Does Delta 8 Speed up Your Metabolism

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A fast metabolism is something many people would love to have. Processing, absorbing, and using the nutrients you eat is essential to maintaining an ideal weight and even good health. But we know that a fast metabolism is a dietary blessing that not everyone has.

Fortunately, there are many different ways that we can affect our body's metabolic rate a bit. There are some who believe that our metabolism could be influenced by certain cannabinoids such as Delta-8. But, it may not be as easy as taking Delta-8 and expecting our metabolism to change magically.

If you want to know if Delta-8 can actually speed up your metabolism or how you can use this cannabinoid as a complementary tool for weight loss, you need to read this!

What is Delta 8 THC?

Cannabis is a plant as complex as it is controversial. It contains over 100 biochemical compounds that occur naturally and from which even other compounds can be derived. As you begin to research cannabis, you start to hear about some of these compounds, among which are cannabinoids.

Without a doubt, the most popular cannabinoids are CBD and THC or Delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol. But, other cannabinoids have been gaining incredible popularity, especially in recent years in the regulated market. Among these is Delta-8 THC, which is also an isomer of the famous THC but with a slight change in molecular structure that slightly alters the effects that this cannabinoid generates.

For this reason, many people have doubts about what Delta-8 feels like. The answer is not that complicated. Delta-8 THC, being a form of THC, is also psychoactive. Still, unlike its better-known cousin Delta-9 THC, the effects generated by Delta-8 are slightly less intense and cause less sedation, leaving users with more clear-minded feelings compared to the effects of Delta-9.

This characteristic makes the effects of Delta-8 more bearable and manageable for many people or even a favorite of some people who want to experience psychoactive effects but do not like to smoke until they are “stoned.”

Another curious feature of Delta-8 is that most commercially available Delta-8 comes from hemp-derived CBD. This is because Delta-8 occurs naturally in cannabis but only in small traces.

If you are wondering if Delta-8 is legal, the most straightforward answer is yes. The 2018 Farm Bill only makes the controversial Delta-9 THC illegal. So, being a hemp-derived cannabinoid and not having a direct relationship with Delta-9, Delta-8 THC is technically legal under federal government regulations.

Nonetheless, each state and city has its own laws regarding cannabis and its derivative products. While in some states and towns, Delta-9-rich cannabis may be legal, in other places, even some hemp products may be restricted. In any case, it is best always to check local laws to avoid any inconvenience. Information on the legality of cannabinoids is always changing as laws and regulations are amended.

Delta-8 and Weight Loss

There is anecdotal evidence to suggest that cannabis used correctly could help aid weight loss. But this can especially apply to specific cannabinoids like Delta-8.

Scientists believe that the ability of cannabis to influence the reduction or increase of appetite has to do with the fact that cannabis acts on the hypothalamus, a part of the brain responsible for regulating appetite, among other functions.

However, Delta-8 has not been proven to be as effective in aiding weight loss as other drugs like olanib, orlistat, or sibutramine since Delta-8's appetite-suppressing qualities may not work the same way in everyone.

While in some users, Delta-8 might work as a supplement to aid weight loss by inducing an excellent mood for exercise, giving an energy boost, and mildly suppressing appetite, in some people, high amounts of Delta-8 could rather cause more hunger or cravings.

Does Delta-8 Increase Appetite?

Delta-8, like Delta-9, may have the potential to stimulate appetite, Delta-8 does so in a very interesting way as there is evidence from studies on mice that suggests that this cannabinoid could help with weight loss while making you eat more.

Does this sound confusing? Maybe so, but a 2004 study revealed one of the most surprising characteristics of this cannabinoid. This rodent study conducted by the Department of Human Nutrition and Metabolism at Hebrew University suggests that very low doses of Delta-8 may increase food intake while altering neurotransmitters associated with weight loss.

This researchers examined mice treated with Delta-8, Delta-9, and an antagonist. The results showed that the Delta-8-treated mice consumed more food than the Delta-9-treated group, while mass performance and brain activity remained similar. This suggests that Delta-8 could positively impact metabolism and aid in weight loss as the Delta-8 treated mice ate 22% more than usual and, during that time, lost 20% of their original body weight.

Of course, this does not mean that the same effect would be seen in humans and much more research needs to be conducted to determine the consistency of these findings.

Does Delta-8 Cause The Munchies?

Yes, Delta-8 could cause munchies in some people. Delta-8 is a close cousin of Delta-9, so it also has psychoactive properties and can cause the famous munchies that some strains of cannabis generate.

However, since the effects of Delta-8 are milder than those of Delta-9, the munchies caused by the Delta-8 high might be more controllable for some people, making it easier to avoid. Though it’s important to stress that everyone responds differently to cannabinoids.

Likewise, if you experience munchies while you're high on Delta-8, we recommend eating healthy foods in small amounts to not waste cravings or hunger on empty calories. This way, you stay healthy, and if you try to stick to a diet or eating plan, you will not fall short of your diet goals by consuming foods that hinder your intention to lose weight.

Does Delta-8 Suppress Appetite?

Although Delta-8 may not suppress your appetite the way appetite suppressing medications would, many cannabis users believe Delta-8 is a natural appetite suppressant. It is good to remember that appetite can often be one of the symptoms derived from anxiety, not a sign that our body needs more food.

In addition, cannabis stimulates the hypothalamus, which within its functions, also regulates appetite. This is why some cannabinoids like Delta-8 or Delta-9 could also generate munchies in some cases. Considering that sometimes this "hunger" is just a symptom derived from anxiety, we could choose a strain among the Delta-8 varieties that are great for reducing anxiety.

