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If there's one thing Italians know how to do well, it's food. And among all the gastronomic wonders this country has to offer, gelato is definitely one of the most iconic.

What happens if you combine two of Italy's best gifts to the world? Some curious breeders wanted to answer this question and gave us the wonderful Gelatti strain. Discover more about this hybrid in this article. 

What is the Gelatti Strain

Known for its flavorful punch and delicious high, the Gelatti strain combines the amazing Gelato and OG Biscotti strain. As a result, you have a delectable bud with impressive THC levels and effects that feel like an enjoyable afternoon riding a Vespa in Rome’s cobblestone streets.

This delectable bud is popular up and down the West Coast, honoring its parent’s popularity. For that reason, we want to give you an honest review on this bud if you consider buying it online from a reliable source.

Gelatti Strain Appearance

Tiny, dense buds welcome you to a world where lime green, dark purple hues, and amber pistils come together to bring you a smooth high. The beautiful Gelatti strain has a tantalizing and sugary crystal coat that ties it all together, with some lilac hues giving them the appearance of a frosty gelato.

Gelatti Strain Genetics

Gelatti’s parents have given it all it needs to thrive in the cannabis world: a mouth-watering flavor profile, a strong THC content, and effects that are sure to make any cannaisseur feel better with just a few puffs. Let’s take a look at the buds responsible for such an amazing flower.

The Gelato strain is a dank bud full of creamy flavors and heady high. This infamous flower is the proud parent of several strains, giving them the effects that many smokers like to get from their bowls: an uplifting high that takes them to a blissful, calm place.

As for the Biscotti strain, it is a rare flower that only a few cannabis lovers have had the pleasure to taste. With its 25% THC content, this Indica beauty has some GSC genetics in it, making it perfect for fighting anxiety and stress. Its high is giggly and calming, giving you a fun ride with flavors of sweet cookie and pungent notes.

THC Content

Ranging from 20 to 23% THC, the Gelatti strain is a mildly strong bud that can still give you a heady high and a fun ride. This bud is ideal for those who are transitioning from low THC strains to stronger ones, as it doesn’t hit them with couch-lock effects.

Gelatti Strain Effects

If we had to describe the Gelatti strain in one word, it would be relaxation. This delectable flower packs an amazing high that will take all your worries away, replacing them with a soothing sensation that makes you feel cozy and warm. As soon as you exhale, the Gelatti strain creates a bright high that makes you feel euphoric and energized.

Your thoughts will be calm and focused, helping you tackle your to-do list and explore your creativity. The mind will feel free to explore, and your body will be full of energy to move with intention, allowing you to face the day ahead with ambition.

Those who want some extra help dealing with ADHD, stress, appetite loss, or nausea can benefit from this frosty bud, as its mild THC level and effects are perfect for treating such conditions. We advise you to prepare some tasty snacks and get ready for the sudden hunger that will take over you.

Gelatti Strain Reported Flavors

The name itself can give you a hint of what this bud has in store for you. Strong menthol and fruity flavors hit your nose, giving you a glimpse of what’s to come. Then, a delicious fruit-flavored, ice cream-like taste surprises you, with some mint, woody hints finishing up the flavor.

Some batches can taste like tarty citrus, giving you a nice kick that feels tingly on the tongue. Some terpenes responsible for these mouth-watering flavors are pinene, carene, myrcene, ocimene, and humulene. Next time you want to try something similar, make sure you get buds with such terpene combinations.

Where to Buy Gelatti Strain

As we mentioned before, those who live on the West Coast, especially California, are lucky enough to try this treat. However, buying the Gelatti strain might be a real hassle elsewhere. We know this fruity treat seems hard to replace, but plenty of hybrid buds are just as magical as the Gelatti strain.

For instance, Super Sour Space Candy has the right amount of diesel, lemon twist, and sour apple flavors to make you feel like you’re eating an Italian delicacy. This limited release is the perfect hybrid to bring you clarity and relief packed in a classic diesel bud and CBD specialty. If you’re in for a treat, all you have to do is check out our shop and add this 16% CBD bud to your shopping cart.

Gelatti Strain Growing Info

Growing the Gelatti strain isn’t as difficult as finding it in your nearest dispensary. This plant thrives both indoors and outdoors, giving you beautiful, dense buds in just 7-9 weeks. A warm and humid environment is perfect for the Gelatti strain to grow, as it will give it astonishing purple hues and delicious flavors.


  • Indoors: 12 to 14 ounces per square meter
  • Outdoors: 14 to 16 ounces per plant

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