Does Marijuana Enhance Sex

Does weed enhance sex

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Table Of Contents
When talking about pleasures in life, we can't deny that feeling the skin of a person you are attracted to or having a fun solo session is a great way to relax. What happens when we add a little cannabis to that relaxation? Scientists have been studying the relationship between cannabis and sex for years, trying to understand how the former might impact our sexual performance. Given this, many wonder whether marijuana enhances sex or changes anything at all. If you are curious, read on to learn more about this interesting topic. Thanks for stopping by. Why not give Botany Farms a try?

Sexual Frequency

Before going into detail about the relationship between cannabis and sex, it’s important to know that none of the current evidence we have on the effects of weed during sexual activity comes from self-reported surveys. This means that participants answer questions regarding drug use and sexual experience. These types of surveys aren’t very reliable, as they lack scientific support like drug tests and such to corroborate the hypothesis made by researchers. The reason why we don’t have scientific research that can properly support all the anecdotal evidence regarding cannabis and sex is because of its current prohibition. As a Schedule I substance, researchers can’t properly use cannabis to research individuals, making it difficult to obtain reliable information. Still, several indicators have made researchers believe that weed enhances sexual frequency. Based on a population-based survey made by the CDC, researchers studied the impact of cannabis on sexual frequency. After adjusting the data, they found that cannabis consumers had higher sexual frequency than those who didn’t use weed. This study was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, giving us some hints regarding the use of cannabis for increased sexual frequency.

Sexual Function in Women

Another study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine intended to analyze how cannabis impacted sexual function in women when taken prior to sex. The elements analyzed in this research included libido, arousal, sex drive, and orgasm. In addition, they also analyzed the frequency of cannabis use for satisfaction. During their annual check-ups, researchers interviewed 133 sexually active adult women at one particular academic ObGyn practice. Female patients completed a detailed questionnaire about marijuana use prior to intercourse. 38 women admitted to using cannabis before copulation.68% of the 38 women claimed it made their intercourse more joyful, 16% thought it damaged their sexual experience, and the remaining 16% were indecisive or clueless. Thanks to this study, we know that 34% of 373 participants use weed before sex. As a result, they had a notorious increase in sex drive, decreased pain, and enhanced orgasms. In addition, women who used cannabis before sex have a 2.13 higher probability of experiencing a satisfactory orgasm. The only variant that showed no change regarding cannabis consumption was lubrication, as it remained the same for all participants. In case you want to know more about weed and its effects on sexual activity in women, you can read our article on the best strains for female arousal.

Sexual Function in Men

Performance anxiety is the fear of not performing well in bed. For men, this issue can even generate erectile dysfunction, causing a complicated relationship between men and sex. Fortunately, cannabis has shown great anti-anxiety effects. This way, many men can ease their anxiety symptoms related to performance in bed. In addition, a 2017 study showed that cannabis can increase the sexual frequency and even lead to enhanced libido levels. Consuming a relaxing strain or a calming edible can be the right way to tackle those anxious thoughts and let your body take control. Still, it’s important to note that some other studies indicate that cannabis can potentially cause ED when taken daily in high doses. For that reason, we recommend choosing the right strains for male arousal and carefully dose your smoking sessions to avoid any further complications.

Longer Sessions

Lioness and Eaze created an in-depth survey to analyze how marijuana enhances sex. For this purpose, they shared an online survey with 432 Lioness subscribers in North America. Some users had previously used THC and CBD products such as vaporizers, edibles, and lubricants. Thanks to this survey, they discovered that when consuming cannabis before sex, 73% of participants stated to have longer partner sessions and 64% had a longer solo play. As of now, there isn’t a clear explanation for this effect, but we know that casually consuming cannabis before sex could definitely help you enjoy it for a bit longer.

More Orgasms

When consuming THC edibles and flower, 43% of participants achieved more orgasms during solo play and 48% had more during partnered sex. This is likely to happen because cannabis acts as a vasodilator, meaning it opens blood vessels to increase circulation. As a result, it affects the receptors and nerve pathways that allow you to feel external stimuli.

More Satisfaction

85% and 70% of respondents, respectively, reported cannabis improved the quality of their orgasms during solitary and paired sessions. The majority of participants found that using sex toys while smoking cannabis made them more pleasurable, whether they did so alone or with a partner. 87% of married persons fall into this category. Researchers also looked into the effects of THC and CBD on sex. Both cannabinoids, according to the report's findings, improved the sexual experience. CBD products, on the other hand, made orgasms "easier," and THC products made sessions more "intense and rewarding." For now, the relationship between cannabis and sex is still blurry and confusing. However, with laws changing all over the country, it’s about time we start having more insightful conversations about how we can include weed for our wellness, enjoyment, and connection with ourselves and others. Does marijuana enhance sex? There's only one way to know.

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