Crushed Berry Strain

Crushed Berry strain

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Indica Sleep THCA
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If you want to get crushed with the perfect Indica bud, the Crushed Berry strain will get the job done. This perfect mix of berries and couch-lock give the most experienced smokers a pleasant high that will glue them to the couch and bless their bodies with pure relaxation. While we don't currently carry Crushed Berry strain, why not give some of our indica flower a try?

What is the Crushed Berry Strain

The delicious Crushed Berry strain, also known as Crushed Berries, is the child of Bordello x Purple Vapor. Dungeons Vault Genetics bred this strain to create a blissful Indica bud that will take you off to dreamland without having strong THC levels.

If you are a fan of fancy terpene profiles, exquisite aromas, and smooth effects, the Crushed Berry strain is a bud you should definitely try for those nights where falling asleep seems like an impossible task.

Crushed Berry Strain Appearance

The dense, frosty buds of the Crushed Berry strain have beautiful light green shades with amber hairs decorating its luscious appearance. The flower feels moist and crumbles in your fingers without too much pressure, making it easy to ground without turning to dust. All in all, this glowing bud will become your new favorite nighttime smoke.

Crushed Berry Strain Genetics

This crushing bud comes from the potent Indica buds Bordello and Purple Vapor. With Grandaddy Purps as part of its lineage, it comes as no surprise that it has such potent effects when it comes to sedating users and giving them plenty of medical benefits.

The Bordello strain has an average 18% THC content with a pungent taste and creative effects. For that reason, even though it is an Indica, smokers will still find an energetic focus perfect for a daytime smoke.

The Purple Vapor strain has a 20-27% THC content with strong diesel aromas that deliver a punch that hits you right in the head, making it ideal for a lazy evening smoke.

THC Content

With 18-20% THC content, the Crushed Berry strain delivers a pleasant high that doesn’t numb your senses yet is strong enough to give you a strong body relaxation. Moreover, many medical patients can find the THC content of the Crushed Berry strain as a perfect reliever for some conditions.

Crushed Berry Strain Effects

Are you looking for a smooth smoke that glues you to the couch? If so, the Crushed Berry strain effects are the ones you’ve been longing for. This relaxing Indica gets your body in the mood for Netflix and chill.

If you smoke it lightly, you can find blissful creativity bursting out of your brain, perfect for imagining interesting scenarios. Moreover, those who struggle with muscle pain can smoke the Crushed Berry strain to manage their inflammation.

It is also a helpful strain for anxiety, depression, stress, and insomnia, as its high Myrcene and Limonene content help it balance your mood and get you in a bright, chill mindset.

Crushed Berry Strain Reported Flavors

While the combination of Myrcene, Pinene, Limonene, and Caryophyllene may be off-putting for those who don’t like tangy and funky buds, we consider it is one of the most tantalizing terpene profiles to ever exist. The Crushed Berry strain combines spicy, fruity, and skunky flavors to caress your sense while a berry-like aroma invades the room for a warm night.

Crushed Berry Strain Growing Info

While there isn’t much information about this strain, breeders disclosed that it has a medium-growth difficulty. For that reason, those who have some experience growing cannabis plants should take on the challenge to have a beautiful Crushed Berry strain in about 8-9 weeks.

We know the Crushed Berry strain sounds like a total treat, but if you can’t find it, the cannabis world is waiting for you to embrace its many offers. The Delta 8 THC cartridge we offer has the delicious Berry Blossom strain as the main character, bringing you a potent 94.1% Delta 8 THC potency for a mellow high.

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