Halloween Weed Strains: List of 25 Spooky Strains

A pumpkin smoking on some Halloween themed weed strains

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When it comes to holidays, Halloween will always show up as one of the most exciting days of the year, especially for weed enthusiasts. The spooky season is filled with candies and chocolate (munchies!!), fun costumes and an overall mysterious atmosphere that makes people go crazy for it. If you are a Halloween lover and want to make the most out of this season, a scary strain will spice things up and make your experience way more interesting. Looking to stock up on some treats, without any tricks? Botany Farms has several premium CBD rich goodies to load up on along with your candy haul: This year, Halloween may feel even more special: a glowing full moon will make you feel like you are in an actual horror movie. This is why knowing which are the best Halloween strains will help you make this day an unforgettable memory. Whether you smoke it or bake some great cannabis brownies, you can’t go wrong with these Halloween weed strains.

Ghost Train Haze

Get a one-way ticket to a fun, stimulating and euphoric Halloween night with Ghost Train Haze. This sativa-dominant strain is a cross between Ghost OG and Nevil’s Wreck and can have up to 27% THC. Its lemon, minty and spicy flavors will give you an instant adrenaline and creativity rush, which is perfect for having a wonderful Halloween party. However, if you are new to cannabis, you may want to keep it on a lower dose, since it can make you feel paranoid and anxious due to its high THC content. For this reason, Ghost Train Haze is one of veterans’ favorite Halloween weed strains.

Ghost OG

If you want to devour candies this Halloween, Ghost OG will be the perfect strain to open your appetite. Even though it is an indica-dominant strain, these dark green buds will induce strong cerebral euphoria, giggles, energy and socialization after thirty minutes of its consumption. On the other hand, your body will feel relaxed and mellow, making you fall asleep after a couple of hours. This is why Ghost OG is the perfect Halloween strain for a night out chilling with friends and telling spooky campfire stories.


Frankenberry has a rich strawberry aroma that will make your mouth water. This hybrid strain makes your mind wander and stimulated, perfect for watching a horror flick and feeling the ghoulish effects of the night. Thanks to its average 15-20% THC content, Frankenberry is a Halloween strain that will help you enjoy the night after a long day, alleviating depression and stress. Make sure you smoke a joint of this flower during a chill horror movie night with friends, since it will induce chattiness and uplift your mood.


This strain has a strong CBD content, making it a great Halloween strain for a night out. Harlequin will clear your mind and melt anxiety away without giving you psychoactive effects, acting against the paranoia produced by high THC levels. Moreover, this is a strain that both newbies and veterans can enjoy, having fun with its uplifting and invigorating effects. On the other hand, you may want to have a drink with you; this strain will make the cottonmouth strong.

Killer Queen

If you are looking for an intense ride to the psychedelic part of your mind, Killer Queen is definitely the ideal Halloween kush for you to start a movie night. Even though its initial effects will have you talking non-stop and uplifting your mood, you will soon be sent into a deep sedated state. These effects are provoked by its 16-20% THC content, climbing your body until it unexpectedly hits you. However, your mind will stay active and focused, which will allow you to follow conversations or the intriguing plot of a horror movie.

Jack Skellington

This Halloween icon is also a powerful strain that combines the best of Killer Queen and Jack the Ripper. These crystal-coated bright green buds are a perfect start for newbies who want to try a stronger THC strain, since it contains up to 18% of this cannabinoid. A cheerful high will rush through your body and activate your mind, helping you stay focused and creative. If you are decorating pumpkins or having a daytime Halloween crafts session, Jack Skellington will increase your attention and creativity. Thanks to its fruity citrus aroma, this sativa strain is perfect for daytime use before a busy Halloween night.


Don’t be fooled by its spooky name. Voodoo has a relatively moderate THC level when consumed at low rates, which comes as a convenient Halloween strain for those who are just getting started on cannabis. This strain’s fresh fruit aroma and nutty taste appeals to newbies and experienced smokers, delivering uplifting and euphoric effects. Moreover, its 8-26% THC level has proven to treat depression, stress and mood swings. However, beware of Voodoo’s potent side effects, since you could experience paranoia and couchlock.

Witches Weed

This strain will certainly cast a strong spell on you. The combination of Valley OG Kush, Chem D and Cinderella 99 make Witches Weed a powerful sativa hybrid with rich fruity flavors. Release all the mental tension and pain and replace it with a strong head euphoria with a drag on Witches Weed and prepare yourself for a spooky night. It’s 22% THC content may be too much for newbies, so if you are curious about the effects of this Halloween strain, make sure to take low doses of it.


Named after the unfortunate event in 1986, this sativa-dominant strain has bright green buds with a radiant glow. The THC level of Chernobyl can go up to 20%, which made it enter the High Times Top 10 strains of the year in 2010. This Halloween strain is perfect for a smoke during a spooky party, since it will stimulate your brain and boost your energy and creativity. You become talkative and giggly, alleviating depression and reducing the stress of the day. However, those who are new to cannabis should refrain themselves from trying out Chernobyl, as it may cause paranoia and couchlock if you are sensitive to high THC levels.


This spooky strain is a must for those who love sedative and relaxing effects. Pennywise may sound quite creepy, given it is named after the scary IT clown. However, this indica hybrid has a CBD and THC content that goes around 15%. For this reason, you will not feel the strong effects of THC and will instead fall into a mellow state. On the other hand, your mind will still remain focused on your tasks, allowing you to stay grounded.

