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El Jefe strain

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Plants are exciting things, aren’t they? Pollination from a white rose can result in pink roses on a red rose plant. And with a constantly changing landscape for marijuana use and growing, there are a lot of plant enthusiasts who keep experimenting with strains from different origins.

Many strains in the market today are not of a native origin. Unlike strains like Afghan Kush (which originate from the Middle East and East Asia), many new strains emerge through cross-pollination of different strains of cannabis plants. As a result, each of these strains has different healing and high provisioning characteristics.

When we talk about ‘medical marijuana,’ most of the patients and users come from groups where sleepless nights are common. Chronic stress and anxiety, be it because of work, socializing with the wrong group, or just cleaning your house, can be the main reason behind insomnia.

Since insomnia is a serious issue where a person really cannot sleep, weed strains can also be used for low sleep quality. Calming the mind is a significant benefit of weed, and you can mix many strains to come up with the right amount of Indica effects. One such hybrid strain that produces the right effects for your insomnia is El Jefe (The Boss). We do not currently have El Jefe, but we have worthy alternatives.

El Jefe Lineage

Knowing the parents of your favorite bud is necessary to ensure you both get along well. The parents of El Jefe strain are two very stern breeds of cannabis plants- The Rare Dankness #1 Strain and Abusive OG Strain. And just like the child, the parents too are hybrid strains that share values with their strong Indica ancestors.

The Rare Dankness #1 strain is an Indica dominant strain with 70% Indica and 30% Sativa nature. The other parent, Abusive OG, is true to its name and gets you higher than Bubba Kush, which is considered strong by some pros out there. The 100% Indica Abusive OG gives the main characteristics to El Jefe’s high. Because of the strong Indica content, El Jefe makes you hold the couch like a boss.

El Jefe THC Content

El Jefe strain contains the qualities of Indica and Sativa but has more Indica properties because of the Abusive OG strain, which is a hundred percent Indica. While most users say it is a balanced strain, El Jefe strain is actually an Indica heavy hybrid that ensures that you calm down to the core and have fun even with nothingness.

El Jefe, by calculation, is 70% Indica and 30% Sativa making it less energetic/creative and more of a couch lock high. While there is no CBD content in this bud, it has a 22-25% THC content, making it a pretty high-flying strain.

El Jefe Strain Effects

The boss strain is pretty stiff when it comes to inducing high. Within the first 4-5 puffs, your lungs will know that the cavalry has walked in. In a short while, El Jefe will hit you with a headrush that climbs to your head with strong energy. There is your WOAH moment.

The strike of THC slowly finds its way through your bloodstream, and the high spreads through your spine, giving you a relaxed feeling. The full effect of El Jefe brings a body high that helps chill and also adds some mental focus with a cerebral high, just in case you’re watching a Nolan flick.

El Jefe Flavors and Aroma

El Jefe smells and tastes just like its looks. When you look at it, you’ll see a dark strain with light orange undertones and sticky trichomes. The high Indica content makes its base aroma spicy that is infused in the air right when you light it up. The orange undertones are also a sense of flavor and fragrance because the light lemon zest taste and prickly aroma of dank pine trees are felt with every puff.

El Jefe Growing Info

The hybrid strain is a bit difficult to grow in standard conditions. El Jefe is a bud that can be grown both outdoors and indoors. All it requires is a sub-humid Mediterranean climate. Proper pruning in earlier stages can yield within 7-9 weeks.

El Jefe Benefits

As an Indica heavy strain, El Jefe can be used for various symptoms like chronic depression, insomnia, stress, and muscle spasms. The relaxing effect of the strain makes it a great stimulant of appetite and helps those troubles with nausea as well.

Like most mixed-breed strains, El Jefe is also a hybrid of two different Indica and Sativa dominant strains. El Jefe is practically new in the long list of hybrid strains but has been promising at providing relief close to a delta-8 THC flower.

All in all, it is a bud that has a leaning towards its Indica parent. It has better calming effects and sleep-inducing high like a strong Indica dominant straight. So for insomniacs, it is literally the boss for sleepless nights.

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