Citrus Fire Hemp Strain Review

Citrus Fire hemp strain

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Original from the heart of the country music scene in Nashville, Citrus Fire burns bright with its fresh hints of lemon and pine with hoppy undertones. This premium, top-shelf Sativa-dominant strain will reduce your anxiety and stress.

This is due to its great CBD content of 11–16% and almost undetectable THC levels (0.3-0.5%).This energizing variety will get you moving like the dancing flames of fire. Join us to discover all that the Citrus Fire hemp strain has to offer.


Light the fire you need with the enchanting aroma and taste of Citrus Fire. Its pungent citrus scent, given by high amounts of Limonene, blends perfectly with the spicy herbal undertones of the hoppy Humulene, which highlights the aromatic piney layers and woody hints that the fresh α-pinene provides.


Do you need something that helps carry your load? The Citrus Fire hemp strain is just what you need. Besides being a potent pain reliever with anti-inflammatory effects, medical users consume the Citrus Fire strain to ease anxiety, stress, and depression.

Consumers agree that this flower is an exceptional mood provider, great for smoking during daytime activity. Thanks to α-Pinene, you’ll retain memories more efficiently while your alertness increases, allowing you to stay focused on improving your workflow.

Moreover, humulene and limonene have appetite-suppressant properties. The uplifting effects of the Citrus Fire hemp strain soon are overshadowed by its indica side, which relaxes your muscles, providing a calming sensation from head to toe for a grand finale.

Growth Information

Very little is known about the genetics and lineage of the Citrus Fire hemp strain. Its original breeder, Tri-Star Medical, developed this strain to be grown indoors. It’s usually harvested during early October, producing an average yield of 1-3 lbs per plant.

Citrus Fire Hemp Strain Price

If you want to enjoy Citrus Fire’s benefits, you’re just a click away from it. Currently, there are different websites where you can obtain this amazing hemp strain. At Consider it Flower you can buy ⅛ oz for $35.00, while at The Holistic Connection you can find 1 Oz at $300.00.

Moreover, Cured Bomb Desserts offers a unique box with four lab-tested pre-rolls, crafted individually with a premium, organic, Indica hemp variety of Citrus Fire for only $39.99. If you’re into energizing lemony strains with outstanding CBD levels, let us introduce you to one of our best sellers’ products.

Carefully developed in alliance with Herb to unleash the full potential of its genetics, Sour Lifter and will entice you with its strong notes of juicy grapes and lemon rinds, and its unmistakable gassy smell, characteristic of the original Lifter. Start the day off right with this true Sativa packed with a CBD content of 17.3% and experience its immediate relief and energy boost.

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