Frosted Cherry Cookies Strain

Frosted Cherry Cookies strain

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Sometimes we think that good can't get any better, but the Frosted Cherry Cookies strain proves us otherwise. As the offspring of two iconic buds, this flower is decorated with beautiful trichomes full of terpenes that will make you dream with its wonderful effects.

Read on to learn more about the Frosted Cherry Cookies strain. While we don’t currently carry the Frosted Cherry Cookies strain, why not give some of our indica flower a try?

What is the Frosted Cherry Cookies Strain

The flavorful Cherry Cookies and the resinous The White came together to create an appealing flower with potent Indica effects. The Frosted Cherry Cookies strain has a delicious terpene profile with even better effects, making it one of the best buds for experienced users who want to smoke a flavorful Indica that doesn’t immediately take them to bed.

Frosted Cherry Cookies Strain Appearance

The small olive green nugs of the Frosted Cherry Cookies strain make it a total delight, with delicate pink undertones decorating its dense appearance. However, the real reason why so many users are mesmerized by its looks is the thick pink-tinted coating of trichomes that make it look like a frosted bud. These crystals will stick to your fingers and make delicious kief for you, so make sure not to waste any of it.

Frosted Cherry Cookies Strain Genetics

While the original breeders of the Frosted Cherry Cookies strain aren’t clear yet (some say Liberty Reach created it, while others think it was Relentless Genetics). However, we do know that the goal of this breeding is to create a more resinous take on the popular Cherry Cookies.

The White strain is known for its high THC content and frosty nugs, making it an extremely popular strain among manufacturers who want to extract the resin. Moreover, those who enjoy hard-hitting Indica buds will enjoy the giggly high that builds up to put the body in a warm and relaxing state.

Cherry Cookies is a strain famous for its mouthwatering flavor profile, which combines perfectly with the relaxing high that lifts your spirit and gives you a calm body buzz. When combined, these strains generated the beautiful Frosted Cherry Cookies to bring the best of both buds to cannasseurs.

THC Content

The Frosted Cherry Cookies strain can contain between 15-28% THC depending on the batch. In addition, it has about 1-2% CBG, and although it isn’t much, it adds to the Entourage Effect and the general impact of the buds.

Because of its high THC content and Indica effects, the Frosted Cherry Cookies is best for experienced users who know how to manage the effects of a potent THC bud. Still, those who are still navigating the resinous waters of the cannabis world can give it a try, always taking care of the dose they consume.

Frosted Cherry Cookies Strain Effects

While its name may sound sweet, the effects of the Frosted Cherry Cookies strain are not for the faint of heart. These buds produce a fast high that takes over you with uplifting euphoria, giving you creative energy that allows your mind to entertain interesting ideas.

However, the effects are not as stimulating on the body, with a warm wave of tingling relaxation giving your muscles the rest they need. When you take large doses of Frosted Cherry Cookies, some users can end up going to bed thanks to the potent sedative effects it has.

As for medical benefits, those who deal with insomnia, mood swings, pain, appetite loss, and anxiety will feel rejuvenated after smoking the Frosted Cherry Cookies strain thanks to its therapeutic properties.

Frosted Cherry Cookies Strain Reported Flavors

Myrcene, limonene, and pinene come together and bring you one of the sweetest-smelling buds you could ever smoke. These terpenes come from the aromatic Cherry Cookies strain, passing on to its child berries, earth, herbs, and spices that make your mouth water. However, the taste isn’t as sugary as you would expect, as an earthy, herbal exhale takes center stage.

Where to Buy Frosted Cherry Cookies Strain

We know you are dying to buy the Frosted Cherry Cookies strain. For that reason, we recommend you search on Leafly your nearest dispensary to make sure you are getting a reliable, high-quality flower.

Frosted Cherry Cookies Strain Growing Info

Because of its quality, the Frosted Cherry Cookies strain’s seed can be more expensive than many other buds out there. However, this easy-to-grow strain thrives after 9 to 10 weeks, giving you aromatic buds with a high yield. An indoors-grown Frosted Cherry Cookies will bring you about 0.5 to 1 Oz/Ft² and about 10-15 Oz/plant outdoors.

If you want to have this bud in your collection, Neptune Seed Banks sells six feminized seeds at $100. If you are a cherry strains lover, give the Cherry Blossom strain a try. This Indica bud comes from Cherry Wine x Berry Blossom and has dark cherries and citrus notes that will totally please you.

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