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If you are just entering the world of cannabis, you might be a little confused with all of the different cannabinoids. You know that THC and CBD exist, but did you know that there are also various forms of THC? For instance, the regular THC that we all know and love is technically Delta-9 THC. Instead of Delta-9 THC, today we want to take a look at Delta-10 THC, specifically Delta-10 Gummies, or edibles made with Delta-10 THC. Today, we are here to figure out exactly what Delta-10 THC is, what Delta-10 gummies are, how they make you feel, what kind of benefits they might have, how it stacks up to regular Delta-9 THC, and more.

Key Takeaways

  • Delta-10 is a type of THC found in trace amounts in hemp and cannabis plants.
  • The Delta-10 we know is usually synthesized from other cannabinoids in a lab.
  • Delta-10 THC is weaker than both Delta-8 and Delta-9 THC.
  • Delta-10 THC may have a variety of potential health benefits for the body and mind.

What is Delta-10 THC?

Delta-10 THC is a specific type of THC that is found in trace amounts in both hemp and cannabis plants. Just like normal Delta-9 THC, Delta-10 THC is psychoactive and does have the ability to get you high, although it is likely not nearly as potent as regular Delta-9 THC. Because Delta-10 THC is found only in trace amounts in most hemp and cannabis plants, we choose to synthesize it from other cannabinoids. Because Delta-10 THC is only found in trace amounts, extracting it is not cost-effective or feasible. It would take far too much plant matter to get a usable amount of Delta-10 THC. For this reason, just like Delta-8 THC, Delta-10 THC is synthetically produced in a laboratory setting using a special process known as isomerization. CBD is taken from hemp plants, and using this isomerization process, is turned into Delta-10 THC. Delta-10 THC is legal at this time, as set out by the federal 2018 Farm Bill, which states that any cannabinoid derived from a hemp plant that contains less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC is considered legal. This is one of the reasons why Delta-10 THC is becoming so popular, it is federally legal, whereas Delta-9 THC is not.

Do Delta-10 Gummies Have THC?

This is where things can get a little confusing because Delta-10 gummies do contain THC. However, it is not the same type of THC that you are used to. Once again, the type of THC that we generally refer to when we say THC is Delta-9 THC, which is illegal at a federal level. However, the gummies we are talking about today are Delta-10 gummies, which contain only Delta-10 THC, not Delta-9 THC, therefore technically making them legal at a federal level. Yes, Delta-10 THC is still an intoxicant and a psychoactive substance that will alter your perception and make you feel high, but it is not the same as Delta-9 THC. They have different molecular structures.

Potential Delta-10 Gummies Health Benefits

Although Delta-10 THC and Delta-10 gummies have not yet been studied in great detail, it is thought that they do potentially have a variety of health benefits for both the human body and mind. One important note is that Delta-10 THC is not as potent as Delta-9 THC, so the health benefits may also not be quite as big. Delta-10 THC is thought to have many of the same health benefits as Delta-9 THC, but you may just need more of it to achieve the same benefits. One of the biggest potential health benefits that Delta-10 gummies may have is that they may be analgesic in nature, or in simplest terms, they may act as painkillers. They may be able to help block pain signals from getting to your brain from your nerves, therefore reducing the perception of pain. Furthermore, Delta-10 THC, just like Delta-9 THC, may also act as a mood regulator that affects levels of serotonin and dopamine production in your brain. Delta-10 THC may be able to increase serotonin and dopamine levels in your brain, therefore potentially reducing anxious, depressive, and stressful thoughts. It is thought that Delta-10 THC may also be able to reduce cortisol levels in your brain, therefore potentially reducing the amount of stress that you feel. Next, it is also thought that just like Delta-9 THC, Delta-10 THC is an appetite stimulant that can make you feel hungry, and at the same time help control vomiting and nausea. It is also thought that Delta-10 THC acts as a sedative that can help you get a better night's sleep.

Potential Delta-10 Gummies Side Effects

The high from Delta-10 gummies should be significantly mellower and lighter than that of Delta-9 THC. Delta-10 THC is not as potent as Delta-9 THC, although it does produce many of the same psychoactive effects. It can still produce a mild cerebral head high and a very light mellow body high. It can produce senses of happiness, euphoria, elation, calmness, relaxation, sedation, hunger, heaviness, and tingling in the extremities, as well as general cognitive impairment. Some people may also report feeling more energetic, talkative, focused, and creative. Just like with Delta-9 THC, the effects can differ a little from one person to another. One important note is that Delta-10 THC is generally said to feel more like a Sativa cerebral head high than an Indica body high, but it does depend on the individual. One of the big bonuses of Delta-10 THC not being so potent is that it doesn't produce many of the same side effects as Delta-9 THC, mainly paranoia and anxiety. Yes, Delta-10 THC may still make you feel hungry and tired, and could also produce red eyes, dry mouth, and other similar side effects. However, at this time, there are no serious or potentially life-threatening side effects that have been discovered concerning Delta-10 THC.

