Cherry Struck Hemp Strain Review

Cherry Struck hemp strain

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Cherry Struck is one of those revolutionary strains made for hemp lovers looking for a more out-of-common experience. Why? Cherry Struck, despite being a hemp strain, offers an exceptionally high THC-A content of up to 4%.

The high THC-A content translates into cherry-scented buds that will strike you with all the benefits of their 17% CBD content and their slightly psychoactive properties when heated, as THC-A turns into Delta-9 THC.

The Cherry Struck hemp strain delivers dense green buds with good sticky trichome coverage. This rare descendant of the Cherry Wine and ACDC hemp strains will make you fly into a therapeutic experience with the power of its cannabinoid cocktail.

Key Takeaways 

  • Cherry Struck, also named “Cherry Struck CBD,” is an evenly balanced hybrid strain bred from a cross of the Indica-dominant Cherry Wine and the Sativa-leaning ACDC. 
  • These cherry-flavored hemp buds have a tight, compact, sticky, and foliated body with vivid, fiery nuances resulting from the periodic growth of the orange hairs.
  • The intense cherry scent of the Cherry Struck hemp strain is accompanied by certain diesel or gassy notes that enhance the final aroma of this mysterious but amazing bud.
  • Due to the 4% THC-A that the Cherry Struck hemp strain contains, along with the 17% CBD content, it generates a series of unique effects.

What Is the Cherry Struck Hemp Strain

Cherry Struck, also named “Cherry Struck CBD,” is an evenly balanced hybrid strain bred from a cross of the Indica-dominant Cherry Wine and the Sativa-leaning ACDC. Cherry Struck leaves a fruity, sweet mouthfeel of cherry berry and parchment spiced with an aromatic diesel finish in each puff. 

Its ~4% THC-A levels and 17 – 18% CBD content induce a relaxing, clear-headed, mild high that keeps you focused with a lifted and cheerful mien, allowing your thoughts to flow freely without the paranoid or cerebral blues that some high-THC strains can induce. In addition, Cherry Struck has tremendous therapeutic potential as we shall see shortly.

Strain Appearance 

Cherry Struck dense buds are covered in trichomes and have a pleasant sticky coating. These cherry-flavored hemp buds have a tight, compact, sticky, and foliated body with vivid, fiery nuances resulting from the orange hairs. 

Reddish-pink veins and amber undertones adorn the flower, accompanied by small, golden-amber trichomes that cover the buds from top to bottom. This enhances their visual appeal and indicates high quality and potency.

Strain Genetics

Brklyn Flower and Woodland Farms Holistics bred the beautiful Cherry Struck hemp strain. It results from crossing the Cherry Wine and ACDC strains. From these two, this strain inherits its best qualities. A good production of smokable flower, an excellent scent profile, and one-of-a-kind effects.

Woodland Farms Holistics had their reasons for choosing Cherry Wine to breed Cherry Struck. Cherry Wine is a strain that can present up to 18% CBD not to mention 1% CBG. Produced initially by High-Grade Hemp Seed Co., Cherry Wine offers sweet cherry scents with hints of cheese and black pepper.

Being a phenotype of the Cannatonic strain, ACDC is a high CBD strain that can present up to 1% THC content. This strain is probably the precursor to the high THC-A peaks in Cherry Struck. However, ACDC is a highly acclaimed strain by CBD users worldwide. It helps people dealing with epilepsy, sunburn, anxiety, and the harmful effects of chemotherapy.

THC/CBD Content

Cherry Struck is a hemp strain with notable THC-A levels of up to 4%, giving it a distinctive, mild high that is generally uncommon with hemp strains. This moderate THC level, coupled with its 17% CBD content, means these buds might be potentially therapeutic. 

Obviously, the subtle psychoactive effects come from THC-A converting into Delta-9 THC when heated. For most users, this offers them a well-rounded experience notably medicinal benefits and a gentle euphoric lift.

Strain Terpenes

Due to the rarity of this hemp strain, its terpene profile remains unknown. However, users report that this high THC-A, CBD strain exudes an intense ripe cherry scent when smoked. We suspect limonene, myrcene, and caryophyllene since these are generally sweet-scented.

The intense cherry scent of the Cherry Struck hemp strain is accompanied by certain diesel or gassy notes that enhance the final aroma of this mysterious but amazing bud. 

Strain Effects

We should start by mentioning that if you consider yourself a regular hemp user and are only familiar with the effects of CBD, perhaps this bud may be a bit out of the ordinary. Due to the 4% THC-A and 17% CBD content in Cherry Struck hemp strain, it generates unique effects.

