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Granny Skunk might not sound like the most enticing thing in the world when you first hear about it, but don’t be so quick to judge a book by its cover! Behind the odd title lies a combination of flavors and effects unique in today’s cannabis landscape. A Sativa-dominant hybrid, Granny Skunk boasts a uniquely strong calming effect and a particularly pungent, “skunky” aroma. Suddenly, the choice of name makes a little more sense. We don't currently carry Granny Skunk, why not give some of our sativa leaning flower a try?

What is the Granny Skunk Weed Strain?

Made by the Dominion Seed Company, the Granny Skunk Weed Strain is a new and unique hybrid with an approximately 70-to-30 percent Sativa/indica ratio.

Granny Skunk Weed Strain Appearance

Granny Skunk tends to grow in very short, tight bunches, with strongly pronounced buds that can appear thick or chunky. These nugs can appear very dusty, with lots of densely-packed trichomes that may look like a layer of thin frost. Depending on how you plan to consume Granny Skunk, it should also be noted that this strain can be fairly oily and produce a lot of resin. Therefore, handle it with care since the buds can get quite sticky.

Granny Skunk Weed Strain Genetics

The Dominion Seed Company crossbred three dominant strains to create Granny Skunk – Skelly Hashplant, Virginia Beach Afghani, and Skunk #1. Of these, Skunk #1 arguably leads the pack in terms of notoriety and reputation, and for good reason! One of the principal hybrid strains ever since it hit the market towards the end of the 70s, it came about as a blend of Acapulco Gold, Colombian Gold, and others. It’s an indica-dominant strain with a distinct heavy odor that serves as the source for the “skunk” name. Virginia Beach Afghani, often just called Ghani, is another potent strain of indica marijuana known for its relaxant and euphoric effects. It was chosen for its lighter, less sour taste and gentler aroma as a complement to Skunk “1. Meanwhile, Skelly Hashplant complements the blend through a spicy, hashish-like flavor. It originates from the “OG HashPlant” strain that made a name for itself in the 1980s in the Pacific Northwest. Featuring a pleasant blend of Afghani Indica and Northern Lights Sativa, it does a lot to balance out some of the features of the Granny Skunk blend.

THC Content

In terms of cannabinoid content, Granny Skunk is very THC-heavy. Counts of 27-29% seem to be the average, though there can be some variation as with any other strain, especially complex hybrids like this. On the other hand, the CBD/CBG content of Granny Skunk is negligible at best. Both fall within the very low single-digit percentages.

Granny Skunk Weed Strain Terpenes

The dominant terpene in Granny Skunk weed is Terpinolene, which provides a rare and much-coveted aroma that is often described as fruity, fresh, or floral. In the case of Granny Skunk, the unique combo of strains gives it a hue that is almost citrusy while still retaining undertones of that famous skunky odor at the same time. Terpinolene is also important in modulating some of Granny Skunk’s medicinal and therapeutic properties. Some studies have explored the potency of terpinolene in anti-bacterial and antifungal applications, for instance.

Granny Skunk Weed Strain Effects

Those who have tried out Granny Skunk report a very intriguing cocktail of effects. Granny Skunk is capable of producing a lasting and powerful head high that provides sharp focus and high energy. This tapers off with passing time, resulting in a more subdued and calming effect that many have praised for its de-stressing nature. Granny Skunk excels when used for pain relief or to treat anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues thanks to its exceptional THC counts.

Granny Skunk Weed Strain Reported Flavors

Like its effects, the reported flavors of Granny Skunk can be surprisingly complex. The strain exhibits both fruity and summery flavors as well as some more exotic, woody notes. In some cases, Granny Skunk can even taste somewhat sour or peppery – this is due to the strong influence of the Skunk #1 that makes up a large portion of the overall hybrid blend. Perhaps the most notable aspect of Granny Skunk’s taste sensation is its spiciness – indeed, some may find this strain too harsh to enjoy in large quantities because of this.

Granny Skunk Weed Strain Growing Info

Granny Skunk is not an extremely demanding strain to keep and harvest for growers. Yields are moderately high at between 400 and 600 grams per square meter. Also, note that the plant will naturally fill out any available space quite easily since it tends to extend a lot vertically during growth. You can try to control this while further stimulating higher yields by regularly trimming the topmost section of the plant wherever it extends too far. Indoors, Granny Skunk will reach its flowering period within about two to three months. Outdoors, where it feels equally at home, it commonly flowers during late autumn, from late September to early November.

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