Does CBD Reduce Fever?

Woman taking the temperature with a thermometer

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In the best of minds, no one would be ignoring the importance of health in their lives. A general thought of catching simple flu and not being able to be your true self is distressing. Isn’t that almost a bad ‘trip’ when you have to lay on the bed even when you want to get out? Having a sore throat and weakness crawling in your bones can be mentally and physically challenging. For most weed smokers and water-soluble CBD enthusiasts, it’s been a long-standing question一whether can cannabis help you get through fever, nausea, body pain, and other symptoms of the flu? Aspirins and Paracetamols are the most sought-after substances when it comes to home care for flu or general fevers, but maybe cannabis can get the third place among these top treatments. With broad-spectrum CBD now proven to help with symptoms of COVID-19 itself, it makes one think if CBD could actually be a herbal and safe option for home treatment of regular cases of fever. CBD gummies and delta 8 THC can be mood lifters in cases of stress, muscle spasms, and even period pains. Thus, it is certain that the plant has the ability to cure inflammation in the body. Does CBD reduce fever? Let’s find out. We hope you feel better! Why not give the soothing effects of Botany Farms CBD a try?

What is a Fever?

According to the NHS, the average adult has at least one feverish stage through the change of seasons. It might be a mild non-recognizable one but a fever nonetheless. Fever in adults is defined with the body temperature being higher than the 100.4°F mark. Temperature measurements shall be accurate to diagnose a fever since the normal body temperature of a resting adult is 37C. You’ll certainly know when the fever hits you. If you don’t see yourself dizzy and want to stay in blankets during a fever, you shall get your immunity in check. When your body goes into the fever stage, it generally leaves you with a hot body and a red face. You must have had people touch your forehead to see if you’re smoldering hot. In many cases, skin heat might not be detectable, but the comfort of just being in a place is lost. Sudden heat waves followed by shivering cold are the general feelings during a fever. Keeping a digital thermometer at home might be worthwhile if you’re someone or live with someone who has low immunity. Regular seasonal changes and outdoor activities can very easily bring on the fever or flu in a person. Keeping the temperatures in check will always help you make decisions for hospitalization because many fevers are not just flu. You can get a digital thermometer easily from a pharmacist, which is an accurate temperature measurement.

What Causes a Fever?

Fevers have several explanations for their origin. It can be more than just seasonal flu and sometimes just because of stress. The most common reason for getting a fever is that your body is trying to protect itself from infection. When illness-causing bacteria and other germs make their move, our immune system plays safe and jumps into action. It starts attacking the germ cells and tries to terminate them with the one thing they cannot take一 heat. Thus the fever is just a side-effect of your white-blood cells trying to fight the infections. A fever can be gone within a few hours or after days, based on the kind of infection and what it’s affecting. It’s not that every time you get a fever, it is an infection trying to get you. Inflammation is another major cause of a fever. In case of dietary intolerance, trauma to the tissues, musculoskeletal issues, and sleep depravity, fever is likely to knock at your door. If you’re feverish very often and have pain in your body parts, it is advisable to book an appointment with a doctor. Most people with chronic inflammation or fever wouldn’t want to go to the doctors too often or pop pills on every uncomfortable occasion. It takes a toll on mental health and may cause other long term side-effects. Then, how can you treat fever in a more natural, safe way?

How Can CBD Help?

If you’re an avid reader of CBD and cannabis journals and want to know if CBD can reduce fever, you’re fortunate because it does. The hypothalamus is an important part that controls the temperature of the body. So when it gets a signal from the body that there is an intrusion, it starts overworking to burn out the infection. Here comes our herb's power, a natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory substance. Recently, it has been researched that the acids from the cannabis plant kill off the SarS Novel Coronavirus. As we’ve discussed earlier, fever is not an illness caused by specific germs. It is, in fact, the side-effect of any sort of infection. CBD simply helps the body fight off the symptoms caused by infections: the overworking of the thalamus, the uncomfortably hot feeling, and body aches. Since CBD takes away the cause of the fever, the thalamus instantly gets calm, and body temperature drops. CBD and THC gummies also reduce the strain on the body due to the fever and cause a relaxing effect which is known to cause muscle relaxation and relieve anxiety. It is the best way to get some sleep when you have a fever. Better sleep ultimately leads to a better healing process and more space for the body to eradicate infectious germs. Hence, when it comes to home care for fever, you can count on CBD to relieve you of these uncomfortable feelings.

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