Cherry Struck Hemp Strain Review

Cherry Struck hemp strain

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We can say with certainty that Cherry Struck is one of those revolutionary strains made for hemp lovers looking for a more out-of-common experience. Why? Cherry Struck, despite being a hemp strain, offers an exceptionally high THC-A content of up to 4%.

The high THC-A content translates into cherry-scented buds that will strike you with all the benefits of their 17% CBD content and their slightly psychoactive properties when heated, as THC-A turns into Delta-9 THC.

The Cherry Struck hemp strain delivers dense green buds with good sticky trichome coverage. This rare descendant of the Cherry Wine and ACDC hemp strains will make you fly into a therapeutic experience with the power of its cannabinoid cocktail.


Due to the rarity of this hemp strain, there is still no verified information on what are the terpenes that make up the aroma of Cherry Struck. However, users report that this high THC-A, CBD strain exudes an intense ripe cherry scent that remains as the main flavor when smoked.

The intense cherry scent of the Cherry Struck hemp strain is accompanied by certain diesel or gassy notes that enhance the final aroma of this mysterious but definitely amazing bud.


We should start by mentioning that if you consider yourself a regular hemp user and are only familiar with the effects of CBD, perhaps this bud may be a bit out of the ordinary. Due to the 4% THC-A that the Cherry Struck hemp strain contains, along with the 17% CBD content, it generates a series of unique effects.

You will feel strong effects that will begin first behind your eyes, throughout your head, and then an increase in focus. The Cherry Struck hemp strain is not sedating despite the potency and won't leave you cloudy like high THC strains. It is a perfect bud for dealing with chronic pain or muscle aches.

Moreover, the effects are long-lasting, so some CBD connoisseurs may not recommend the Cherry Struck hemp strain for everyday smoke. Nonetheless, it is a perfect choice if you want something stronger than usual. This bud will get you into an intense uplifted feeling with a great boost to your focus and effects that hit like waves.

So, If you are a hemp enthusiast, the Cherry Struck hemp strain is a bud you should carefully manage, especially if you’re not acquainted with THC effects on your body.

Cherry Struck Hemp Strain Genetics

Brklyn Flower and Woodland Farms Holistics bred the beautiful Cherry Struck hemp strain. It results from crossing the Cherry Wine and ACDC strains, and from them, it inherits its best qualities. A good production of smokable flower, an excellent scent profile, and some one-of-a-kind effects.


Woodland Farms Holistics had their reasons for choosing Cherry Wine to breed Cherry Struck as a candidate. Cherry Wine is a strain that can present up to 17% CBD and curiously shows 1% CBG. Produced initially by High Grade Hemp Seed Co., Cherry Wine offers sweet cherry scents with hints of cheese and black pepper.

Being a phenotype of the Cannatonic strain, ACDC is a high CBD strain that can present up to 1% THC. This strain is probably the precursor to the high THC-A peaks in Cherry Struck. However, ACDC is a highly acclaimed strain by CBD users worldwide. It proves to be of great help to people dealing with epilepsy, sunburn, anxiety, and the harmful effects of chemotherapy.

Growth Information

Users report that the Cherry Struck hemp strain is an excellent yielding plant that provides dense buds covered in a sticky layer of trichomes. We still need more studies regarding the growth of this strain due to the relatively short time it has been on the market. However, some online sites are starting to offer feminized seeds of the sweet and delicious Cherry Struck hemp strain.

Flowering Time

  • 56 days

If you are looking for a strain with delicious and sweet berry tones, perhaps we have a perfect option ready and waiting for you on our shelf. Of course, we are talking about Cherry Blossom. This Cherry Struck relative will impress you with its high CBD content and its combination of fruity and citrus flavors. Just order, and our team will be happy to bring it to you.

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