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Adding lime to your recipes is a great way to level up what otherwise would be a quite simple dish. Cannabis breeders know this better than anyone, which is why they’re often coming up with tangy creations that bring us, cannalovers, a taste of summer. Among all the citrus varieties of cannabis strains you can find on the market, no other is as refreshing and summer-y as the Dr. Lime strain. Learn more about this zesty strain in this article. While the Dr. is currently not in, why not give some of our indica leaning flower a try?

What is the Dr. Lime Strain

The upbeat Dr. Lime strain is a cross between Dr. Who and Limevine. There are several phenos for this strain, the #9 and #10 being the most popular. For an Indica-leaning high, the #9 variety is much more suitable, although it delivers uplifting energy that won’t send you to bed right away. The #10 pheno will get the creative juices flowing for those who seek creativity and focus, helping you create masterpieces. Later on, we will talk about the particular effects of the Dr. Lime strain.

Dr. Lime Strain Appearance

Overall, the Dr. Lime strain appearance is vibrant, with neon green and bright golden hairs decorating this beautiful nug. The #9 pheno tends to have more summer-y, gleaming colors, all of them coated in frosty trichomes. On the contrary, the #10 cut of Dr. Lime has purple hues hidden below its light green colors, with fiery orange hairs giving it a more complex look. Still, it’s just as highly coated in trichomes as its brother. Both phenos are fluffy and large, making them a tantalizing experience for any fruity strains lover.

Dr. Lime Strain Genetics

The Dr. Lime strain is a fantastic combination of two potent strains with delightful effects: Dr. Who and Limevine. These Indica and Sativa strains came together to give their child the best of their genes: bright colors, high THC levels, and mouth-watering flavors. The small nuggets of the Dr. Who strain often make it look like a weak bud. However, no one should underestimate the powerful buzz this strain offers. With a 23% THC content, the Dr. Who strain calms the senses and gives smokers the confidence to take in the world. Limevine is well known for its appealing lime flavor. This upbeat Sativa-leaning strain offers a smooth head high that brings you energy and focus, making you feel powerful and energized. Both of these strains give Dr. Lime its characteristic terpene profile and a combination of both bodily and heady sensations for your enjoyment.

THC Content

The Dr. Lime strain packs an average of 18-20% THC content. While it’s a high level of delta 9, most users won’t see it as a heavy high. On the contrary, the Dr. Lime strain offers a gentle buzz, giving both experimented and newbie smokers the opportunity to appreciate its effects.

Dr. Lime Strain Terpenes

Have you ever wondered why each cannabis strain has such different effects and flavors? Besides cannabinoids, other equally important particles make your smoking experience exciting. Terpenes are aromatic compounds that give plants their specific aromas and flavors. In the case of the Dr. Lime strain, myrcene, pinene, limonene, and linalool are the most abundant ones. Let’s take a look at each one of them.
  • Myrcene: the most abundant terpene in the cannabis plant is famous for a reason: its mango aromas and woody notes are accompanied by soothing effects.
  • Pinene: thanks to pinene’s fresh pine aromas, people experience some anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects from their cannabis buds.
  • Limonene: the second most occurring terpene in nature is what makes the Dr. Lime strain smell of lemon and make you feel at peace thanks to its anti-anxiety effects.
  • Linalool: this soothing terpene brings you comfort thanks to its lavender and floral notes, making it a popular terpene among Indica buds.

Dr. Lime Strain Effects

As a hybrid strain, you can expect the Dr. Lime strain to bring you both body and mind effects. Because of its comfortable high, you can smoke this strain both during the daytime and nighttime without the fear of feeling drowsy or lazy. The smoke is smooth, and the high builds up slowly. Dr. Lime makes you feel aware of your senses, connecting body and mind for a relaxing smoking session. You’ll feel your limbs relaxed, peaceful and calm thoughts, and an overall feeling of security. If you have trouble sleeping or dealing with anxiety symptoms, the Dr. Lime strain is a perfect way to get rid of these issues, as it gives you a mellow buzz that leaves you with nothing but relaxation and focus.

Dr. Lime Strain Reported Flavors

Upon exhale, a limey note appears in the back. The Dr. Lime strain has spicy and herbal flavors reminiscent of a summer cocktail. Your palate will be surprised with the intense flavors of this bud, as they add up to the uplifting effect they offer.

Strains like Dr. Lime Strain

Those into tangy, zesty buds may want to try strains similar to the Dr. Lime strain. Fortunately for you, Botany Farms has a wide selection of Sativa strains with similar effects to Dr. Lime's. Imagine sweet citrus and berries combined with sour diesel in a single bud. All of this while receiving a grounding effect thanks to CBD, a lighter and softer version of the infamous THC. If you want to indulge in this sweet smoke, try the Sour Elektra strain, a bud known for its euphoric effects and mood-boosting properties.

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