Florida Gold Strain Review

Florida Gold Strain

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Table Of Contents
This bud is a literal goldmine of THC, as it reaches more than 20% of this mighty cannabinoid, making it the powerful tier of cannabis strains with similar amounts. Florida Gold is an indica-dominant hybrid from the Grow Your Own (G.Y.O.) product line by DNA Genetics. The Florida Gold strain is a vivid, colorful bud with a variety of fresh aromas, much like what we may think of when we see Florida’s sunshine. This potent hybrid strain is obtained from crossing Florida OG x Jew Gold cut and features strong pine and lemon flavors combined with the powerful aroma of the classic OG Kush. We don't have this specific strain, but check out our other indica leaning hybrids:


Florida Gold is clearly dominant in pinene and myrcene, followed by limonene and caryophyllene. Each of these terpenes is the one enabling Florida Gold’s main characteristics.The buds of Florida Gold are thick and elongated and are filled with aromas and flavors of stinky citrus, diesel, spice, and pine. The strain is not as intense as other Kush buds, and could even let you go without being completely glued to the couch for your afternoon. Nevertheless, it will definitely hit you. First, pinene is an aromatic compound commonly found in cannabis that is responsible for giving a scent like a forest of pine trees to Florida Gold. It can be useful for pain, inflammation, and anxiety. Then, limonene is commonly associated with fruity and citrus aromas. Probably you will think that Florida Gold smells like cleaning products and it is because of this terpene, yet you will only taste a lemony smoke. Moreover, it is believed to provide stress relief and has antidepressant properties. Caryophyllene delivers a spicy, funky warmth to the nose, similar to cinnamon and cloves. This terpenes is the best for stress relief and reducing anxiety. Lastly, myrcene is responsible for the peppery, spicy, balsam fragrance in this strain and has therapeutic calming effects.


With its calming abilities, the high provided by the Florida Gold strain is strong; it will come first with a euphoric head buzz sitting heavy on your eyelids, then moving a super stone through your body. This allows an intense and long-lasting physical effect. For helping to reduce anxiety as well as stress and depression, Kush strains have been noted to be extraordinary, and Florida Gold is no exception. In order to help mitigate symptoms of depression and anxiety, the cerebral boost of Florida Gold could be beneficial, while the body-high that follows can be used to treat pain and nausea. However, be careful of its potency, since the high THC content combined with its minor sativa characteristics could cause an unpleasant head-high for inexperienced users.

Florida Gold Strain Genetics

For the Florida Gold strain, DNA Genetics took their clone Jew Gold cut and combined her with their Florida OG cut. Both of its parents are hard to run into either because of their exclusivity or because not many growers have it in stock for different reasons. Still, they have a good reputation among users who have been consuming it for years.


The cannabis strain Jew Gold (also called Kosher Kush) is a clone-only Indica-dominant hybrid of unknown genetics. Kosher Kush produces remarkable THC levels, with over 29% levels reported in some samples. It has a distinctive but familiar odor reminiscent of rich soil and fruit and is considered by many to be one of the tastiest smokes around, providing profound relaxation and pain relief, often followed closely by sleepiness Triangle Kush is the second name of Florida OG. It smells like strong lemons and spices. However, the taste is sweet and lemony. What makes it a very famous form of cannabis is the consistency of this strain. It provides some of the purest and strongest 28% levels of THC. Those who would like to relax but still be able to think clearly sometimes use this strain, as it allows them to be more motivated and stimulates productivity too.

Growth Information

The Florida Gold strain showed excellent results according to DNA Genetics' final test, achieving an 80% success rate in terms of phenotypes that were striking enough to retain as mother plants for future growth. Since this strain is part of the G.Y.O collection, it is actually pretty easy to cultivate for beginners, which is incredible considering the high levels of THC Florida Gold produces.

Flowering time

8 - 9 Weeks


Indoors: 450–550G/M² Outdoors: 600-800 g/plant


If you are interested in growing your own Florida Gold strain, Seedsman offers its feminized seeds directly from its original breeder DNA genetics. Florida Gold is a strain you would like to try out but is not as easy to find in its flower form as you think. Nonetheless, Botany Farms is here to offer you a great strain as well. Sour G CBG has much the same type of flavor as Florida Gold. This sativa-dominant bud melts your stress away in minutes, giving you an uplifted feeling. We suggest this strain be used in the morning as it can help to bring relief since it is both a sativa and a CBG strain. Give this strain an opportunity if you are a person who is always active and busy. Its CBG content of 13.5 % will give you all the energy you need to have an awesome day while staying productive.


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