Champion City Chocolate Strain Review

Champion City Chocolate Strain

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Table Of Contents

Chocolate and cheese are both tasty, versatile, and complex. These elements are maddeningly pleasant and highly addictive when you start eating them and taste even better if you combine them correctly. They make you feel delighted, a feeling that once sparked is difficult to part from.

Champion City Chocolate is precisely that kind of sensation. Cultivated by PTS, this strain is a unique, tasty creation that leaves you euphoric. This indica-dominant hybrid with dark hunter green fan leaves contains up to 28.56% THCA, 0.54% THC, and small amounts of CBD and CBG. A batch of the Champion City Chocolate is a true powerhouse of cannabis goodness.

Although Champion City Chocolate is set apart with its distinctive taste and scent, it's the high that makes this strain a true champion! This luxurious bud is worthy of being matched with a big strong cabernet sauvignon and a lovely board of charcuterie.


The lab results of the Champion City Chocolate show high levels of prominent terpenes including alpha and beta-pinene, limonene, and myrcene. With underlying notes of chocolate and coffee, all these terpenes give the bud some peculiar smell of cheese.

When the earthy freshness of pine breaks down, it reaches the senses. As the scent can be undesired to some, it doesn’t interfere with the taste and does not fill the lungs with it; instead, rich sweet smoke that ends with a smooth finish of chocolate and espresso is what you will experience.


PTS' wide range of strains are always potent and delicious, but this one is especially euphoric and soothing. The Champion City Chocolate strain packs all the benefits from an indica even though it is a hybrid bud.

This flower and all its variants are made to be perfect before bed, but there is still a very strong cerebral sativa high. If you are a user with experience, this offers the more skilled ones the option of enjoying this throughout the day.

All the terpenes found in this flower are focused on relaxing and solving pain-related problems. Moreover, its effects are not immediate, they are a little bit of a creeper. You may want to wait before you decide to take another dab for a few minutes if this is your first time using Champion City Chocolate. You may have trouble before finding the accuracy of its crumbling for a while.

Additionally, the terpenes mentioned before have their very own set of properties. First, there's alpha-pinene, which helps with asthma, pain, ulcers, anxiety, and cancer. It also has beta-pinene. Known for the piney smell as well as for a rich and pleasant wood scent, this terpene acts as a mood stabilizer.

Then, a high percentage of limonene is here too. This terpene is believed to provide stress and anxiety relief and it’s commonly associated with fruity and citrus aromas.

Last, we have beta myrcene with an intense presence in the Champion City Chocolate strain. When beta myrcene is present in the flower, this terpene gives it a spicy, earthy, musky touch enabling a scent that gives cannabis strains a mildly sweet flavor profile. It is helpful with insomnia and inflammation.

Champion City Chocolate Strain Genetics

After all these one-of-a-kind characteristics, it is safe to conclude that Champion City Chocolate is truly a strain that sets itself apart from most. This bud’s parents are very popular and known within the community, yet PTS maintains its exclusivity. True OG and Chocolate Rain are the proud parents of the Champion City Chocolate strain.


True OG is famous for being one of the strongest strains on the market, as this indica-dominant bud is super potent with a calculated 27% THC level. Due to its high content of THC, True OG will give you an effect that penetrates both mind and body. After a long day at work, this flower is great for relaxing.

In addition, a rich fragrance and an earthy pine taste feature are found in the resin-covered buds. This strain has basically a strong effect on the head; fairly relaxing, a little bit stimulating, and good for meditation. Moreover, it also affects the body; calming, a little bit energetic, and soothing enough to make you feel sleepy.

Chocolate Rain is characterized as sweet, very much like chocolate, and also like whipped cream. It has a fairly bitter undertone, with a fruity aroma that can be spicy.

Growth Information

Champion City Chocolate is challenging to find in other stores that offer this exact strain besides the PTS dispensaries. Due to that, there is no extensive information about the seeds or what to take into account when growing this flower.

Flowering Time

52 - 62 days This strain is quite popular among medical patients, but it is not easy to find when you’re just a recreational user. However, there are many other indica strains you can try out while you wait for a Champion City Chocolate strain to find its way towards you.

If you enjoy the effects of cannabis without the high, try out our Super Sour Space Candy. This limited release contains up to 22.2% and is the perfect choice for those who seek ultimate relief and focus accompanied by delightful aromas and flavors such as lemon twist and sour apple, and fruitful complexities with the classic diesel smell.



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