For example, small doses of cultivars like Delta-8 Zombie Kush could calm anxiety without necessarily inducing cravings or what many know as munchies. There are also other cannabinoids with the ability to reduce appetite, such as THCV. Therefore, taking products that combine Delta-8 with THCV, such as our THCV live resin with Delta-8, could increase the appetite-suppressing qualities of both cannabinoids.

In short, Delta-8 does not suppress our appetite in the direct way we might want it to. But, in reducing stress, it may have the potential to reduce stress-related cravings. Though this would make Delta-8 a relatively unreliable appetite suppressor.

Does Delta-8 Help With Weight Loss?

Delta-8 and other cannabis-derived products and organic compounds may help you lose weight in different ways depending on how much you consume and how you consume them.

For example, some Delta-8 strains are great for energy and boosting motivation, which can give you the drive you need to hit the gym or do your daily exercise routines to help you lose weight.

With the boom, acceptance, and growing popularity that cannabis has lately, some athletes, even at a professional level, use cannabinoids such as CBD or Delta-8 THC to relieve residual pain after exercise or before exercising to increase momentum, encouragement, and prepare the body for movement.

Unfortunately, as stated above, this isn't exactly a fool-proof and direct method to lose weight, but a roundabout motivator for other activities that might help you lose weight.

Does Delta-8 Speed Up Your Metabolism?

Although there is not enough evidence to make such a claim, there is much speculation as to whether Delta-8 could increase metabolism. The little scientific evidence available on this subject suggests that Delta-8 could positively impact appetite and food assimilation without significantly affecting your body mass index.

In fact, a recent meta-analysis of the relationship between cannabis and body mass index suggests that cannabis users have lower body mass indexes and obesity with higher calorie intake compared to non-users.

In addition to this, a survey review published in 2011 concluded that obesity rates were higher among people who reported not using cannabis compared to those who used cannabis at least three times a week.

There is also a study published shortly before that found similar results. Of course, much of this research is currently based on self-reporting, so there’s much more work to be done before this question can be answered.

How To Naturally Boost Metabolism

Metabolism is responsible for converting nutrients from food into fuel for the body. Although the term metabolism describes the different chemical reactions that occur in the body to keep it alive and functioning, people often use this word to refer to the basal metabolic rate, which is the number of calories we burn at rest.

The higher our basal metabolic rate, the more calories we burn while at rest, and this is what people associate with a better metabolism or faster metabolism. Different factors such as diet, health status, sex, age, and body size can affect metabolism.

But, there are also various natural ways in which we can speed up our basal metabolic rate. Some of these ways are:

Drink more water: A 2013 study suggests that drinking 17 ounces of water could induce thermogenesis and increase metabolism by up to 30% for an hour or so. However, we need more scientific evidence to substantiate this argument.

If the goal is to lose weight, drinking more water instead of sugary drinks may be more effective since sugary drinks contain calories, so replacing sugary drinks with water automatically reduces your calorie intake.

Increase protein intake per meal: when eating, our metabolism increases for a few hours generating an effect called the thermic effect of food or "TEF," which is caused by the extra calories required to process, digest, and absorb nutrients from food. Protein causes the most significant increase in TEF since it expends up to 30% of its usable energy in metabolism.

Spending more time standing: spending too much time sitting can have adverse effects on health and can make you gain weight since while we remain seated, we burn fewer calories.

In addition, a 2018 review suggests that standing and walking to work may be related to a decrease in cardiometabolic risk scores or CMR, weight, body fat index, waist circumference, total HDL cholesterol index, triglycerides, systolic and diastolic blood pressure, and insulin.

High-intensity exercises: Doing high-intensity interval training or "HIIT" means exercising with fast and very intense bursts of activity. This type of training could help burn more fat since it increases the metabolic rate even after finishing your routine.

If this type of exercise is safe for you, it could help burn fat as it proves to be more effective in increasing metabolism than other types of exercise.

Muscle training: metabolically, muscle is more active than fat. This is why doing workouts to build muscle could help you speed up your metabolism and burn more fat on a daily basis, even at rest. Evidence suggests that lifting weights may help you retain muscle and counteract the drop in metabolism that occurs with weight loss.

Get enough rest: There seems to be a direct relationship between lack of sleep and an increased risk of obesity. This may have a lot to do with the negative effects of sleep deprivation on metabolism.

Apparently, lack of sleep can affect levels of the hunger hormone called ghrelin and leptin, which is the hormone that controls satiety. There also appears to be a relationship between lack of sleep and insulin resistance levels and an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

Where Can I Buy Delta-8 THC?

Thanks to the incredible popularity of cannabis and its derivative products and the openness regarding the regulation of certain cannabinoids, it is possible to obtain Delta-8 products in many places and dispensaries.

Nevertheless, this same popularity leads to dodgy retailers selling dubious quality products that can end up generating unwanted effects or even endangering some users' health.

This is why we recommend getting products of excellent quality and tested by third-party laboratories that ratify the cannabinoid content of each product.

At Botany Farms, we have a wide variety of Delta-8 products like Delta-8 gummies, tinctures, vape cartridges, and some delicious Delta-8 strains that can be really effective in helping you improve metabolism, reduce your appetite, or lose weight when using them in the right way.

All you have to do to get any of these products is to enter our online store, order your favorite products, and see your order arrive at your home so fast that you won´t believe it. 

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