Its strong effects begin behind your eyes, and throughout your head, typically characterized by an increase in focus. The Cherry Struck hemp strain is not sedating despite the potency and won't leave you cloudy like high THC strains. 

Moreover, the effects are long-lasting, so some CBD connoisseurs may not recommend Cherry Struck for everyday smoke. Nonetheless, it is a perfect choice if you want something stronger than usual.

This bud will get you into an intense uplifted feeling with a great boost to your focus and effects that hit like waves. It is a perfect bud for dealing with chronic pain or muscle aches.

So, If you are a hemp enthusiast, the Cherry Struck hemp strain is a bud you should carefully manage, especially if you’re not acquainted with THC’s effects on the body.

Strain Reported Flavors

Cherry Struck delights with its sweet and fruity cherry berry flavor, reflecting its name. Users claim the intense ripe cherry scent is particularly prominent when smoked, accompanied by hints of diesel.

This delightful combo makes Cherry Struck an enticing and enjoyable bud for users seeking a unique sensory experience, from its visual appeal to its effects.

Strain Growing Info 

The Cherry Struck hemp strain is a high-yielding plant that provides dense buds covered in a sticky layer of trichomes. We need more research on its growth trends and patterns since not much of these is known. However, some online sites offer feminized seeds of this strain. 

Strains like Cherry Struck Hemp Strain

If Cherry Struck is in short supply, check on the following similar alternatives: 

  • ACDC: a high-CBD, low-THC strain known for being heady and relaxing. 
  • Lemon Diesel: helps you feel uplifted and creative and is excellent for anxiety. The lemon aroma is fantastic, and the CBD/THC 2:1 ratio gets you light, fluffy, and calm. 
  • Harlequin: a Sativa-dominant variety with a delicate floral and earthy smell and very balanced tastes and smells. Gives a light, focused buzz with its 5:2 CBD/THC ratio, and it's also good for anxiety.
  • Cannatonic: widely known for its soothing ratio of CBD to THC, perfect for painting, writing, or any creative activity. It soothes and relaxes the body with its 4:1 CBD/THC ratio.
  • Sugar Queen CBD: a relaxing Sativa-dominant with a heart-warming aroma. Good for stress and pain and carries a piney and sweet taste, as indulgent as it sounds.

Where to Find the Cherry Struck Hemp Strain 

Cherry Struck is an undisputed prized find, yet its rarity often makes it elusive. However, at Botany Farms, we offer alternatives that rival its excellence.

Our refreshing Lemon Diesel CBG buds, uplifting Sugar Queen CBD flowers, and relaxing Blueberry Kush CBD nugs provide a similar experience. Plus, our team ensures swift shipping upon your order, bringing the delight of premium hemp right to your doorstep.

You could also try Cherry Blossom. This Cherry Struck’s relative will impress you with its high CBD content and combination of fruity and citrus flavors. Just order and our team will be happy to bring it to you.

Final Thoughts

Cherry Struck Hemp Strain has a certain “je ne sais quoi” appeal that attracts users of all kinds and ages. This hemp gem offers a unique blend of fruity cherry berry and diesel aromas with manageable THC levels and high CBD content for a blend of amazing effects. 

Its therapeutic properties make it ideal for pain relief and muscle relaxation without having to deal with a potent high. Since its effects are strong and long-lasting, this strain may not suit daily use, especially for those who want to avoid any type of psychoactivity. 

All in all, Cherry Struck stands out for its delightful flavors and balanced effects, making it a must-try for those seeking a distinctive sensory experience and enhanced focus without an overwhelming buzz.

Cherry Struck Hemp: Frequently Asked Questions 

How does the Cherry Struck Hemp strain make me feel?

The Cherry Struck Hemp strain typically induces a relaxed, clear-headed feeling with a mild high, making users feel focused and uplifted without an intense high.

Is the Cherry Struck Hemp strain ideal for beginners?

Yes. Due to its low THC levels and balanced effects, the Cherry Struck Hemp strain can be suitable for beginners looking for a gentle introduction to psychoactivity without being excessively high.



Important note: The information regarding cannabis strains presented here is for educational purposes only. It is essential to understand the regulations on cannabis and cannabinoids in your specific location before using or purchasing cannabis. Laws governing it vary widely, and what might be legal in one area or location might be restricted or prohibited in another.

It is vital to comply with the laws and regulations of your area in terms of cannabis use and possession. We support responsible consumption and urge our readers to consider this when reviewing cannabis products. At Botany Farms, we aim to share insights and information about cannabis for educational purposes while promoting legal and safe consumption per your locality's regulations.

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