Delta-9 And Sex

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There has been a long-standing relationship between cannabis and sex. Today, we are specifically talking about Delta-9 THC and sex. For those of you who don't know, Delta-9 THC is the regular form of THC that is what people are generally talking about when anybody refers to THC. It's the stuff that intoxicates you and gets you high. If you are new to the world of cannabis, you might not know this, but Delta-9 THC can indeed have a positive effect on your sex life. Today, we want to take a closer look at exactly how Delta-9 THC might affect your sex life. As you are about to see, generally speaking, Delta-9 THC is going to be beneficial for your sex life. What it really comes down to is that sex does appear to be better after consuming cannabis.

Delta-9 and Sex

Delta-9 THC, or cannabis in general, does share a fairly interesting relationship with sex. Many people like to smoke up or take some edibles before they have sex, claiming that it has various benefits for them. However, is this really the case? Does Delta-9 THC or cannabis help improve your sex life? Of course, this is somewhat subjective; everybody does react differently to THC. It might help increase some people's satisfaction and improve their sex life, whereas for other people it might have the opposite effect. Yet, generally speaking (according to most anecdotal evidence) most people do say that THC does improve their sex life, not make it worse. So, if you and your partner are getting bored or just want to spice things up a bit, trying some Delta-9 THC before a love making session might just be the answer. Some people might just like feeling high or intoxicated, but it goes much further than that. Let's move on and figure out exactly what kinds of effects Delta-9 THC might have on your sex life.

Cannabis Effects on Sex Life

So the heading might say cannabis, but we are focusing on Delta-9 THC. Sure, there are also implications that CBD can be good for your sex life. In general, CBD is thought to be beneficial for relieving anxious thoughts, relieving stress, and making you feel just a bit calmer and more relaxed. Thus for many people, CBD is a good way to help relieve some of the anxiety that comes with having sex. Some people are just too stressed out or anxious about having sex, especially if they are doing so with a new partner. Stress and anxiety can lead to some performance issues, plus those feelings make it hard to communicate with your partner. So, yes, CBD may have a variety of benefits for your sex life, but what about Delta-9 THC? Indeed, there are some strong indications that Delta-9 THC and cannabis may have beneficial effects on your sex life (both for men and women) and this is according to a variety of studies. We usually don't like listing a bunch of statistics and numbers, but when it comes to cannabis and sex, there are indeed some very important and interesting figures that you will want to take a look at. Just take a look at some of the statistics listed below, according to one specific study on cannabis and sex. 216 people filled out questionnaires that asked them about their cannabis use and sexual experiences. Here is what they had to say:
  • One of the most important statistics to take into account is that nearly 74% of those participants said that they had increased sexual satisfaction. In other words, sex felt better for them.
  • Furthermore, nearly 66% of the participants also said that they had more intense orgasms. Once again, THC appears to make sex feel better for people.
  • Furthermore, nearly 75% of the participants also said that they were far more sensitive to touch.
  • At the same time, nearly 60% of the participants stated that they had an increased desire for sex, or in other words that their libido was much higher.
  • Next, roughly 70% of the participants said that they felt far more relaxed during sex, and over 50% said that they were better able to focus on what they were doing.
  • several participants reported having difficulty reaching an orgasm, with just about half of them saying that it was easier to reach orgasm after consuming THC.
So, what it boils down to is that Delta-9 THC may be able to help relax you a little bit and relieve some anxiety, so you feel more comfortable having sex and communicating with your partner. It might also help you focus on the task at hand. At the same time, Delta-9 THC does also appear to help increase sensitivity to touch, sexual feeling, and orgasm intensity. Furthermore, it also appears to help increase libido or sexual desire.

Edibles and Libido

According to the study, as stated above, cannabis does indeed help to increase libido and sexual desire. Now, it was not stated what form of cannabis these people consumed, whether they smoked, vaped, or ingested it. However, what you need to keep in mind here is that the high that you get from edibles is quite similar to the high you get from smoking or vaping, just usually a bit stronger and longer lasting. Therefore, it starts to reason that edible Delta-9 THC will also help to increase your libido or sexual desire. That said, there is an interesting caveat to consider here. This has to do mainly with Indica strains of cannabis. The reason we mention this is that Indica strains of cannabis are often known for making people feel sedated, tired, and downright lazy. If you feel like you are locked into your couch because you are so high and tired, chances are that you might not feel up for a long lovemaking session. Therefore, it does appear that the source of the THC, mainly the difference between Indica and Sativa, could make a difference here. If you want to increase your libido or sexual desire, you probably don't want to use cannabis that will sap your energy levels, which is what will likely happen if you smoke a large amount of high-THC Indica cannabis. Although this is not proven, really just general speculation, it is based on common sense. Either way, if you do want some Delta-9 THC before sex, it's probably best to stick with Sativa strains.

Best Delta-9 for Sex

If you are planning on taking some Delta-9 THC before sex, we recommend starting with a small dose. Our own Botany Farms Delta-9 Mixed Variety Microdose Gummies could be right for you. However, if you and your partner are more experienced with cannabis, check out our full-strength Delta-9 THC Mixed Variety Gummies! We absolutely recommend some Delta-9 sex, because it’s unlike anything else you’ve ever experienced! Thanks for stopping by! Why not check out some of our premium Delta 9 THC products:

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