Hawaiian Fire Strain Review

Hawaiian Fire strain

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Energizing, upbeat, and creative—those are the traits of our favorite Sativa strains. However, few of them get to light up the fire in our soul, that restless energy that makes us stand up when everything seems lost. The Hawaiian Fire is that kind of strain.

Read our review of this tropical bud and find out the best way to enjoy its properties. We do not currently carry this strain, but these Botany Farm strains will make you feel like you're on the Big Island. A hui hou!

What is the Hawaiian Fire Strain

Some say the Hawaiian Fire strain is the best bud to get you ready for a sunny day. We agree! This strain, originally from Maui, has a mysterious heritage and carries a high THC percentage, making it a ‘fire’ strain to share with friends for long conversations and all-night-long parties.

Hawaiian Fire Strain Appearance

The Hawaiian Fire strain has a compact appearance. Its buds gleam with sticky trichomes, which cover the light green and amber hairs that decorate the flower. It is an exotic strain of beautiful appearance, asking you to burn it as fast as you can.

Hawaiian Fire Strain Genetics

Because its heritage is unknown, we can only link the Hawaiian Fire strain to the Hawaiian lineage by its name. However, it is evident in its flavor profile and effects that its parents had strong Sativa traits and tropical flavors.

THC/CBD Content

This powerhouse carries an impressive 25% THC content in its leaves. What’s best is that some batches can have up to 1% CBD and 1.5% CBG. As a result, you may feel less high than with other THC strains, making the Hawaiian Fire strain perfect for those who are a bit sensitive to THC.

Hawaiian Fire Strain Effects

Any Sativa strain will give you an uplifting sensation, but the Hawaiian Fire strain effects go the extra mile. Feel social and talkative with this bud, allowing you to let go of anxiety and shyness to engage in interesting and fun conversations.

The cerebral effects of Hawaiian Fire are ideal for anyone looking to listen to music and feel relaxed and euphoric. Your spirit will rise to the sky, giving you a laid-back sensation that will allow happiness to come back into your life. Patients dealing with anorexia, stress, and anxiety can benefit from the Hawaiian Fire strain. It has an appetite-boosting effect, so prepare good snacks to make the munchies go away.

As for negative effects, the Hawaiian Fire strain leaves you with a dry mouth and, when not taken slowly, a headache. In addition, some users have reported some dizziness and mild anxiety.

Hawaiian Fire Strain: Reported Flavors

One of the reasons why so many cannabis lovers adore the Hawaiian Fire strain is its flavor. This bud has a delightful terpene profile, with Linalool, Nerolidol, Camphene, and Sabinene providing tropical, citrusy, and minty notes. The Hawaiian Fire strain flavors are to die for! Indulge in this sweet, fruity, and sour bud while laying back on a sunny day.

Hawaiian Fire Strain Growth Information

Growing the Hawaiian Fire strain is an exciting process, as its buds bring you a delicious trichome layer to enjoy. However, you will need some experience to grow this plant, as it demands some attention. The Hawaiian Fire strain takes around 71–86 days to flower, and it will grow about 30–60 inches.

Regarding its yield, you will obtain 1–2 oz/ft² indoors and 2–3 oz/plant outdoors. Our love for Hawaiian strains compares to no other. If the Hawaiian Fire strain sounds tempting, indulge in the delicious Hawaiian Haze for a change.

This delightful bud contains around 13% CBD and has an intense floral smell with pineapple and ripe berry flavors. This dreamy bud will take you on an island vacation in no time.

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