Black Widow

The bite of this strain will have you feeling its psychoactive effects in no time. While this could be a strong strain for beginners, those who have experience with high THC buds will enjoy the cerebral high and euphoria produced by this stimulating sativa strain. Black Widow is a real treat, with a great coat of resin covering its buds. However, don’t let yourself be fooled by these effects; this strain will produce some sluggishness and have you on the couch after some minutes.

Killer Grape

Killer Queen and Querkle are the proud parents of this 50/50 hybrid. Sweet, fruity and spicy, Killer Grape will hit you right between the eyes and provide a cerebral effect that makes you feel focused and grounded. The THC level of this strain is between 15-20%, allowing you to forget a stressing day and feel the body tingle that will ultimately lead to a heavy body stone.

Blueberry Ghost Kush

This strain is perfect if you want to settle into the spooky atmosphere of the night. Blueberry Ghost Kush is a balanced hybrid with an average 18-22% THC level. These fat, purple buds will make you feel a potent physical and cerebral high, hitting you almost instantly. Each inhale brings in tastes of berries and citrus with some spicy notes, making it hard to resist. You may feel hungry after a couple of drags, so make sure to have some good snacks on hand.

Durban Poison

You can’t talk about Halloween weed strains without mentioning Durban Poison. This strain is great before watching a horror movie, as its pure sativa effects will make your mind explore new perspectives. Durban Poison’s average 20% THC content provides an euphoric feeling along with a sudden boost of energy. This makes it ideal for socializing and chatting, which is something you will definitely want to do at a spooky Halloween party.

Alien OG

Even if you don’t think aliens exist, give this strain an opportunity. Alien OG has the perfect balance between a relaxed body and stimulating cerebral effects. Being a sativa-dominant hybrid, this strain is great for social events, as it will boost your energy and clear your head. As for your body, you will feel like you have just taken a huge weight off of your shoulders, making it easy to feel ready for any kind of adventure on Halloween.

Zombie Kush

You will certainly feel like you are a walking dead after a few smokes of Zombie Kush. This potent indica strain is a classic choice of a Halloween strain, ideal for a nighttime smoke after a tiring Halloween party. You can enjoy a good horror movie and collect all your candy bars for a last treat, since Zombie Kush will put your mind at ease and sedate you slowly. A heavy body high will take control, locking you to the couch while your mind feels calm and warm.

Jack the Ripper

If you are a haunted house lover, this classic Halloween strain is just what you need to feel terrified and active. Its 15-20% THC level will have you laughing, making you feel euphoric and uplifted. If you smoke a high dose of this resinous bud, you will experience the strong high and almost psychedelic effects of Jack the Ripper. For this reason, newbies should stay at the lower doses if they don’t want to experience the side effects of this strong strain.

Diablo OG

This sativa-dominant hybrid will give you the boost of energy you will need to party all night long. You will feel a strong creative feeling and an euphoric mind from its low THC content that goes from 12-15% THC, which is perfect for new consumers. You will taste delicious grapefruit and citrus flavors from its bright green colors that will help you melt stress and anxiety away.

Green Goblin

While goblins don’t seem to be very friendly, this heavy-hitting sativa will certainly become one of your favorite Halloween strains. With some sweet and pungent aromas that may sometimes include diesel notes, Green Goblin has a potent 24% THC level that will produce an uplifting cerebral high along with a smooth body relaxation. You can smoke this strain during a Halloween party, as it prompts socialization and giggles.

Dark Devil

Named after its dark green buds, this strain has a similar taste to passionfruit that has made consumers go head over heels for it. Dark Devil is an autoflowering hybrid that provides an euphoric high along with a mellow body relaxation, making it a great Halloween strain for a movie night.


Although it is a sativa phenotype, Ogre has balanced effects that won’t take your mind way too far from reality. This calming strain produces a boost of creativity that will have you wanting to go on thrilling adventures. Ogre can be hard to find at a dispensary, but if you manage to get your hands on it, its lemon citrus notes will make you buy without a doubt.

The Blood

This landrace sativa from Hawaii is a very rare strain, but there’s no doubt that its name itself is perfect for a Halloween smoke. The Blood stays true to its origins with sweet tropical fruit flavors and an uplifting high. This Halloween strain is a great option for a wake-and-bake, hitting you with an energy boost that will soon turn into focus and motivation to get anything done.


The name itself makes it a perfect Halloween strain. Floral flavors come from this strain, making it a rare indica phenotype. If you are planning on having a horror movie marathon, make sure you have Frankenstein on hand, as it will set the atmosphere and relieve your mind from any stress. Its 18-22% THC level has made it one of consumers’ favorite indica strains for a nighttime smoke in order to let go of a long, tiring day.

Jock Horror

Although it has similar properties to Jack Herer, this sativa-dominant strain can reach up to 24% THC concentrations. The effects produced by this spooky strain are not to be feared; a strong cerebral high and deep relaxation are some of the first things you will feel once you have taken a few drags on Jock Horror. If you want to spice up your Halloween night, this strain will stimulate your creativity, making you feel like you are in an actual horror movie.

Hell Raiser OG

Created through the cross of Fire OG and Face Off OG, this sativa-dominant strain is a great Halloween strain if you are looking for potent effects and delicious flavor. You will feel an instant high and heavy motivation thanks to its 15-20% THC levels, which provide a blissful happiness and a relaxing body buzz. The sour lemon and woody notes of Hell Raiser OG have made it extremely popular, and it is perfect for a stimulating Halloween party.

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