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Charlotte Sauce hemp bud

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No other strain is breaking into the world of high CBD strains like Charlotte’s Sauce, reaching impressive levels of up to 17% of CBD content. This Sativa-dominant hybrid strain is going to deliver nothing but pure medical healing on its way through.

Being a perfect help for dealing with headaches, chronic pains, and stress, we could say that the Charlotte’s Sauce hemp strain is capable of bringing an uplifting sense of euphoria. Charlotte’s Sauce is the result of the delicately studied crossing between Charlotte’s Web and Special Sauce.

The buds that this strain delivers are medium-sized, sticky to the touch, and vibrant bright green leaves with some purple and dark orange hues. These flowers are going to hit you with an intense and powerful skunky, woody and floral aroma that, when smoked, translates into a deliciously citrus sweet flavor with some wood and floral aftertaste.


This flavorful hybrid strain emanates a pungent and intense skunk smell accompanied by relaxing tropical and sweet aromas with hints reminiscent of orange blossom, pines, and chamomile. The terpenes responsible for Charlotte’s Sauce hemp strain’s particular smell are bisabolol, caryophyllene, humulene, and pinene.


The Charlotte’s Sauce hemp strain is a perfect hemp bud for daytime use as its effects are known for being uplifting and mood-boosting. Thus, it gets you into an enjoyable state of mind that will allow you to finish your duties while feeling cool and relaxed.

The high CBD percentage and the terpene profile present in this hybrid strain give it anti-inflammatory and sedative properties, making it an excellent pain and anxiety reliever.

One of the primary terpenes present on the terpene profile of the Charlotte’s Sauce hemp strain, Pinene, is widely known for being a bronchodilator, which suggests that this strain may be helpful for those users suffering from breathing issues.

Charlotte's Sauce Hemp Strain Genetics

Charlotte’s Sauce is the fantastic crossbreeding result of Charlotte’s Web and Special Sauce. This Sativa-leaning hybrid strain inherits its deliciously fragrant terpene profile and most of its therapeutic properties from its proud parents.

Moreover, the Charlotte’s Sauce hemp strain brings with it an exciting load of citrusy and sweet smells and flavors that will undoubtedly make you feel a pleasant experience as soon as you smell its exquisite aroma.


Charlotte’s Web, named after the E. B. White novel, is a hemp strain popularly known for its high CBD content and the vast range of therapeutic uses and products derived from it.

This Sativa hemp strain is definitely going to get you into a happy, uplifted, and focused state of mind, just like if you heard Charlotte’s Web story from your parents before going to sleep. Because it lacks the psychoactive effects of THC, you won’t feel the drowsiness and dizziness that THC leaves when its effects are passing.

On the other side of the table, we have the Special Sauce strain bringing a unique sweetness and mouth-watering blackberry tones to the smell. Its flavor is nothing but delicious, carrying that same berry notes along with some hoppy and earthy hints in its aftertaste. The sticky, dense buds from Special Sauce buds are going to leave you calmed and relaxed after you smoke.

It is a better strain for the nighttime as the Indica properties of this strain may be perfect for helping you to have a better sleep. The result of these two magnificent strains’ consummate marriage gave birth to the unique Charlotte’s Sauce. This high CBD bud carries all good benefits and healing properties from its parents and can make you enjoy an uplifting and relaxing experience without your energy levels getting affected or diminished.

Growth Information

Flowering Time

  • 6 -10 weeks

With 19,1% cannabinoids, the Sour Special Sauce strain may be the perfect alternative for the Charlotte’s Sauce hemp strain. Sour Special Sauce is a true indica bud, as the effects of these genetics put the mind and body at ease, making it a perfect strain to smoke if the user seeks deep sleep and ultimate relaxation.

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