Green Gum Strain Review

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The Green Gum hemp strain just came as a surprise for all CBD lovers. This subtle strain didn’t seem promising, but its effects shut users’ mouths. With an average of 11% CBD content and up to 2.3% CBG, the potency of Green Gum is impressive to even the most seasoned users. This mellow strain is perfect for those who love the comfortable effects of CBD and mild smoke.


While the Green Gum strain may not be as fragrant as many other hemp strains on the market, many love it for its pungent odor and beautiful flavor. Green Gum has a very subtle fragrance and piney, earthy, and sweet flavors.

Overall, it is herbaceous and deeply satisfying. With myrcene and pinene being the most dominant terpenes of Green Gum, this modest strain has its place on the shelves of those who prefer less powerful flavors.


As an Indica, the Green Gum strain will help your mind feel clear and focused. After 30 minutes, you will feel a relaxing wave taking over your muscles, lifting tensions, and calming your body. The effects of Green Gum won’t be as strong as to put you to sleep, but they will help you get the job done if taken in a moderate dose.

A higher consumption dose of Green Gum will induce a meditative state of mind, which is great for relaxation, but it definitely won't increase productivity. The cannabis plant is well-known for its wide range of therapeutic benefits. When consuming Green Gum, many users have commented on experiencing an uplifting relief from depression and anxiety.

Many others have also stated that it has given them relief from insomnia, helping to fuel a satisfying night's sleep. The CBG content in Green Gum potentially provides pain relief, an increase of appetite, and even may provide benefit in the management of glaucoma.

On the other hand, terpenes also contribute to the promising effects of Green Gum. Myrcene, the most dominant terpene in cannabis, decreases inflammation, fights cancer, and reduces pain. These properties are enhanced when high levels of CBD and CBG are found in a hemp strain. As for pinene, this terpene increases alertness, focus, and creative inspiration. In terms of negative effects, some users may experience some drowsiness after consuming Green Gum. This effect will be highly dependant on person and dosage.

Green Gum Strain Genetics

Many users have tried to find the lineage of this potent strain, as its outstanding properties have inspired conversation among cultivators. However, the parents of the Green Gum strain are unknown.

Grow Information

As a hybrid strain, Green Gum is a crop easy to grow. Depending on the climate in which it is cultivated and whether it is grown indoors or outdoors, its yield will vary. On average, the Green Gum strain will grow to 30 to 78 inches. If you are fond of hemp strains with subtle flavors and aromas, the Green Gum strain is certainly a great choice.

However, it may be difficult to get your hands on these beautiful buds. At Botany Farms, we serve customers the most popular, effective, and delicious hemp strains on the market. For this reason, The White CBG is a great alternative for those having trouble locating Green Gum. With an 18.5% CBG level, The White CBG is packed with a mellow set of effects that will make you feel at ease, just like Green Gum.


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