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Florence hemp flower

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All the emotions you experience throughout the day because of work, family, studies, love, friends, or the lack of any of those may feel like a hurricane. Fortunately, a bud like Florence can always make things better.

Officially named Hurricane Florence, this balanced hybrid hemp strain is high in CBD, with a concentration of 10.7% and total cannabinoids of 14.74%. With no psychoactive effects but with the benefits of CBD, the Florence hemp strain is perfect for any time of the day. 


The Florence hemp strain has a sweet, fruity flavor that is delightful to your taste as soon as it touches your tongue. It accompanies intense notes of pine that last after the smoke leaves your mouth. The combination of the sweet fruit and the tingly pine offers an aftertaste you wish could last forever.

This strain smells as it tastes, which makes the effects of the terpenes endure in the cloud of smoke while it fills the room. The Florence hemp strain sets the mood for a good time, letting a pleasant aroma in and the bad vibes out.

The profile of this strain is worthy of any outdoor or indoor session, so you can have it if you go for a walk in nature or if you prefer staying home working, watching a moody movie, or hanging around with your friends.


The effects of the Florence hemp strain can help relieve a wide variety of physical and mental malaises. In every smoke, you can feel how it allows your body to feel a sense of warmth, calm, and well-being that will give an emotional boost and physical alleviation of mild aches.

Along with the above comes a heightened level of concentration and focus that genuinely helps to improve your performance on creative tasks. Moreover, the Florence hemp strain can decrease any kind of physical and emotional stress, so you can take away the storms of your day and decide how to live it your way.

Due to its vast spectrum of benefits and its lack of psychoactive effects, the Florence strain is perfect any time of the day or night you wish to make it better.

Florence Hemp Strain Genetics

A genuinely unique cultivar, the Florence hemp strain is a fantastic cross between BaOx and Otto II. The Florence hemp strain features gorgeous medium-sized dark green buds with wisps of purple running through it. It inherits its ancestors’ beautiful phenotype and CBD content, claimed to be some of the most beautiful hemp flowers and high-quality daytime effects, making Florence a hemp strain you would love to own and try.


The BaOx hemp flower is dense, sticky, and packed full of a wide variety of cannabinoids, thanks to the excellent genetics of its ancestors: Otto II and the Hindu Kush, that fortunately pass to Florence. This CBD Sativa-dominant combination is ideal for unwinding, whether as a preparation for sleep or to manage anxiety throughout the day without feeling too sedated.

Otto II is one of the prettiest flowers you could ever see. It is primarily purple with green details covered by bright, beautiful orange hairs. The most striking of it all is the coat of tons of visible crystals of frosty-like trichomes. This stain has an earthy and citrus aroma and tastes like wood and lemon.

Growth Information

The Florence hemp strain is ideal for growing indoors with a warm climate and preferably with sunlight. This strain grows fast, taking early a vigorous texture capable of resisting brusque climate changes. Still, of course, it deserves a constant temperature and a lot of discipline so it can grow with the whole of its benefits.

Flowering Time

  • 70 - 77 days

Florence Hemp Strain Price

Florence is for sure a strain you must own and try, and if you like should share some of it with your friends. You can buy it online for 24.99 USD for a quantity of 3.5 grams, 7 grams for 38.00 USD, or 1 ounce for 89.99 USD. Enjoy your hemp and your life with the strength of a hurricane.

Florence is an attractive hemp strain to own and, so maybe you want to learn about other strains that do just as fine as this one. In that case, Botany Farms offers the balanced hybrid Sour Space Candy hemp strain. This top-quality herb comes from Botany Farms, a reliable vendor that cares about giving users the chance to have a trustworthy provider in the market.

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