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Cherry Pineapple strain bud

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Have you ever wondered what would be the best way to start your morning? We all need to feel motivated and capable of carrying on with our tasks the best way possible. Sometimes days seem shady and heavy, but it can always be better.

Let’s add some sweetness with the Cherry Pineapple strain, a hybrid bud that will put your mind and body at ease for you to take control of life and emotions. We currently don't carry this strain, but check out our other pineapple strains available.

What is the Cherry Pineapple Strain

The Cherry Pineapple strain inherited the best from its parents Cherry Pie and Pineapple Kush, creating a balanced hybrid whose flavor and aroma are taking over users’ preferences with its exquisite combination of sweet and sour.

This hybrid’s taste reminds us of cherries and pineapple with the sourness of the best cannabis strains. However, the best thing is that its body and cerebral effects will have you concentrated and happy while your tired muscles feel relaxed and renewed. Let's take a closer look at this Kush strain.

Cherry Pineapple Strain Appearance

Cherry Pineapple’s buds have a bulky but compact structure with a colorful appearance. These buds are mainly light green with some blue shades and combined with the yellow and orange stigmas, this bud’s appearance is beautiful. All of it is covered in abundant frosty trichomes producing a shiny view and a sticky touch.

Cherry Pineapple Strain Genetics

Pineapple Kush is the cross of the classic strains OG Kush and Pineapple, creating an Indica hybrid that guards an aroma of tropical sweetness with a solid pineapple taste. The cerebral effects are comparable to OG Kush, being potent without causing couch lock.

Pineapple Kush provides clear-minded relaxation, helping against anxiety, general stress, and migraines. Additionally, Cherry Pie is a balanced hybrid whose terpenes mix the sweetness of cherry with some sourness.

This strain is the combination of Granddaddy Purp x Durban Poison from which inherited the calming effects that melt the stress and anxiety in the sea of its smooth and caressing flavor.

THC/CBD Content

Cherry Pineapple has an average THC content of 17%, which gives this strain a moderate potency ideal for medical users who seek to alleviate any bodily and mental malaise, whether they are skillful or newbies in the usage of cannabis. The THC content makes this hybrid a daytime use strain capable of improving any moment of the day and boosting your physical and cerebral performance.

Cherry Pineapple Strain Effects

The Cherry Pineapple effects start with a cerebral buzz that puts you into immediate euphoria, making you feel happy and optimistic; stress and anxiety go away and stop bothering, allowing you to focus on your thoughts and releasing your creativity.

That is why we consider the Cherry Pineapple strain as the best way to start your morning. The bodily effects come right after the initial mental burst. Allow yourself to relax a bit, and Cherry Pineapple will do the rest. Your muscles get relaxed without being sedated, and the aches wash away for a while.

Instead of causing a couch lock, your muscles feel light. Hybrid strains are always on the top list of medical users; the Cherry Pineapple strain is no exception. Users can find alleviation in this strain that reduces inflammation and pain.

Cherry Pineapple also helps with symptoms of anxiety and depression, preventing mood swings, morning anxiety, and the physical aches that come with it.

Cherry Pineapple Strain Reported Flavors

From the moment you open the bag, cherry comes in and tells you this session will be sweet. Right behind the cherry comes the pineapple scent that blends perfectly into an inviting fruity aroma.

The resulting smell is heavy, followed by sweet and citrus notes. The fragrance is amplified when grinding up the buds; at that moment, you can sense the earthy and piney undernotes that give a slightly sour scent. The smoke is sweet and has a predominant pineapple taste when inhaling and exhaling, while the aftertaste has the typical spiciness of cherry strains.

The Cherry Pineapple strain’s flavor contrasts the solid sweet and slightly sour notes that fade into herbal spiciness that stays in your tongue. As you inhale, the touch of the smoke in your palate feels gassy and refreshing, and the sweet fruity notes linger in the air for a while.

Where to Buy Cherry Pineapple Strain

Cherry Pineapple is easy to find in the form of cartridges with a THC content of 88.7%. This concentrate guarantees that you will sense all of the aromas and flavors this strain has to offer.

Buy it online for 30.00 USD per gram. Enjoy the sweetness of fruits and sourness of cannabis in a balanced hybrid that will make you feel better physically and mentally.

Cherry Pineapple Strain Growing Information

The Cherry Pineapple strain grows perfectly in places where the daytime temperature is between 68°F and 80°F no matter if it is a natural outdoor temperature or an indoor controlled environment.

The relative humidity is a crucial factor in which the ideal state is between 65% and 80% during the seedling stage and around 50% when in the vegetative and flowering state.

This strain takes 8 to 9 weeks to flower in late September or early October. Moreover, Cherry Pineapple is ready to yield 20 ounces per plant when grown outdoors and 18 ounces when grown indoors.

If you want to try Cherry Pineapple, buy it from a trustworthy vendor. That’s why Botany Farms has the Cherry Blossom strain for you. This one is a CBD-rich balanced hybrid that does as good as Cherry Pineapple without the risk of undesired after-effects like anxiety or paranoia, and it is legal all across the US. You deserve the best, and Botany Farms has it in store for you.

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