Frosted Lime Hemp Strain Review

Frosted Lime hemp strain

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Indica Sleep THCA
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We all have that time of the day where we stumble through like zombies and find it hard to complete our tasks. That is the moment when we most need an energy boost and acquire an awake posture.

If you are looking for a strain that will allow you to relax but still get things done productively, the Frosted Lime hemp strain is the right bud. This rich Sativa-dominant strain is suitable for daytime use and will get you on the right track with its 19% CBD content.


The buds of the Frosted Lime strain are undeniably beautiful, with bright green and purple shades covered in glittery gold and orange pistils. It is also one of the strains richer in trichomes compared to other CBD hemp strains. For this reason, Frosted Lime’s large, dense buds can produce a significant amount of CBD oil.


The Frosted Lime hemp strain has a delightful taste. Its delicious citric flavor makes a nice contrast with the soft, balanced floral notes. Also, the hints of diesel and skunk add a special touch to the mix. The aroma of this strain is very spicy and dank. Both the taste and smell lean heavily to the citric side. The terpenes responsible for such flavors are:

  • Caryophyllene, a terpene mostly known for its anti-inflammatory and anticancer therapeutic properties. It shows promises of a sedative, pain relief, and helps balance glucose levels.
  • Limonene is an aromatic cannabis terpene mostly present in strains that smell like lemon with a potential uplifting mood, antifungal, and antibacterial properties. It also helps relieve heartburn and gastric reflux.
  • Humulene is responsible for providing the strains with its distinct spicy herbal and subtly floral aromas. It has a vast and well-researched medical and therapeutic potential, like helping combat cancer cells.
  • Myrcene is one of the most common terpenes found in cannabis and is in charge of adding a peppery, spicy, balsam fragrance to strains. It contains anti-mutagen effects and protects the DNA against damage from toxins.
  • Linalool has been used in traditional medicine practices for its sedative and anti-epileptic properties. This terpene makes the immune system resilient to the destructive effects of stress.


The Frosted Lime hemp strain is ideal for people who enjoy a pleasant sense of energy with overpowering upbeat and lively effects. This bud can produce a potent desire to be productive and creative. Moreover, its powerful citrus flavor will leave you feeling confident and relaxed. While the effects are primarily cerebral, there is a slight muscular sensation.

Users like to smoke the Frosted Lime hemp strain to treat anxiety, depression, and stress. In addition, it is an excellent bud for people who are looking for a relaxing nighttime. Besides, as a daytime strain, it will help you improve your focus so you can concentrate on the things you need to get done throughout the day.

Frosted Lime Hemp Strain Genetics


Although one of the parents has been confirmed to be Frosty, an Indica-leaning strain, there isn’t much information about the Frosted Lime hemp strain lineage. We can assume that the other parent is an intense Sativa strain with a potent citrus taste and scent, given that Frosted Lime is Sativa dominant.

Growth Information

This plant is vigorous and can withstand strong winds and consistently stay mold-resistant in moist climates. If you are looking for a lively and more upbeat strain, the Frosted Lime hemp strain is an excellent option. This bud is for those who are feeling a little blue and want their senses awakened on the first smoke.

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