How to Use Delta-10 Edibles

Delta-10 edibles are very easy to use because you just have to eat them. It is recommended that you have a small meal before taking Delta-10 edibles, as this might help avoid an upset stomach from occurring, and may also help increase the absorption rate of the Delta-10 THC by your body. Other than that, just don't go too hard in the beginning. Most Delta-10 edibles won't contain more than around 25 milligrams of THC, which is a good starting point. Start with anywhere between 10 milligrams and 25 milligrams of Delta-10 THC, wait for up to 90 minutes, and see how you feel. If you don't feel anything yet, you can always increase your dosage. If you are a true beginner, you may want to start with as little as 5 milligrams, but realistically, that is such a small amount that you likely won’t feel anything at all. If you are an advanced cannabis consumer with many years of experience and a bit of tolerance built up, you can start with 30 or 40 milligrams.

Are Delta-10 Gummies Safe?

Although the research in terms of the long-term effects is still somewhat limited, there are no indications that Delta-10 THC or Delta-10 gummies are unsafe in any way. Delta-10 THC may still produce some mild unpleasant side effects, although there is no reason to believe that Delta-10 THC is in any way unsafe or life-threatening. You shouldn’t have anything to worry about here.

How Long Do Delta-10 Gummies Stay in Your System?

Delta-10 gummies or Delta-10 THC can potentially stay in your system for up to three or four months at the very most. However, whether or not the Delta-10 THC is detectable by something like a drug test depends on the type of test being done. For instance, if we are talking about a saliva test, Delta-10 THC will be detectable for about three days. If we are talking about a urine test, Delta-10 should be detectable in your system for up to three or four weeks at the most. If it is a hair follicle test we are talking about, Delta-10 THC may be detectable for up to three or even four months. That said, exactly how long Delta-10 THC will stay in your system depends on a variety of factors, such as how much of it you consume and how regularly you consume it, as well as your body weight, size, and metabolism.

Other Forms of Delta-10 THC

There are also other forms of Delta-10 THC besides gummy or edible format. Here, we are talking mainly about Delta-10 THC vapes or vaporizers.

Delta-10 THC Vapes

Edibles aren't for everybody. In case you didn't know, edibles may take up to 90 minutes or even two hours for you to feel the effects, and those effects may potentially last for anywhere between 8 and 10 hours, if not more. That's just too much for some people. Furthermore, edibles tend to hit a whole lot harder than either smoking or vaping due to how your body metabolizes THC that you ingest through eating. Whether a Delta-10 THC edible high is too much for you, it lasts too long, or you don't like the sensation it produces, your next best option is to get a Delta-10 THC vape. While vaping probably isn't the best for your lungs, the effects that you feel will be a bit different. Instead of taking up to two hours for you to feel the THC, it's going to take just a few minutes. However, instead of lasting for up to half a day, the effects will usually wear off within about five or six hours at the very most. The high that you feel from vaping it also won't be quite as strong or intense. There are of course some trade-offs to consider here. If this sounds like something for you, check out our own Botany Farms Pineapple Haze Delta-10 THC Vape Cartridge.

Difference Between Delta-10 and Delta-8 THC

Something that you might already know is that both Delta-10 THC and Delta-8 THC can be made out of CBD, so this is one similarity that they share. Another similarity that they both share is that according to the 2018 Farm Bill, both of these cannabinoids (because they are hemp-derived and contain less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC) should be legal at a federal level. Another similarity that they share is that they are both psychoactive and intoxicating. However, one important note is that both Delta-10 THC and Delta-8 THC are a bit lighter and mellower than your regular Delta-9 THC, with the effects being less potent. On that note, Delta-9 THC is said to be about twice as strong as Delta-8 THC, with Delta-8 THC being slightly stronger than Delta-10 THC. In order, Delta-9 THC is the strongest, then Delta-8, and finally Delta-10 is the weakest. It is thought that Delta-10 THC is anywhere between 30% and 60% as strong as Delta-9 THC, and roughly 60% to 90% as strong as Delta-8 THC. As for the effects that you will feel, it is said that Delta-8 THC produces more of an Indica-like high that is characterized by a body high, which means that you could feel a bit heavy, tingly, sedated, tired, and hungry. It could also help make you feel very calm and relaxed. On the other hand, Delta-10 THC is said to feel more like a Sativa high, or in other words, a cerebral head high that makes you feel intoxicated in your head. This will usually include feelings of euphoria, happiness, elation, general cognitive impairment, reduced stress, and anxious thoughts. That said, this is not a 100% rule of thumb. Everybody may react a little differently to Delta-8, 9, and 10 THC.

Where Can I Buy Delta-10 Gummies?

If you are looking to buy some Delta-10 gummies, there is no better place than right here at Botany Farms. Two of our most popular Delta-10 gummies include these Delta-10 THC Mango Gummies and these Delta-10 THC Pineapple Gummies. Thanks for stopping by! Botany Farms has you covered for quality Delta 10 THC products:

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