Grape Cream Strain

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Grape Cream, aka Grapes and Cream or Grapes N’ Cream, sounds like a really sweet and tasty doughnut or pastry, but it's actually a sweet strain of cannabis. It is a well-balanced hybrid that produces some very enjoyable effects.

While a Grapes and Cream doughnut might be good for your tummy, Grapes and Cream cannabis might just be what your mind and body need for a good day of relaxation.

Today, we want to take a closer look at the Grape Cream strain to find out exactly what it's all about. We'll talk about its appearance, genetics, THC content, effects, flavors, and more.

What is the Grape Cream Strain?

The Grape Cream strain is a fairly well-balanced hybrid that is a cross between the two other very popular strains. This particular strain is extremely potent and contains a very high level of THC and some CBG for added benefits.

If you are looking for a strain to make you feel creative and talkative, yet also relaxed and sleepy, and help reduce stress and pain, then this is certainly a strain worth checking out.

Grape Cream Strain Appearance

The buds of the Grape Cream strain have a unique and downright beautiful appearance. They feature a very vibrant green base combined with a whole lot of purple sugar hairs. You also get a good deal of those orange hairs or pistols that we all love to see. The result is a combination of bright and vibrant green, deep purple, and orange, which creates what is almost a work of art.

Don't forget that this strain is extremely potent, so you can rest assured that the exterior features a thick coating of THC-laden white crystals. The buds are fairly dense and sticky. Furthermore, they are slightly elongated and may have the shape of a spade, and they usually aren't perfectly round.

The flavor of this strain is reminiscent of grapes, as is the appearance, at least to a certain degree. If you are looking for a strain that has a lot of purple sugar leaves, this is it.

Grape Cream Strain Genetics

The Grape Cream strain is a well-balanced Sativa and Indica hybrid, just about 50/50. This means that the effects you will feel will come partially from the Sativa side and partially from the Indica side, for a truly balanced high. This is thanks to its lineage.


The Grape Cream strain is a result of crossing Cookies and Cream with Grape Pie. Cookies and Cream is a hybrid strain made by crossing a Girl Scout Cookies phenotype with Starfighter. It's a good daytime strain, although it can also put you to sleep.

Cookies and Cream actually won first place in the 2014 Denver Cannabis Cup in the hybrid strain category. We then have Grape Pie, which is an Indica-dominant hybrid made by crossing Grape Stomper with Cherry Pie.

THC/CBD Content

Grape cream is a very potent strain, as it contains upwards of 25% THC. For those who don't know, 25% THC is extremely strong for a regular cannabis strain. Even 20% is quite a bit. Therefore, this is a heavy-hitting strain that you will feel right from the first toke. If you are a beginner, be cautious as it's easy to smoke too much of it.

However, experienced cannabis connoisseurs will love the very strong and potent high produced by this strain. Although it doesn't contain notebook CBD amounts, it does contain up to 2% CBG.

CBG is another cannabinoid that is well known for helping people relax, so this is beneficial for people who need to take a load off. If you are interested in other Grape Strains, check out this guide on the Best Grape Strains around.

Grape Cream Strain Terpenes

The three most dominant terpenes in the Grape Cream strain are caryophyllene, limonene, and humulene. We will discuss what this means in terms of the flavors and aromas further below.

Grape Cream Strain Effects

The effects that the Grape Cream strain produces are very unique as far as most cannabis strains go. The reason is that it is a fairly evenly balanced hybrid of Indica and Sativa.

This means that you will feel the effects of both worlds. First and foremost, you are going to feel a strong cerebral head high right from the first pull. Most people report feeling creative, talkative, giggly, social, and thoughtful. It's a really good kind of cannabis to consume if you have some art or brainstorming to do.

It does also produce strong feelings of euphoria and elation, or in other words, it makes you feel quite happy. However, at the same time, it is also calming and relaxing in nature. Your head is going to feel creative, but your body is going to feel extremely relaxed and even a bit heavy.

About an hour after first smoking this strain, you should notice yourself feeling quite sedated and tired. Therefore, this is a good afternoon strain, because it will keep you creative for a little while, but we'll put you to sleep soon enough.

Grape Cream Strain Reported Flavors

The dominant flavor in this strain is grape. Users report tasting a sweet and sugary vanilla flavor with notes of cherries and fresh grapes. It can be sweet, spicy, and fruity.

Most users say that the Grape Cream strain is quite tasty and enjoyable in this way. Some also note tasting flavors including cinnamon, pine, hops, and orange.

Grapes and Cream Strain Grow Info

The great cream strain is not overly difficult to grow, and it should be ideal for most intermediate growers. It is quite resistant to mold and pests, but it does need the right amount of sunlight and moisture to thrive.

Flowering Time

This strain flowers in roughly 63 days, which is pretty average. If grown outside, expect it to finish flowering in the early to mid-fall season.


One of the things that people love about this strain is that it has absolutely massive yields. You can expect this strain to yield up to 15 Oz per plant, which is considerably high.

Strains Like Grape Cream Strain

There are quite a few strains similar to the Grape and Cream strain. At Botany Farms have several strains that are similar, with many of them being our best-sellers.

If you like old-school weed, check out our HHC Godfather strain or if you don’t want to roll yourself, this HHC Godfather Pre-Roll Joint.

If you want something fruity, check out this Delta-8 Blueberry Diesel strain or this Blueberry Kush. Our Botany Farms Delta-8 Blueberry Kush Pre-Rolls are quite popular too.

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