Grand Master Kush Strain

Grand Master Kush Strain

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Table Of Contents
The cannabis world is full of shining stars that have totally changed the smoking culture. Such is the case for the iconic Grand Master Kush strain, parent to several buds that have made us go head over heels for weed. This time, we want to give you an in-depth Grans Master Kush strain review. After you get to know its effects, very few legendary buds will surprise you as much as this powerful indica. We've got some amazing Kush strains for you to try, right here at Botany Farms!

Grand Master Kush Lineage

The Grand Master Kush strain is the result of a crossing between Hindu Kush and Skunk, two celebrities in the cannabis world. With this combination, there’s nothing that can go wrong! This bud, also known as Master Kush, holds an impressive 80% Indica profile that has given medical marijuana patients constant relief and calm for those times where pain, stress, and insomnia go beyond their control. Read on to learn more about this powerful bud. In addition, Grand Master Kush is the proud relative of many other iconic buds. For instance, you have the sweet Peach Mint Kush, the rich Ruby Kush strain, and Kushberry, a delicious mix of berries and Kush flavors.

Grand Master Kush THC Content

Landrace Kush strains are known for their strong THC content. Thanks to its parents, the Grand Master Kush strain is definitely potent. With content that goes between 22 and 28% THC, this bud is perfect for experienced users who are ready to try stronger buds. In addition, some batches of Master Kush can have about 1% CBD and 0.52% CBG. As a result, the Entourage Effect is potent in this bud, allowing you to have a better experience.

Grand Master Kush Effects

The Master of highs has come to take you on a sedating roller-coaster ride. The uplifting effects of this bud perfectly interact with its mellow impact, making your mind and body feel calm, creative, and slightly couch-locked. Although it is mostly Indica bud, the Grand Master Kush strain will still help you focus and fill you with energy when puffing in small doses. For that reason, we recommend smoking this strain during the evening, when you are finally ready to give both body and mind a rest.

Grand Master Kush Flavors

While its effects may be quite strong, the flavors of the Grand Master Kush strain fall more on the soft side. Sweet lavender, lemon, and fruit come together to bring your palate a pleasant smoke that relaxes your senses. Limonene, linalool, bisabolol, and terpinolene are responsible for such delightful flavors. Some batches can even contain caryophyllene, giving Master Kush a strong pepper smell and earthy hints when burnt.

Grand Master Kush Growing Info

While growing the Grand Master Kush strain isn’t easy, it is resistant. For instance, pests and diseases won’t be too hard on it, as it can effectively fight them. Growers will see beautiful green and shiny buds after 9 weeks, yielding about 3-6 ounces.

Grand Master Kush Benefits

While its effects are extremely potent and fun for recreational users, the Grand Master Kush strain has several medicinal properties. For that reason, many medical marijuana patients use this bud to treat the following conditions:
  • Muscular tension
  • Glaucoma
  • Anxiety
  • Migraines
  • ADHD
  • Bipolar disorder
Thanks to these benefits, many people can complement their current treatments with this natural alternative. However, the Grand Master Kush strain can generate nausea and paranoia. For that reason, beginners should try to stay away from it. The Kush family is full of amazing stars. If you want to try other buds from this lineage, give the coffee-flavored Bubba Kush strain a try.

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