Delta 8 for Back Pain

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Some people say that back pain is youth leaving the body or the onset of old age taking its toll. For some, back pain can be so severe that it disrupts daily life. Sometimes, even though we feel like pausing that pain so we can enjoy life, we only have this body to live with. Therefore, taking care of our body to prevent these pains is essential, and seeking help to deal with annoying or very intense back pain is completely normal.

For a long time, people have used cannabis for its analgesic qualities. Some studies support the ability of some cannabinoids to reduce inflammation or even modify the way our body interprets pain signals. It appears Delta-8 is one of the cannabinoids with this incredible potential.

What is Back Pain?

As the words indicate, back pain is any type of pain that occurs in the back of the body, whether from muscle tissue or somewhere in the spine. Whatever the cause of back pain, whether it becomes constant, chronic, or severe, it too can tend to worsen with advancing age. There are times when pain can interfere with daily life and even become a cause of greater affliction to the general well-being.

What Causes Back Pain?

  • Injury: Injuries to either the muscles or the spine can sometimes cause severe inflammation that, in turn, generates swelling and leaves sensitive areas or sore areas on the back that can be mild as a minor annoyance or a more intense and challenging pain to cope with. Injuries can sometimes result from a blow, overuse, overexertion, or sometimes even specific ways of moving the spine, which can cause the back muscles to tighten or the spine to become sore.
  • Poor Posture: When the spine is not as straight as possible or has to support weight or uncomfortable positions for a long time, the muscles can contract and generate knots that can leave areas of the back that are too sensitive, chronic inflammation, and even acute pain.
  • Bulging Disc: When a spinal disc deviates, protrudes, and presses against a nerve, it can cause severe pain.
  • Herniated or Slipped Disc: This is when a disc of the spine has completely come out of the surrounding tissue, which can be really painful.
  • Spinal Stenosis: This condition generally affects older adults and is a degenerative condition that causes the spinal canal to become increasingly narrow, which can press on the nerves, leading to severe pain.
  • Pinched Nerve: This is the type of pain that derives from a pinched nerve as a result of misalignments in the spine, which can cause acute and chronic pain.

Can Delta 8 Help with Pain?

Like many cannabinoids, Delta 8 may have the ability to relieve inflammation due to the way it interacts with the human body. Added to this, Delta-8 could have a trick up its sleeve as an analgesic agent, and that is because of the way this cannabinoid interacts with the CB1 receptors of our endocannabinoid system; it could change the way some people perceive pain.

A 1999 study supports the possible analgesic and anti-inflammatory qualities of Delta-8, and it is precisely these qualities that are the reason many people have started using Delta-8 THC as an effective and more natural alternative to better deal with their pain.

But, in case you're not drawn to the psychoactive effects of Delta-8, some CBD strains can significantly help in aiding pain relief. Anyway, despite this evidence, no one should try to substitute any pain medication for Delta-8, CBD, or any other cannabinoid without first consulting a specialist.

Is Sativa or Indica Better for Back Pain?

The truth is that there is no universal answer that works equally for everyone. It all depends on the final effects and results you want to achieve using cannabis as a tool to manage pain.

A 2014 survey suggests that medical cannabis users looking for help with managing moderate to severe pain, who want to experience sedation, or who need help with better sleep tend to lean toward Indica strains.

So, for users looking for Delta-8 Indica strains to help with pain relief, crops like Delta-8 Bubba Kush or Delta-8 Zombie Kush could come in handy. In contrast, users who want a boost in energy levels and an improved mood without experiencing too much sedation or drowsiness tend to opt for Sativa-dominant strains.

Does Delta 8 Help With Back Pain?

Delta-8 could help with back pain in several ways. The naturally occurring compound Delta-8 may help the body respond differently to pain signals sent by our nervous system and how endocannabinoid receptors interpret these signals throughout the body.

This cannabinoid occurs naturally in small quantities in cannabis, but thanks to science, it is possible to synthesize it in large quantities from CBD derived from hemp. If you'd like to experiment with this novel cannabinoid to test its pain-relieving qualities to manage your back pain, getting hold of products containing Delta-8 is entirely possible and federally legal.

Is Delta-8 Good for Back Pain?

The various studies and scientific evidence regarding Delta-8 and pain indicate that this cannabinoid could be good for back pain. However, we cannot generalize since whether Delta-8 is good (or not) for back pain depends a lot on the person and the specific cause(s). In any case, it is best to consult an expert to find out if Delta-8 could be good for your back pain.

Benefits of Delta-8 for Back Pain

Although the potential pain-relieving properties of Delta-8 in humans still need more study, there is evidence from animal studies that suggests that this cannabinoid could bring some benefits to pain management.

A 2018 study conducted on rodents shows that Delta 8 could act as an antinociceptive, pain blocker, and anti-inflammatory agent through the CB1 receptors of the endocannabinoid system. This same study showed that Delta 8 reduced the pain score in mice significantly.

Although humans react differently to treatments, the authors of this study concluded that Delta-8 could be effective for different types of pain, including back pain.

