CBD Milk Recipe

CBD milk recipe

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Do you enjoy a sweet cereal for breakfast? Perhaps, an excellent hot coffee? Whatever your go-to breakfast choice is, you should try to add CBD if it includes milk. How better would it be if the precious, creamy milk had a touch of cannabis in it? Enjoy the best of CBD from the start of the day. Alleviate pain, say goodbye to stress and anxiety, and give your body and mind a relaxing sensation while staying grounded. Learn here how to make CBD milk.

How to Make CBD Cannamilk


  • Full-fat milk
  • 1 Gram of decarboxylated CBD cannabis per liter of milk

Note: You can always use cream, coconut milk, or other milk substitutes.


  • Saucepan
  • Whisk
  • Cheesecloth
  • Mason Jar or any other airtight liquid storage container


Step I

Grind your buds into a texture as fine as possible so it can be easy to infuse. Avoid using your fingers, or it would be difficult to mix the herb with the milk. The smaller your ground bud, the easier it will be to infuse. Make sure to use your favorite bud for this step. If you have some doubts about what CBD strain to use, check out our garden and choose the strain that draws your attention.

Step II

Pour the milk or its substitute into the saucepan and add your ground herb into it. Then, place over low heat and simmer for 45 minutes to an hour while using your whisk to mix it. Keep a constant eye on the mixture to prevent the milk from boiling over. If it starts expanding, lower the heat or remove it a few seconds before resuming the boiling.

Step III

During the simmer time, stir the milk mixture frequently to prevent scorching, and when finished, remove the mixture from heat and sit for 5-10 minutes to help the cannabinoids set into the fat cells. This time, it should have taken a greenish color, making it look very different from regular milk.

Step IV

Place cheesecloth over the top of a large mason jar or the air-tight liquid storage container of your choice and pour the mixture over the cheesecloth to strain out the seeds and stems from the herb. When it’s cool enough to handle, carefully squeeze all liquid that remained in the cheesecloth into your container.

Step V

Seal your container tightly, label it with its contents and expiration date, which is the exact date listed on the milk container, and place it in your fridge for later use. Remember always to mark all cannabis-infused products and keep them secured away from children at all times.

CBD Milk Effects

The effects of your CBD milk vary depending on the strain you choose. If it is a Sativa-dominant strain, you can expect an energy boost with an uplifting feeling accompanied by euphoria. As such, it would be perfect for doing outside activities and participate more actively in your social interactions. It also helps you improve your performance in physical activities and focusing on tasks.

An Indica-dominant hybrid will make you feel a warm sensation through your body while feeling heavier and relaxed. These strains are perfect for evening or nighttime consumption as their body high causes couchlock and makes you feel sleepy afterwards. The medical effects will relieve low to mild aches and break any tension coming from anxiety or weight from stress. Moreover, CBD usage for fighting depression and loss of appetite is ideal.

The effects of ingested CBD are less strong but last notably longer than when smoked. Because of it, we recommend waiting 30 minutes to one hour to perceive the effects after you consume an edible. This is the first fact to keep in mind when using CBD milk. We recommend avoiding mixing cannabis edibles with alcohol or other psychoactive substances. The effects could be harmful to you and the people who drink CBD milk or any other CBD-infused edible.

How to Use CBD Milk

We recommend using CBD milk in small amounts, so you can check on what effects it produces on your body. Be it cold or warm, you can mix it with any meal or drink on which you would like to add milk. It is a must-try in any coffee, tea, chocolate, and milkshakes. You name it.

The variety of drinks and edibles you can have with milk huge, so make it a whole new experience with this CBD milk recipe. You can also use it on other edibles recipes and try to alternate it with cannabis butter. It could be biscuits, cookies and a lot more. If you like to try new cannabis recipes, we invite you to read our CBD Coffee Recipe to start your day in a whole different way, making your daily experience a great story.

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