CBD for Performance Anxiety

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Anxiety can quickly become the biggest hurdle in relationships, especially when it interrupts your connection with your partner. We know that sex is not everything in a relationship, but it is undoubtedly an essential part, and when this part is affected by anxiety, it becomes a real problem.

Anxiety about sexual performance can be derived from other types of personal anxieties, insecurities, or from issues or unhealthy dynamics of each couple. Fortunately, there are several ways in which you can manage this type of anxiety, and cannabis, specifically CBD, appears to be a promising tool for helping this condition.

If you want to understand more about how CBD could help you with sexual performance anxiety, this is the post for you! Let's start by clarifying a common question.

Can CBD Improve Sexual Performance?

CBD could bring some benefits to sexual performance, although not directly. For example, CBD could help you relax and put you in the ideal mood for sex. It could also increase blood flow to some erogenous regions, in turn increasing sensitivity and promoting the body's natural lubrication, especially when using CBD topically.

Cannabis is a plant that seems to have many therapeutic applications as studies on the effects of this plant on human health advance. In many different cultures and throughout history, we can find evidence that suggests some potential benefits for both sexual life and anxiety that are worth exploring.

When it comes to sexual performance, it seems that CBD or cannabidiol could potentially be better at helping spice things up in bed with a lower risk of experiencing side effects.

CBD is one of the predominant cannabinoids in hemp that, like THC in marijuana, could also have relaxing properties and provide benefits similar to those of THC, with the big difference being that CBD does not generate psychoactive effects. This undoubtedly places it one step ahead in terms of sexual performance since, being an anxiolytic compound that does not cause psychoactive effects, the risk of experiencing side effects such as anxiety or paranoia is much lower.

In fact, CBD could even help calm these symptoms. But, it is necessary to evaluate the whole picture. The truth is that cannabis is a really complex plant. It can contain hundreds of natural biochemical compounds, most of which add their own nuance to the final effects users experience.

In addition to cannabinoids such as CBD and THC, other compounds that naturally occur in cannabis called terpenes generate their own effects and influence the synergistic effect that cannabis strains produce when all their organic compounds work together. This is why some weed strains are potentially better for sex compared to others because, in addition to cannabinoids, there are also terpenes that may be better for sex than others due to the effects they generate. 

CBD for Low Libido

As with sexual performance, CBD could help indirectly increase libido and even arousal. One of the qualities for which CBD stands out among the multitude of cannabinoids that science has identified so far is the ability that this cannabinoid could have to reduce different types of anxiety.

Sexual performance anxiety is much more common than you might initially think, and one of its most severe symptoms is the significant reduction in libido that it can cause. By reducing anxiety in users, CBD could help increase sexual desire, arousal, and the desire to be intimate with your partner.

Although research is still lacking on the specific effects of CBD regarding sexual functions in general, including low libido, data from a 2017 study suggests that cannabis could activate the part of the brain that controls arousal. Therefore, CBD could provide some kind of benefit in improving low libido, though it may not be CBD in particular that does this.

But the libido-boosting qualities of cannabis could make foreplay more exciting and even prolong and boost the intensity of orgasms both with a partner and solo. You could also use CBD as a tool to spice up your self-pleasure moments, as there may also be a positive relationship between CBD and masturbation.

But keep in mind that, when it comes to cannabis and sex, dosage matters! It is essential not to abuse cannabis if you intend to have a healthy and active sexual life. A 2015 review suggests that the excessive use of cannabis could lead to reduced libido in men.

CBD for Premature Ejaculation

In addition to reducing anxiety, increasing libido, and increasing blood flow to particular areas and tissues, topical use of CBD could potentially help prevent premature ejaculation in some people.

Although there is no scientific research to support this belief, there are several anecdotal reports and even a book written by Dr. John Richards that talks about it and offers guidance on how to use CBD oil correctly to prevent PE. Although you have to know how to use it well, the mechanism through which CBD can help with premature ejaculation is simple.

CBD oil applied topically to some specific regions may reduce skin sensitivity, reducing the chance of experiencing premature ejaculation due to overstimulation. Of course, we recommend consulting a doctor before applying anything at all to sensitive areas. As well as consulting a specialist for problems such as PE.

Best CBD for Performance Anxiety

Anxiety about sexual performance is a much more common problem than some people would think. One of the main reasons why people often experience sexual performance anxiety is because they put too much pressure on themselves about how they should perform during sex or focus on how they are supposed to look, how the body should react, and how it should feel, instead of really enjoying the intimacy of the moment.

The first thing to you need to know to be able to treat sexual performance anxiety is knowing how to recognize when you have it. Some of the most common symptoms of this type of anxiety are:

  • Feeling nervous when you think about having sex.
  • Feeling embarrassed about your performance in bed.
  • Physical symptoms such as sweating, rapid breathing, and rapid heart rate.
  • Impossibility to relax and enjoy sex.
  • Concern about having and maintaining an erection.
  • Low sex drive.
  • Tendency to avoid sex.

CBD demonstrates anti-anxiety qualities without generating major side effects; therefore, this cannabinoid is positioned as a promising solution to deal with some anxiety-related problems.

For example, taking a little CBD before getting intimate with your partner could help reduce anxiety in general and help you get into a more relaxed state of mind so you can increase your connection with your partner and really enjoy sex. But, what is the best way to take CBD for these cases?

The truth is that it is more a matter of personal preference. You can choose from the many different types of CBD-infused edibles available on the market or a few drops of CBD oil or CBD live resin tincture. You could also simply take a few hits of a CBD-rich strain like our delicious Bubba Kush, always keeping in mind to use low doses and increase only if necessary.

If you are a regular cannabis user with a high THC tolerance or just want some psychoactive effects to treat your anxiety, you can choose the variety that you like the most among the best Delta-8 strains for anxiety available out there. Remember not to abuse Delta-8 since it is still a form of THC, and too much of this cannabinoid could end up increasing your anxiety even more or causing a "couchlock" effect that could leave you knocked out.

CBD gummies for Performance Anxiety

Although any method of consumption can bring the benefits of this cannabinoid in terms of sexual performance anxiety, CBD edibles may have an advantage over others when the CBD product you choose has well-done labeling with a properly-indicated CBD percentage on it. It is much easier to measure the dose you want to take accurately with a product like that.

In this sense, CBD gummies can be the ideal edible since it will be enough to take one or two with your partner, depending on the dose you want to take to obtain the benefits that this cannabinoid could bring you. Plus, you can include CBD gummies in your foreplay and make the situation more enjoyable while you spice things up and increase your connection with your partner in a fun and flirty way.

CBD Oil for Performance Anxiety

If edibles, smoking hemp strains, or vaping CBD cartridges don't appeal to you, you can go traditional and try CBD oil. A good quality broad or full-spectrum CBD oil can be ideal for calming anxiety before sexual intercourse. You can also play with your partner in the way they take it.

A couple of sublingual drops may be enough to experience the anti-anxiety benefits of CBD, or you can apply it in other ways, depending on your creativity. Another advantage of CBD oil is that you can also use it topically to obtain additional benefits in terms of sexuality.

As we mentioned before, when used correctly, it is possible to apply CBD oil to specific areas to reduce the possibility of suffering from premature ejaculation. At the same time, you can also use it on yourself or your partner to increase blood flow to the erogenous zones and make sex more pleasurable and enjoyable.

In any way you use it, it is also essential to measure the dose you will use and verify that you have a reliable and good-quality product to avoid any adverse effects. 

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