Types of Delta-8 THC for Back Pain Relief

The type of product, the percentage of cannabinoids consumed, and the method of consumption can significantly affect the bioavailability of Delta-8. Consequently, the final effects may also vary.

Fortunately, there are several categories and many types of Delta-8 products from which we can choose to meet our specific needs. The main types of Delta-8 products are:

  • Delta-8 THC Inhalables: The bioavailability of inhaled cannabinoids can range from 10% to 35%, depending on the nature of the product. After we inhale Delta-8, our body metabolizes it, and the remaining cannabinoids and metabolites resulting from the digestion of these cannabinoids enter our circulation, and that is when we begin to feel the effects. Some cannabis strains are especially good for treating certain types of pain; there are even excellent strains for treating fibromyalgia or more severe pain. Nonetheless, we must bear in mind that cannabinoids do not work the same for everyone and that before deciding to include any cannabinoid as part of our routine to deal with pain, we must consult our doctor.
  • Delta-8 THC Tinctures: Tinctures are one of the products with the mildest and most manageable effects since oral or sublingual consumption of some cannabinoids is the method with the lowest bioavailability, absorbing only 6% of the total cannabinoid content in the product. Nevertheless, in many cases, this percentage may be more than enough. Depending on user tolerance, products like our live resin Delta-8 tincture can take from 30 minutes to an hour to kick in. The effectiveness of tinctures in treating back pain can depend a lot on how severe the pain is.
  • Delta-8 THC Edibles and Capsules: Interestingly, although cannabinoids in edible form pack the most intense effects, it is not the form of consumption that offers the greatest bioavailability. The bioavailability of edibles with Delta-8, Delta-9, or CBD ranges from 4% to 20% in the best cases. This happens due to a phenomenon known as "first pass metabolism" and is the reason why the concentration of drugs considerably reduces before it reaches systemic circulation.
  • Delta-8 THC Topicals: There is evidence showing that topical cannabinoid products could be an important tool in the dermatological arsenal for localized use, with the potential to deliver cannabinoids directly to the skin of the affected area, minimizing systemic exposure. Nonetheless, before making any claims, researchers should establish and verify important formulation parameters, as the effectiveness of applying topical cannabinoid formulations may have more variables. In this case, the bioavailability of Delta-8 depends on factors such as the concentration of cannabinoids present in the product and the differences in skin absorption of each person.

Delta 8 Gummies For Back Pain

Delta-8 Gummies have become a favorite of many users as an additional tool to better deal with certain conditions, including back pain and other types of pains in general. Taking half to a couple of Delta-8 gummies may be enough for pain relief, depending on the severity of the pain involved.

Besides being a discreet and tasty treat, one of the most significant advantages of our cannabis-infused gummies is that they indicate the exact dose of cannabinoids they contain, making it easy to measure the amount of cannabinoids we are consuming accurately. At Botany Farms, we have a vast catalog of Delta-8 gummies with many different flavors.

Best Delta 8 For Pain Relief

With the tremendous popularity that cannabis is receiving lately due to all its potential medical applications and the significant changes regarding the regulations of this plant and its derived products, Delta-8 is now just around the corner.

Nowadays, it is very easy to get products that contain this cannabinoid since it is also as legal as CBD in many states. Nevertheless, when it comes to back pain, there may be more accurate products than others, depending on your needs.

If you are looking for help to relieve or better deal with your back pain during the day without affecting your energy levels, you could choose some type of CBD that is good for energy. This way, you will obtain the analgesic benefits of this cannabinoid without the need to experience drowsiness or have feelings of couchlock and thus be able to continue your activities with a better mood and less pain.

If your back pain tends to get worse at night and makes it difficult for you to rest as you would like, maybe an Indica strain of Delta-8 like our Delta-8 Abacus 2.0, a little Delta-8 Fruit Loops, or the classic Bubba Kush in its Delta-8 version depending on the terpene profile you are looking for. A good Indica strain with Delta-8 could alleviate some of your back pain and leave you in the perfect mood to cozy up, cuddle up in bed, and have a break like you haven't had in a long time.

If you're looking for more discreet, inhaled help with your back pain, a few puffs from the THCV/Delta-8 live resin cartridge could do wonders. Another advantage of this vape cartridge is that being live resin, it is full of terpenes, which could also offer some additional help for the pain and help in the absorption and effectiveness of the accompanying cannabinoids.

The THCV live resin + Delta-8 cartridge is also Sativa in nature and also offers a quicker and more discreet way to get your Delta-8 fix without leaving any residue or completely flooding the room with the smell of a joint. Therefore, it is an excellent option for aiding pain during the daytime and in closed places or where you must remain discreet.

If you don´t feel too attracted to smoking but still want the extra help that terpenes offer, our live resin Delta-8 tincture might be the right choice for you. This tincture contains an effective combination of 1000mg of CBD blended with 500mg of Delta-8, which can be really helpful as extra help for back pain and other pain. The tincture also offers a convenient way to reap the benefits of Delta-8, as all you need to do is ingest a few drops of the tincture to begin experiencing the effects of Delta-8. 

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