive the best hemp flower on the market. All of our products have lab reports to make you feel safe when buying. Finding hemp flower for sale in Mississippi may be a little bit challenging due to the decision the state has only started to make now. However, for a state that didn’t have any intentions on legalizing hemp cultivation, we may expect a future full of more local brands providing great products to those who need to treat their illness, chronic pains or simply want to have a great experience in Mississippi. For the time being, make sure you are buying your hemp flower from reliable and third-party lab tested brands.

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