Fruit Loops Strain

Fruit Loops Strain

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Table Of Contents
Whoever said that a cereal bowl isn’t healthy enough hasn’t tried the Fruit Loops strain. This sweet Indica is a lifesaver when it comes to internal storms, as it will calm you down with its fruity flavors and mellow effects. Pack a bowl of this delightful bud and get ready for instant relaxation. This time, we will introduce you to two Fruit Loops strain varieties, so you can choose the one that can make your EOD chill, fun, and warm. Ready to try Fruit Loops? Here at Botany Farms, we've got you covered!

What is the Fruit Loops Strain

When we talk about the THC version of the Fruit Loops strain, we refer to a slightly Indica flower with 20% THC levels and classic lineage. Blue Dream and White Widow created this masterpiece that takes you back to your childhood days. On the other hand, Colorado CBD Seed created a CBD version of this colorful bud by mixing the Cherry Abacus and Abacus Diesel strains. As a result, a classic fruity flavor blends with a gas aroma to create a totally different Fruit Loops strain version, driving you to relax just like its THC counterpart.

Fruit Loops Strain Appearance

Botany Farms Delta 8 Fruit Loops strain

The Fruit Loops strain is well known for its delightful olive green nugs, decorated with bright golden and reddish hairs. Some purple undertones give it some depth, making it look like a little forest with beautiful crystal trichomes simulating raindrops. These large flowers are dense, like any other Indica bud. Several phenotypes will also develop brighter color hues, creating breathtaking colors that remind you of Fruit Loops. The THC version of this flower usually develops a high resin, as the White Widow strain passes on its high resin production.

Fruit Loops Strain Genetics

As mentioned above, Blue Dream and White Widow gave birth to the THC version of the Fruit Loops strain. Its lineage also contains some Blueberry and Grapefruit genes, making it a cocktail of flavors you wouldn’t want to miss. For the CBD version of Fruit Loops, we have other interesting parent strains: Cherry Abacus and Abacus Diesel. These flowers' fruit and gas combination gives the classic Fruit Loops strain a twist, making it popular among fans that love sweet and gassy combinations.

THC & CBD Content

The Fruit Loops strain has an average of 18-20% THC content, which puts it slightly above average. Since its effects aren’t too sedating or overbearing, it is a perfect strain for newbies who feel ready to try higher THC flowers. As for its CBD version, an average batch will contain about 19% CBD. Remember that cannabidiol isn’t intoxicating, so if you want to enjoy the Indica effects of this delicious bud without risking your calmness due to low THC tolerance, we recommend you smoke this CBD version of the Fruit Loops strain.

Fruit Loops Strain Effects

Contrary to its colorful and energetic name, the Fruit Loops strain comes as a soothing wave to your body and mind. Its high is gentle and subtle, although a few more puffs can definitely make your eyes heavy. Because of its low sedative properties, the Fruit Loops strain is a bud you can normally smoke during the daytime. Its smoke will make you feel creative and euphoric, giving you a talkative nature to engage in interesting conversations during a party or small gathering with friends. As the high continues, you will feel at ease. Your body is totally relaxed, and the vibes are chill and introspective. You may find yourself delving into fascinating ideas while the mild physical sedation that the Fruit Loops strain relieves the pain and stress you have. Because of its mellow nature, Fruit Loops is loved by cannabis patients that want to treat anxiety, pain, stress, or nausea. If you have trouble sleeping, a slightly higher dose of this strain can take you to dreamland in no time, making it a great strain for insomnia.

Fruit Loops Strain Reported Flavors

Floral, citrus, and earthy notes are the main components of Fruit Loops. Because of its Blueberry genetics, it has delicious tart berries flavors, with citrusy undertones giving it a slightly sour flavor. As you exhale, floral notes linger in the air, giving the smoke a fresh touch that wraps up nicely the experience. Some batches may even have a sugary aftertaste, and when smoking the CBD version, you’ll also taste some gassy and skunky notes.

Fruit Loops Strain Growing Information

Like any other Indica strain, Fruit Loops grows as a robust plant that can thrive both indoors and outdoors. Choose a semi-humid, warm environment to make its flowers grow with beautiful colors and an excellent terpene profile. While the harvest time will vary from region to region, expect a ready-to-harvest plant by the 10th week or the end of October if grown outdoors. Normally, the Fruit Loops strain yields about 10-12 ounces of bud per square meter planted (if grown indoors). Outdoors, you’ll obtain 12 ounces of bud per plant.

Fruit Loops Strain Seeds

Unfortunately, it isn’t that easy to find Fruit Loops seeds out there. For that reason, you can only grow it by obtaining clippings from a mature plant to grow an identical one. To bring out its beautiful dark purple color, expose it to cold temperatures before flowering.

Strains Like Fruit Loops Strain

So, what do you do when you can’t find the Fruit Loops strain anywhere? Although this is quite a popular bud, it may be possible to find. Luckily for you, Botany Farms has a perfect CBD version for it, with Delta 8 THC included! Our Delta 8 Fruit Loops strain has about 19% CBD and 4.4% delta 8 THC content. As such, it has a delightful grounding, mellow energy that will still get you high but not high enough to send you to a state of paranoia if you can’t handle THC well. Its delicious berry and citrus combination will give you the calm you need to end the day on the right note. If you want to explore similar options, you can also check out the Orange Fruity Pebbles, FPOG, or Berry Boo strains. These buds are related to the sweet Fruit Loops strain while offering other interesting flavors and effects, which will work just as well as the bud above.

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