Durban Haze Strain Review

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If you are looking for a new place to visit for the next vacations, Durban is the ultimate holiday destination. The sunny weather, warm Indian Ocean, and warm Mozambique Current make Durban be dubbed South Africa's playground.

However, you don’t need to get on a plane to South Africa to enjoy the amazing atmosphere of Durban. Durban Haze is a popular sativa-dominant strain among cannabis lovers. This potent strain is the result of the cross of Durban Poison with an unknown Haze strain, both containing a great terpene profile and high THC levels.

With a 25% THC content, Durban Haze is a strain perfect to gain motivation and creativity. You can recognize its classic earthy and woody flavor with hints of fruits. Its thick coating of amber crystal trichomes and round green nugs promise a head-hitting high that will take you to unknown lands.


We can find moderate levels of Limonene, Myrcene and Camphene. For this reason, Durban Haze has characteristic earthy, herbal and woody flavors along with some spicy notes.


Because it has a sativa-dominant profile, a Durban Haze strain will boost both your mental and physical energy. The high provided by Durban Haze will infuse a sense of creativity and motivation.

Although the high THC content of this strain is not recommended for those who suffer from anxiety, you can use Durban Haze for chronic pain, depression, fatigue, nausea, and headaches. You will experience its effects after 15-30 minutes of dosing.

Additionally, we can find some properties in the terpenes Durban Haze contains that will certainly have an impact on the body as well. To begin with, Myrcene is a molecule that contributes to sedating effects and is also a muscle relaxant.

Limonene is responsible for stress relief, depression, and antifungal and antibacterial properties which makes Durban Haze useful in treating certain conditions. On the other hand, the Camphene present in Durban Haze is also partly responsible for its herbal undertone,

This strain is thought to possess anti-inflammatory and antibiotic characteristics and is great as a treatment against bacteria When it comes to negative effects, you can experience anxiety if you have low THC tolerance. In addition, some users experience dry eyes, dizziness and cottonmouth.

Durban Haze Strain Genetics

This amazing strain has two potent parents, both being strong sativa buds. Durban Poison, a landrace strain from South Africa, and an unknown member of the Haze family, provide Durban Haze with the great properties it has to give consumers an uplifting high.


Durban Poison is a strain with a 24% THC level that is one of medical marijuana patients’ favorite. This sativa strain has citrus, piney and pungent flavors that hide the strong high it delivers after a few drags. Durban Poison is an effective treatment for ADHD, anxiety, fatigue and migraines.

Even if we don’t know much about the Haze strain that was used in the creation of Durban Haze, there is plenty of information about these kinds of strains to help us know more about its properties. Haze strains are the most popular sativa-dominant cannabis among consumers.

Its average 15% THC content makes this strain a popular choice for farmers to develop new strains, incorporating the amazing benefits of sativa strains like energy, focus, euphoria, creativity and relaxation for the whole body.

Grow Information

Since it has a strong Haze phenotype, you will see Durban Haze has strong stems and heavy branches, with round and dense buds. Although it requires some attention to make sure it is robust enough, the weather won’t be too much of a problem for this strain. You will have glowing, terpene-rich buds by the end of September when grown outdoors.

Flowering Time

  • 50 - 70 days.


  • 16 ounces per plant (dry whole plant material)

If interested in the well-being effects of Durban Haze, you can find similar strains that provide the amazing benefits of this flower without the high. Botany Farms offers the popular Suver Haze, an energizing sativa-dominant CBD flower that has a sweet and earthy aroma with black pepper notes.

Its sativa properties are perfect to use before kicking off a long day, calming your body while activating your brain. You can pair Suver Haze with your morning coffee to have a nice energy boost. As a plus, it has a 21.3% CBD content, which will provide the many benefits of this cannabinoid in major levels.

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