Dream n Sour Strain

Dream n Sour Strain

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Soar through the sky with the Dream n Sour strain, a delicious Sativa with effects that will make you float in a space of energy, creativity, and happiness. Rarely do we come across Sativa strains that don't leave us tired after the high is over.

In this review of the Dream n Sour strain, we want to convince you to explore new horizons to have pleasurable, delicious experiences, and with a high that’s just right. Thanks for stopping by. We don't currently have Dream n Sour, but why not give these a try?

What is the Dream n Sour Strain

Dream n Sour is a Sativa-dominant strain that comes from the potent Blue Dream and Sour Jack strains. The breeders at Sin City seeds decided to create an energetic bud that is a total delight for those who seek to feel creative and focused without drowsy effects.

Thanks to its medium-high THC content, the Dream n Sour strain is perfect for newbies and experts alike, delivering a buzzy high that will make your day brighter and your spirit wild and free.

Dream n Sour Strain Appearance

The bright green colors of the Dream n Sour strain announce its potent effects and possible outcomes. Its shiny appearance is thanks to a heavy trichome coat, making it look dense and sweet. All of this goodness is decorated with fiery orange hairs that give it an incredibly appealing final look.

Dream n Sour Strain Genetics

When two powerful buds come together, it’s impossible to get a bad strain. The iconic Sour Jack and Blue Dream combined its best traits to give the Dream n Sour strain all it needs to be a great Sativa-dominant strain. 

Blue Dream is a slightly Sativa dominant strain with a high CBD content. Its inheritance from Blueberry gives it the sweet berry taste that earned it its name. Its cerebral stimulation is perfect for a brainstorming session while lying in bed.

As for Sour Jack, it is the proud son of Jack Herer and Sour Diesel. This lighting bolt is ideal for those who need an energy boost and enjoy fruity flavors. With such an impressive lineage, there’s no doubt that the Dream n Sour strain is one of a kind. Below, you’ll learn how its THC levels make it so perfect for those who seek the right dose without overdoing cannabis.

THC Content

Dream n Sour will never be a low-potency strain, and it will not be in the future. The average THC content ranges from 20 to 24%, and only some batches can appeal to newbies, testing at 15%. Make sure you know your limitations when using this strain, as Sativas are renowned for causing panic when consumed in excess.

Dream n Sour Strain Effects

Daydreaming doesn’t really hurt anyone, and whenever you need to snap out of it, the Dream n Sour strain will still keep your ideas fly and wonderful. This bud is ideal for those who need a boost of energy later in the day or at the start of it.

If you’re dedicated to your craft, a few puffs of the Dream n Sour strain will keep that creativity and energy flow going, as it uplifts your spirit and helps you refresh your thoughts. In fact, many users have stated that it helps them concentrate better on multiple tasks, allowing them to give their 100%.

Avoid using the Dream n Sour strain, as it will give your mind too much stimulation to let you get some sleep. Instead, use during the day and make the most out of its effects to treat symptoms of conditions like arthritis, PTSD, anxiety, fatigue, and headaches.

Overindulging in this bud carries its consequences. Dry mouth, paranoia, and nausea are some of the negative effects you could experience when consuming more THC than your body can take.

Dream n Sour Strain Reported Flavors

Fresh pine and berry aromas will fill the air around you. When smoking, tantalizing vanilla, grapefruit, and diesel hints caress your palate. Now, you’re definitely in a dream where sweet, and piney terpenes play around to give you an aromatic high that doesn’t wear off for a long time.

The terpenes responsible for the amazing cocktail of flavors of the Dream n Sour strain are phellandrene, myrcene, and terpineol. This is a very rare combination of terpenes, so if you’re into exploring new tastes and aromas, give the Dream n Sour strain a try.

Dream n Sour Strain Growing Info

Whether you are a farmer or enjoy growing your own flower, the Dream n Sour will thrive with the most basic care and environment. While it thrives best indoors, outdoor growing is also possible.

Thanks to its Sativa lineage, it grows about 30-60 inches. After 10 weeks, it would have passed its flowering stage, giving you beautiful bright green buds with a yield of about 0.5-1 Oz/Ft indoors. There’s nothing better than a wake-n-bake session for those foggy days.

If you can’t find the Dream n Sour strain and want something that doesn’t make you high, check out our Sour Elektra strain. This CBD powerhouse has a sweet citrus and sour diesel flavor profile, giving you a delicious smoke that pairs well with its uplifting effects and stress-free properties.

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